Friday, July 29

Fire Man

Today's excursion was on a double decker bus to the local firestation. 50 kinder kids were off on excursion, and of those 50 I had the most excited one - and the other one I had to bribe with dinosaurs to get him there!
The question is, do you think he is excited??
The local paper was also there and obviously drawn to the little boy in uniform.
I just hope the shot of his workers crack out peeping out of the small yellow fireman sam pants doesn't make the cover!Spencer also had a really good time and was relaxed and compliant.I thought I had got out of my promise of more dinosaurs, but we were sitting on the bus (up top on the way home) and Spencer turns to me deadpan and says "Can we get those dinosaurs now Mum?" Bless - and off to Target we went.

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