Tuesday, December 31

Happy New Year

Wishing you and yours a colourful and exciting new year
From me and mine!

Monday, December 16


What a surprise that I can find my way back here for a whinge! I am really trying to get in the spirit for the whole Christmas thing, but seem permanently stung in struggle town. The joy of the elf and chocolates isn't there- it's simply feels like a chore. The decorations finally went up yesterday and while the house looks festive, I'm just not feeling it. The boys don't recognize my funk but frankly there are doing nothing but fuel it.
Seriously- it is like something has possessed the kids turning them into the worlds naughtiest boys.
Yesterday I finally cleaned the twins room. While I was busy with this, our world started spinning out of control.
- Benji found a smiley face stamp and 'decorated' a white door
- on Alexander's suggestion (!) Benji pooed in his pants and dropped some on the bathroom floor
- Benji sprayed spray adhesive ontoy leather couch.
This was all in the space of an hour. By this point I was screaming like a banchee and now no tv for a week.
So this morning I get up expecting different. Again it's Benji who has made himself a drink. Yep try half a cup of chocolate topping. I assume he hadn't drunk the other half.
He'd made himself breakfast so I made cereal for the others and myself. The moment the milk got to my lips I knew something was wrong. Try strawberry topping in my 3l of milk. Ugh!! More waste, a and I hate waste.
After school it continued - it was handstands on the outside of the trampoline. I mean really! I took them for a run in the park for the footy break up. Hopefully the fresh air will break this spell...