Sunday, July 31

Strolling in the City

After our usual luxury breakfast, we went with Grandfather strolling in the city. We did those touristy things that you don't normally do in your home town. Wandering the arcades and laneways on a Sunday is always so lovely. We enjoyed some Haigs chocolate frogs and saw Gog and Magog chime at noon.

Friday, July 29

Fire Man

Today's excursion was on a double decker bus to the local firestation. 50 kinder kids were off on excursion, and of those 50 I had the most excited one - and the other one I had to bribe with dinosaurs to get him there!
The question is, do you think he is excited??
The local paper was also there and obviously drawn to the little boy in uniform.
I just hope the shot of his workers crack out peeping out of the small yellow fireman sam pants doesn't make the cover!Spencer also had a really good time and was relaxed and compliant.I thought I had got out of my promise of more dinosaurs, but we were sitting on the bus (up top on the way home) and Spencer turns to me deadpan and says "Can we get those dinosaurs now Mum?" Bless - and off to Target we went.

Thursday, July 14

Pizza for my Pity Party

So I have started this new regime around home - cleaning. Yes apparently it is something you need to do more than once! In retrospect school holidays was probably not THE best time to start, but it is no reason to stop either. I haven't fallen off the wagon, but it is hard to establish a new routine. I am still drinking the water and feel better for it, and now I am cleaning and cooking what feels like all day long.

Ok, reality is I probably have bitten off a bit too much and am running a mini crusade here where I am trying to save money, reduce wastage of everything, declutter, clean the house, create a routine, everyone drinking more water, eating healthy and put in another one - remove preservatives from our diet. I know it is probably a bit unrealistic, to expect to do all of these things but if you have a problem with it - let me know - otherwise get with the program.

The big squirrel seems to have a problem with this. He wont eat breakfast - buys crap for lunch and regularly brings in random foodstuffs and magazines to the house. He has remarked that the house looks good, but thats about it.

The other night, I was getting ready to go out for the evening, when he popped home to say he had to run a work errand and would be a little while. I begrudgingly agreed, and said I would feed the kids and keep his dinner warm. Two hours later, and when I should have been leaving, he saunters home with a PIZZA tucked under his arm.We had eaten and the kids were all ready for bed, and his dinner was on a plate in the oven! I am working hard at creating a balance and opportunities and it feels like - even subconsciously, he is sabotaging them. My incredibly mature response was to go out and spend money to spite him.

Obviously reigning Queen of the Perfect Club!

Wednesday, July 13

Bits and Bobs

Well into the second week of the never ending holidays and things are getting a bit tougher. The boys are bored and hungry. We had a lovely playdate at our place today which was a welcome relief and I made these Apple Chips. YUM. From a pinterest find - I need to refine a little but tasty.
Then I got a little time off and went out to see Bridesmaids. If you can deal with a little projectile vomit and inappropriate humour it is a very funny movie. What is really nice is that they have real bodies, wrinkles and wear their clothes more than once (alway a pet peeve for me). It gave me a chance to have a really good look at this top. Apparently from Urban Outfits last year and no longer around so me thinks I may need to make one.
The top looks like the beige stripes have been folded up but I actually think it is black fabric at the top folded in stripes. On my to do list for summer.

Tuesday, July 12

MAster Chef

We did some cooking. There was no time for a recipe so we just winged it. I got out anything I could find and we were making museli bars. There are currants, sultanas, dates, cranberries, sunflower seeds, coconut, rolled oats, rice bubbles and corn flakes. All of this was just in the cupboard.
Each boy was given a bowl and spoon and allowed to scoop in what ever they felt like and as much as they wanted.
They were actually really restrained and thoughtful
We started by tasting everything and that limited the amount of fingers in the bowls. Well that was until I added the condensed milk. I put in enough to make each one gooey. (yes the technical term) Once they were all mixed and stuck together, I pressed each one into the large tray on baking paper to keep everyones creation separate. Into the oven on a moderate heat until golden (again highly technical) and we got:
Yummy crunchy museli bars. I know what is in them and the worst is condensed milk. THe best bit is they are easy, quick, cheap and REALLY YUMMY.

Monday, July 11

I'm with the band

All their own creation. The music needs a little work - as too the costumes..........
Rock on Boys!

Sunday, July 10


Caught you! This is what my boy has looked like the last couple of days. He bought himself the last two diary of a wimpy kid books and has been hiding away reading them - in his head! I love that you love to read.

Saturday, July 9

Ice Ice Baby

We were lucky to get tickets (in a box) to see Disney on Ice tonight - through Mum's work. The boys were excited and got all dressed up and were on their best behaviour. They love Mickey and Minnie and were excited to see the show.They weren't disappointed as the first people out were Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. We also saw Cars, The Little Mermaid and Lion King. All very well done and the use of fabric and lighting was beautiful.
There were however a couple of downsides. The started to loose interest at interval and the second half was all tinkerbell, which doesn't really engage them. Girls would probably LOVE it. The other problem was that while it was lovely to be in the box with comfy seats and party food, we were probably too far away. You couldn't see their faces (yes I had my glasses on!) but you also couldn't see the ice - or their skates - so the idea that they were skating on ice was really lost on us in the box. Still was a good night.

Friday, July 8

Basketball Camp

Alexander is getting to the age where he needs some 'activities' during the holidays - especially the June ones which are always cold and miserable. Hello Basketball Camp. Two full days of training and exercise with his basketball team. The ball and shirt were signed by some basketball people - probably the same ones as in this photo......

Wednesday, July 6

15 minutes

I have started a new habit - well trying anyway. I found this site though 74 Lime Lane and am jumping at the challenge. Most of what she said resinates with me.
The first question - Are you living in CHAOS? (Cant have anyone over syndrome?) Well its a big yes from me. The cleaning and organising drops to the bottom of my to do list, and when people are coming over, I fall into a flat spin and like a tornado clean the surface.
The concept of it is to develop habits that make cleaning and organising your home easier, but also de-cluttering and looking after yourself - not just everyone else.
How it works is the FLYLady (Finally Loving Yourself) sends me an email everyday telling me what to do. The first day was polish the sink and I have to do this every day. The second one was get up and get dressed straight away -right to shoes ready to walk out the door. Today I got additional emails about stopping procrastinating and doing a list of things - which I did because I was told to.
So today I have made all the beds, changed the sheets, washed and put away all the dishes, scrubbed the bathroom, washed and folded clothes as well as made myself presentable. Not only have I done this but the kids have helped!
Everything seems to be split into 15 minute blocks so we have been setting the alarm and going for it. There are even times you have to rest for 15 minutes. I have not been this regimented with my time since I was feeding!
The boys are also embracing the challenge - they all had to dress themselves, put out their dirty clothes and make their beds in 15 minutes today and actually they were pretty successful. Benji helped with the sheets and Xandy helped scrub the bath. The other massive success was at dinner. Normally we can sit for what seems like hours with the kids trying to get them to eat their dinner. They had 15 minutes and what wasn't eaten went to the dog. The timer seemed to take away the tears and the dog only got some scraps. Lets hope I can make these habits permanent.
Oh - and for the procrastination challenge I took photographs of all the boys artwork for the digital frame. Some has gone in the 'precious' cabinet and the rest becomes wrapping. Any extra goes to the bin and I have a clean space! My 15 minutes blogging is up!!!

Monday, July 4

The Quilts

Nothing like a challenge to get Mum into action. She made not one, but two quilts for the twins for half christmas. It has been something she has been meaning to do since they were born. While I was pregnant she was working on a redwork quilt but it ended up too girly and hence was gifted to a cousins baby. (I tried to find a picture of it, but after wasting a heap of time, I cant find it)
Anyway, at 4 1/2 the boys got their quilts. In navy, white and red. It was probably better to wait to this age because there was no inclination to do a real baby quilt.
The idea is having an ageless quilt. It is something I would happily have on my bed, but is not at all feminine. It isn't masculine in the traditional way either - in that I mean all brown and musty. It is sharp and clean with strong colours and totally unisex. In a word - Perfect.
The quilt is called "Both Sides of the Pond" and is from "Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott. I think it is slightly bigger than the pattern with a larger white boarder to give it a touch more width. At this point it hangs right over our single beds (hiding all the stuff underneath) but also sits nicely on the top of our king size bed.
Nan has embroidered a little name patch on each of them underneath - which is backed in red and white ticking style fabric. They both love them now and hopefully will travel with them through their life's journey.

Winter Chills

The first 'official' day of holidays and I am seriously going to have to find my happy place to make it through two weeks. Already the squabbles and provoking have started, but despite all that we braved the winter chill and met friends out at Jells Park. Lots of fresh air and excercise and no cost makes the cold bearable - that and the fact that no-one went in the lake!!

Sunday, July 3


We saw a rainbow today. It was so bright and was so thick that the colours looked to repeat themselves. The boys came straight inside and started drawing their own rainbows.
Very proud of themselves
And great rainbow impressions - Spencers of course has dinosaurs under the rainbow!

Saturday, July 2

Lazy day

With an early basketball game, we settled into and enjoyed the winter sun at a slow speed. Alexander cracked open the lego he got for 'half christmas' and between
he and Mr P. once they started they couldn't stop! There is still a little to go on Hogwarts Castle, but the detail in it is fantastic, and once built it makes a great playspace.
Mum brought down her piemaker and whipped up some yummy meat pies and sweet apple pies for tea.

Friday, July 1


It is always funny how your perspective effects your choices. Personally, I would prefer choices to be taken away from me as I tend to over think things and worry over the smallest thing, where if I just let it roll it would probably work out fine.

Xandy had a free dress day today so I let him have his choice of what to wear. He came out in his school shorts (yes its winter) and very proudly wearing his new Joey Scouts top- complete with badges.

I have to admit I struggled with this, but let it go. I was worried he may get teased or picked on, particularly by older kids. But, I held my tongue and said nothing and wished him the best for the day.

Turns out this was the best thing I could have done. He had a great day. Everyone made a fuss of his top and are interested in hearing more about Joeys and maybe joining. Basically, the exact opposite of what I thought would happen. Seems mother doesn't know best (well not always!)