Saturday, October 31

Happy Halloween

We took off for the Melbourne Cup long weekend off to Queenscliff. We booked a cabin at a caravan park and had the best time. A smallish park with a heap of kids and the boys had a great time. The park had organised a trick or treat. Luckily we had a Ben 10 outfit and the twins wore their Thing 1 and Thing 2 tshirts - which coincidentally was on telly that night. They went off and had fairy floss and went trick or treating around the park. A pack of 80 kids was a bit scary knocking at the door!

Thursday, October 29

A bit less guilty

Just an note in relation to yesterdays post- I sent an email to the committee to explain why I couldn't do the role. I have to disconnect from what they think- and think about myself (for once) and enjoy feeling a little less guilty. Like taking a heavy coat off.

Wednesday, October 28


Not them (this time) me. Its not actually what I have done - it is that nagging guilt of all the things I haven't done or feel I should be doing. I think of it in layers - your underwear is that guilt that you always have on - the guilt for your family - should be doing things, they should not be doing things, spending more time - balance, you know the stuff. I don't think that every goes away....or if it does its like taking of your bra and it all just is hanging there!
The other guilt is the stuff you take on. Pressures from other people, pressures to keep up, cleaning etc, but the stuff at the moment that is really troubling me is the pressure to do things for other people - meeting their expectations.
As you may know, I am on the kinder committee. This is a volunteer position and basically as a group of parents, we RUN the kinder - a small business. We employ and pay the staff and have to comply with an endless list of rules and regulations and deal with government departments. So really it is a big ask to be on. I actually don't have any kids at the kinder this year so I feel I am well and truly doing my bit! Now it is November and time for people to move on and we are looking for a new president and I felt the eyes turn to me. While I am flattered to be thought of, I just can't do it. Already too many pressures - too many layers, I can't take on all that goes with that - the extra meetings, the extra curricular committments in addition to just getting the twins settled into kinder. So here am I drowning under the guilt, while "they" have no intention of stepping up. When asked for nominations - all eyes go to the floor. Why can't I do that??? Why do I have to feel the guilt???????????????????

Tuesday, October 27

Granny Time

It is going a round at a bit lately - here, here and here are all talking about it. One of my craft groups - yes amazingly I actually have 2! arranged for one of the crafty women to give us a tutorial on how to crochet. Being a teacher by trade there was no holding her back. We each got a booklet with instructions, easy projects and translations - complete with an index page!!! I had a bit of a go, but nothing photo worthy yet....

Monday, October 26


Benji actually drawing on PAPER - priceless

Sunday, October 25

Workers Crack

At one point all four little bottoms were lined up, busy working in our raised vegie patch. I am having another go - this time doing it properly by putting some nutrients into the soil before I start...

Friday, October 23

Prince Charming

It was enchanted day at school today and everyone had to dress up as something 'enchanted'. It doesn't help when I found out about it yesterday at 3.30! Anyway that is a real BOY issue, and luckily we had a bit of choice in the dress up cupboard. We decided on Prince Charming - with this reversible cape we made two years ago, teamed with his pirate shirt from his 4th birthday and black trackies. We completed the outfit with the boot covers which converted his school shoes into enchanted boots. I just realised we forgot the buckles - which must be lost somewhere.
He happily went off to celebrate the day with a parade in the quadrangle around the dragon and castle all of the kids had contributed too.
I was surprised how many people were actually dressed up and how much effort everyone had put into it all - particularly the boy with the wire bin on his head!

Thursday, October 22

A first

I was having trouble making my knitted doll look comfortable in her box so I decided to make her a little blanket and pillow. Even though it is getting a bit OTT, I have actually spent nothing on this gift - just using things I have around the house.
I went to my cotton stash and started cutting some random little squares and then worked out the layout for the quilt. My first quilt - and infact my first patchwork. I am a patchwork virgin!! I do know that I am 'rotary cutter challenged' so I cut the squares by hand and they were kind of sqare and similar in size. This really didn't help my cause but I got around it. I then found some wadding which was the right size and simply bagged it out - eliminating the need for binding - much too fiddly for my late night mission.
The pillow is just patchwork, but the quilt had both in the ditch and diagonal stitching. I didn't take it too close up because I don't need critical eyes, however I was pretty happy with the outcome for my first time! Now she looks comfortable in her bed, rather than a shabby old box. I also added a sheet.
Hopefully Alexander gets invited to a few more little girl parties because I had too much fun doing this!!!!

New Baby

Oh- but not for me - that is the best bit! One of my girlfriends popped (it seems that almost everyone I know is either pregnant or just welcomed a new baby- usually a girl so there really must be something in the water) and welcomed her gorgeous new little girl on Thursday and all is well. This is the blanket I made for them.

Wednesday, October 21

Take 2

Here is another knitted doll - this time with legs. This is the gift for a party Alexander is going to on Sunday. I knitted the top and made the tulle skirt separately and both come off. The ballet slippers come off too! (I think I might need one of these) Now the challenge is to find a way to present her. My idea was to put her in a shoe box but with the skirt she is too long, and looks stuffed in there. Hunting around the house, I found this long skinny box that needs some refashioning, but fits her perfectly.

Monday, October 19

Sunshine & Inspiration

Last night I was out enjoying a movie about blogging with the knitting girls - who all blog too. One was missed but she had a very good little excuse. I really enjoyed Julie & Julia, and while not really a foodie, I got caught up in the whole challenge of it. I walked away feeling really inspired and planning to take a more professional and less famiy focus for my blog. Well that was last night... today the boys and I enjoyed the stunning spring sunshine, spread a (handmade) rug on the grass and had a play and a picnic.


I am already thinking about christmas and what to do for presents for the class etc. I got these buttons from a great website - . They are the easiest buttons to do - I bought the guide as well which is invaluable. I plan to stick some onto little clips, button covers which are so 80's but I found them in the chuck out bin at Lincraft today and these giant paperclip bookmarks which were also at Jackobindi. The hardest thing is finding BOY FABRIC - and I just keep looking.....

Sunday, October 18


We love to play on our trampoline - and I just love our Spring free. We have shade cloth over the top to stop bird poo and leaves going in. A nice place to be

Saturday, October 17

Its Out

One of my christmas traditions is buying the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Edition. I don't regularly buy the mags but always get the christmas one - and sometimes their December edition. They have become a great resource.

Not sure if there is anything I am busting to make out of this one - however their recepies are always yummy. I made these last year for all the kinder kids here - they were from the 2007 issue.

Looking back through the 2007 issue had these lovely tree sachets...

These decorations made out of old lightglobes - but I am not much of a painter...But I reckon I might give these a go- cardboard angels that house little sweets- I think they would look lovely on a table as well.

Off to have another look through this years mag for more inspiration...

Friday, October 16


This is a project I have been meaning to try for a while since I stumbled over it somewhere in blog land. These are those cheap glass (?) buttons that are sold in $2 shops to hold up your flowers in a vase. They have a flat(ish) bottom which is where you stick the image. I have done some with paper and am now trying fabric - but I think the grain comes through too much. I stick the button on with mod podge and leave it to dry then I put another coat of mod podge on the back just to protect the paper. The idea is then to stick magnets on the back. They would look great on the fridge or on a whiteboard or filing cabinet. So cheap and actually seem to be easy!

Sunday, October 11

Christmas art

spring sunshine and a little christmas craft......

Saturday, October 10

c'est fini

Another project off the list. The plastic coated bag is lined and I used some belt stuff for the handles. Inside is a lined plastic coated pencil case - which could be used for makeup and finally a heat pack which has beautiful flanelette on the back and a touch of paris on the front.
While I was on a roll, we even wrapped it. Last year in the sales I got these little metal decorations which Alexander has written on a label and stuck inside. I have hidden it so it doesn't get unwrapped a million times!

Friday, October 9

Wednesday, October 7


Just thinking about things - you know how you do- and how fabulous all of my friends are. They all add something wonderful to my life and just the opportunity to talk about things and actually realise that you are normal is an amazing gift. From all different backgrounds and through different channels, these people give me a sounding board to sort things out. Sometimes I think I let things build up in my own mind. There is nothing major, just little things that mount up - like Benji trying to toilet train himself but resisting actually going on the toilet. Or the big squirrel constantly starting things and getting distracted, you know normal stuff. They can affect my day, how I react and what I do. When I have the chance to talk to someone who is going through something similar, or who is able just to sit and listen, it can make things so much better. It is also nice to be different things to different friends. I suppose that comes from where you have met- throught school, work, children, blogging...everyone comes into your life from somewhere different and probably knows a different version of me too. Today I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for what you bring to my life.

Tuesday, October 6

Game On!

And on it is - undies that is. Benji will NOT wear nappies now. Not a pull up, not a night nappie not at all. He will occasionally even put on undies and trousers! (He is proving to be a bit of a nudist!!) Anyway with the black rings around my eyes, I reluctantly took the boys to Forest Hill this morning as I needed a sheet for the new bed. We had a lovely tour of all of the different toilets there, and washed our hands in all of them!! He has actually been really good, and from memory, a lot more committed and in control than Alexander ever was. The nights have actually been fine - the only issue is getting up when HE wants to go to the toilet. Having said that the bed is yet to be wet (touch wood). Thankfully for the washing load, only he is training at the moment - as Spencer is not at all interested and I am not going to push.

I had to share my clever 'invention'. This mauve thing is an insert for the car seat that I made out of waterproof sheets. I bought one sheet at Aldi last time they were on sale and they hold 2 litres of liquid. I cut it into four and have made 4 of these seat protectors which fit into the car seat and do not comprimise the seat belts. What it does mean is I do not have to wash the whole seat cover if there is an accident and I also have one spare for each boy. Now - back to the washing............

Monday, October 5


Yes, she is all finished - this is just a teaser....
Here is my knitted mermaid - complete with Ikea fingerpuppets.

Sunday, October 4


My little helpers making hedgehog to take to a babyshower today. I even managed to step back and let them go for it. Actually using the rice cooker to melt butter was really good because it didn't get too hot and it was away from direct flames.

I had a lovely day sharing afternoon tea with some girlfriends and like I said it seems all my friends are having babies - here is a little sample!!!

Saturday, October 3

finish #2

Actually I feel like I am cheating announcing this one as finished as it really took me no time to do - but it was on the list so I will take pleasure in crossing it off!! The cushion insert is from one I was going to chuck out, so it was re-used. The backing was furnishing fabric I had in the stash. I didn't even need a zip - I just cut it bigger so the back overlapped like a pillowcase. I may still stitch a button through here for decoration, but all in all, another finished project.

Friday, October 2


I was on a deadline so I got to it and actually finished my mobile. I got the tin at a discount store and I think that really finishes it off nicely.
The birds are hung off tiger tail beading wire and have crysals and pink and clear beads spread out over the wire. They are hung off a fairy headdress that I picked up locally.
I was pleased with the result and hope she is too....
Now, with my long list of things to do, do you know what i did - yes, start something else!! I have been wanting crayola fabric crayons for a while. You draw on the paper and they create a transfer. Fantastic really, but I have only found them at Windmill. So a visit there in my travels and we picked them up, a quick trip to a shopping centre and after some free craft there we got to work on our new tshirts....We found that you need a hard surface to iron on to rather than the ironing board. My shirt below, we had another go over, but it moved slightly so make sure you give it a good hard iron and probably I would leave the picture on for a bit longer than we did (I need instant gratification)So, to finish my shirt off, I used my crayola fabric textas to go over the coloured text. It was also good because there are only 8 crayons but 12 textas so I had a bit more options for shading etc but I am pleased with the back of my tshirt, but I must get back to that list!!