Thursday, September 29


Yesterday we had an appointment to meet our new basketball coach. The weather was looking ominous so it was moved from school to the local YMCA. As I loaded up the kids at 3:45, the sky was black and lightening was flashing. As I made it 20 meters up the hill, the rain had started, thunder and lightening and it was very very frightening.
I didn't have very far to go - maybe a whole 2km if that. The weather was getting worse and worse. We were in the middle of the storm.
We got there safely and after a minute or two decided to make the dash from the car to the building. I had just got everyone out when a lovely lady told me they were evacuating the pool and not to go in. I was not happy being in the car so we made the decision to creep back home. By now the power was out, flash flooding and strong winds. The traffic was already heavy. Not a nice time to be out.
We made it home to our powerless home, but at least we were safe. Found the candles while there was still light and managed a nice dinner on the gas burners.
Once home, I have to say that that was one of the absolute scariest times of my life. My boys in the car, out on the road when we really shouldn't be. I was so happy to get inside.

Tuesday, September 27


The morning greated us with grey dreary weather which is never fun on the holidays.
Dad came over and they watched the Rio movie and then we decided to hit the streets. We went out to the Monash Hotel which has a good playground for the kids to burn off some energy and have some lunch. It was kids day there complete with face painting and a magician all free!! Now, I am blaming the glass of wine I had with lunch for the next turn of events - which was the new Ikea.
Yes, in the school holidays I took my dad and the three boys into the new Ikea - one of the biggest around. I love to wander Ikea to get ideas as well as little knick knacks and who would have guessed the boys would enjoy it too!! Hooray - it was actually a pleasurable experience - the whole way around. They all had their tape measures and Benji was putting a little pencil mark on - well - everything. Just a measure mark that Dad would wipe off along behind him. Apart from that it was lovely. They are growing up - I should remember that and not put limitations on what we can and cant do.

Sunday, September 25

Bike ride

Bike riding today along a new improved track which took us exploring places we haven't been. We found what will be a fabulous new playground similar to Wombat Bend which sadly is not yet open - but we will have to ride pass to watch its progress

Saturday, September 10

Too much

Have you ever had one of those days that you can't believe you arranged?

I had one today. The big squirrel working so I had all three kids. In short:
1. Basketball for an hour - complete with medal presentation
2. Drive to Mt Dandenong for a playdate with my old friend
3. Rush to Oakleigh for a party for Alexander - sans present
4. Twins asleep in car racing around trying to find book
5. Running through Chadstone at 4:45 to find book
6. Book found - dump kids with big squirrel - wrap gift
7. Pick up Alexander from Party and deliver gift
8. Cook dinner and pass out!!!

On the go from 10am and spent the day driving, breaking up fights and answering mind numbingly repetative questions. I don't usually drive this much and now I know why!!
Reminder to self - do not put yourself under pressure.

Friday, September 9

Crank up the machine

Yes I dusted off the machine and have done a little bit of sewing ready for Miss G's birthday. Recently I went off to Darn Cheap fabric and found this lovely cotton reminiscent of Monet that I know was for her and I based everything around. These shorts are from the Burda magazine and the top is loosely based on a free pattern download from
This little summer dress is a simplicity pattern and I have put studs rather than buttons down the front.
Finally this skirt is a wrap around designed as either a skirt or a dress and is made from a double stretch knit. All bits should be able to go together.
Finally we made some cookies. We bought the bird cutters at Flemington Market and the tray from Ikea. The cookies are decorated to go with the tray
I think this time our efforts look much more professional.

Sunday, September 4

Happy Fathers Day

The big squirrel got back in early this morning, just in time for Fathers Day and we were all very excited to see him.

The boys and I baked shortbreads
The finished portrait and Benji's portrait of him and his dad

Saturday, September 3


Mr P has been over at our house working on a painting for his lovely girlfriends birthday. It is all a big secret so we have been doing everything to keep it that way- including giving the boys something else to talk about!
In this vein, Mr P helped Alexander do a painting of his Dad while he worked on his and with a little instruction and some colour mixing he did a really good job.

He really took the time and stuck at it which was great. We will give it to him for Fathers Day and I love it. Xandy was a bit disappointed that it didn't look as good as Mr P's painting of rear window but seriously, have a little look at what he has done and here it is not even finished!

Thursday, September 1

A night Off

My parents, now they are back from a holiday, have been really helpful during the big squirrels travels, but I don't usually like them to babysit for my social things. Sounds weird but they can help out with the kids, but I don't usually take a night off. However with a disrupted and protracted travel as this one has been, I had already committed to so many things, that I feel I have been calling on them every night. In fact today, Dad went to the school Fathers Day Breakfast, and then they babysat for me again tonight, while I went out for dinner with some school mums.
This had been booked for some time, and we went to George Calombaris's new restaurant St Katherine's. I am no foodie so forgive me, but it is modern greek, middle eastern and turkish cusine. (yes straight from his website)
The concept is that it is food designed to share and whatever it was that was ordered was really nice - I was happy to leave that in the hands of someone who knew what they were doing. Having said that the staff were really very helpful - to the point that they also dont want you to over or under order and what came out was really tasty, plenty of food and a bit of fun. I would recommend it, it is a fun experience. I probably wouldn't go back with my lot - it is all a bit too adventurous for them. The big squirrel is a parma man. Really enjoyable night and nice to have a little break.