Saturday, May 31

Make Do Mend?

I briefly touched on my new mantra - and I think this war mentality suits me- read as either make do and mend or as the crafter in me likes to interpret it make, do, mend. But I was wondering - can you teach this philosophy to an adult?

After I deleted all the business information from the computer on Friday (purely accidental - why would I make extra work for myself on purpose) the big squirrel drops his work mobile into the toilet. Now I know no one would do that on purpose, to have to go fishing in that for their phone - but it just an extra thing. So now he wants a new phone.

I know he needs one for business- I get that, which is why he has mine and I am non-contactable, but HIS life mantra is - just get a new one. Fine if we weren't still paying for the last one that went swimming! He is taking it to get repaired, but he will be my biggest obstacle if I want to start "compacting".

The pictures above show that these little acorns don't want to play with all the 'stuff' but much happier playing with each other, a couple of swords (while I am not 'for' this behaviour, they were previously fighting with wooden spoons, and the foam swords are a lot less damaging) and of course the age old classic - playing in the box the toys are kept in!

Market Madness?

Is anyone buying at craft markets??

Last night Naomi and I went to the renowned Magnolia Square Market in Armadale. We arrived later in the evening, but there weren't a lot of people there - and certainly not a lot of people buying. It seemed there were people like us - crafty women in search of inspiration and something new.

I had been to the previous market (in Brighton) and it was generally the same stall holders with the same stock - little had changed. Is it the time of year - I know for me there are no children's birthdays, hallmark occasions now for me until November/December. Or is the real enjoyment in the crafting itself rather than the finished product??

Friday, May 30

When the going gets tough - the tough make muffins!

Its been a busy and hard day today.
First I took the twins to visit a friend in hospital. She is pregnant and it is not all going well. She just celebrated her 5th week in hospital on bed rest but both she and her unborn are both fighters and hanging in there. She seemed really well and the boys were really pretty good. I gave her some lovely blue wool to start knitting so hopefully that will help pass the time.
We got home from kinder pickup and all had lunch and the twins went off to bed. With A a bit tired, he watched Snow White while I was working on the computer - trying to do budgets, but that will be another post now. I wasn't paying much attention and accidently "saved as" over my husbands entire business records - our own business - just wipped!! All the IT nerds I knew said there was nothing I could do - so after initial hyperventalation and panic - A and I made muffins.

Muffins are from this book - mixed berry crumble muffins - and they were delicious. Essentially you make the muffin as normal, but only half fill the case - then you add the fruit in the middle, put the other half of the mixture on and finally add a crumble mixture which is butter,flour, brown sugar& porridge oats.

I am no chef (infact my inner chef resigned and took a part time job turning the light on and off in the fridge!) but they were really yummy - as you can see below. (However both the twins also ate the paper so I don't think they are much of food critics!)

Thursday, May 29

Don't let me out...

So today was a work day. Unlike most people, I really look forward to work. For me it is a bit of a day off really. Don't take that the wrong way, I work really hard and when you get paid by the hour you want to make sure they feel like they are getting value for money. I mean, it is a day off being at home.

It's not that I don't like being at home with the acorns, but a day away not only makes you appreciate them more, but also refreshes you. Who would thought you would look forward to the simple things - a hot coffee, going to the toilet ALL BY YOURSELF and having an uninterupted thought!

Enough about work - onto the real stuff A COUPLE OF BARGAINS!! Yes, you see I pride myself on never paying full price and today I stumbled onto a doozie- on my lunchbreak.

1. BISCOTE - This is a ladies (and a bit of men) fashion store in Hall Street, Hawthorn. They also have websales on the above site. This site currently has 50% off and its prices are already cheap. They have 'classic' ladies clothes- lots of natural fibres - linens and great wool knits. The photos don't do them justice.

I was on my way there (I didn't make it in because I found this)
SHOE SALE - 11 Hall Street, HAWTHORN EAST. from Thuesday 29 May - Sat 31 May shoes in all sizes from $10, boots from $30. Heaps of leather shoes - I saw Leather Roberto Cavelli boots for $80. OPening hours on Friday 10-5 and Saturday 9-1. CASH ONLY. Single prams do fit but its all a bit of a bung fight in there - shoes and women everywhere - but well worth a visit!

Tuesday, May 27

Some days the world is just against you

Today started well - we had some plans. Off to the shops to buy some supplies to make a present for a girlfriend and to buy some food to make dinner and do some baking. It all started well but then the cracks started to appear.

(above images from RedEnvelope)

First was the lack of inspiration - what to do for her. I decided on pearls as I have a great little pearl man. Redenvelope often has some great ideas ( and looked on etsy. Etsy didn't have a heap but I decided to do something like this- with pearls on the leather lanyard so it could be a bracelet or necklace.

We finally all get loaded into the car and get to the shops. My pearl man was all good - with the exception of no leather available. He then suggested that if I wanted to thread the pearls onto the leather directly they could drill the holes wider - which is great - but would take a couple of days - which I don't have. So of to Bizarr Beads. They only had leather pre-cut in meter lengths. So - design change and I bought chain and head pins to hang them off in a modern kind of way.
Off to get the food - collected everything off the list only to get to the register and the disable isles are SHUT. I don't like shopping at the best of time (for food that is) but the whole double pram and three hungry kids just makes it sooooo much better! So, there is this new thing where I can do it myself - no checkout chick. I much prefer paying someone to do this job, but as it is the only space I can get out - so be it.
The system works by scanning and then items go into a weighed bag on the other side. There is a "customer service" person there to help. Any items which are reduced have to be adjusted by this person. So, having encountered this problem once before, I did everything in order, saved my reduced items to last so that she didn't have to do too much for me - all while entertaining the entourage!It is then I notice the small sign. The machines aren't working properly and not taking CASH. (I am trying to limit our spending by operating a cash society - if you have to touch the money you are less likely to spend- not such a fun idea today.) The helpful customer service lady suggests that I need to go back (through the line) into the shop and join another que to get out. I explain that their lack of staff means I can't get out and she again tells me to go back into the store. In an absolute rage I just stormed out of the shop (COLES - now on boycott). Poor A was in tears as he wanted a chocolate milk which was on special.
So, now not in a good mood. Set up sausage rolls for lunch on the little table, go and get the beads to start. Get back to little table to find dog has eaten all little sausage rolls - not very hungry anyway. Pull out beads and head pins do not fit into holes!!!!!!
So, as it stands - no food for dinner, no baking, no lunch and no beading!
Lets hope the tides change tomorrow.

Monday, May 26

It's beginning to look a little bit like christmas?

In our family of five, all the male birthdayS (80%!) occur within the two week blocks on either side of christmas - which makes that time not only insanely busy, but also hard to make each event special. I have been talking about Christmas in July for a few years now as many of my girlfriends have found themselves in similar situations. This year I am going to be proactive and do something - even if it is just us at home.

So the search for inspiration has begun and I am surprised how little is around. The acorns all have beautiful embroidered stockings - courtesy of Nana, but I was looking for a little craft to get us in the mood. This is the best etsy had to offer - obviously I will need to broaden my search.

Etsy :: withlovefromalabama :: Perfectly Mismatched Stockings for a Family of Five - Free Monogramming

Some things that I am thinking about are wreaths, the old pinecone classics- which A will be able to manage, but also some more challenging things for me - maybe placemats around the 12 days of christmas. Certainly needs more thought.....

Sunday, May 25

My first post ever!

So here it is. For a long time I have been deeply involved in other peoples lives, enjoying their triumps, watching their craft and getting inspiration from them, but now it is time for me to contribute too.

The friend who helped me set up my blog (as I am not technosavy) asked what kind of blog I was going to do - a question I uave since pondered. The decision is that it is going to be a bit of everything. So, it will be my life in a nutshell.
So- the family as pictured. Me a suburban, mainly stay at home mum of three little acorns - my three cherished boys A, B & S. S & B are identical twins who are on the verge of 18 months old (also known as the terrorists!) Our family photo - taken as a kinder fundraising shows me, my big red squirrel and the little acorns - to help those in the know S is left and B is right - A, 4 and a half, is centre.
The other thing I want to share is my love of crafting, sewing, thrifting and bargains. I don't know yet whether I will be able to share my bargain secrets - we will have to wait and see what happens. I have just done my first craft market which was a slow but good start. I ended the evening in the black which is always good.

So here we go- the end of my first post. I must say a big thanks to the lovely girls yesterday for a lovely day- Robyn, Jill and Joanne. Thanks Jo for helping set this us and see I did get a post on!!
My next job is to fill in all the people I have been secretly spying on!!