Saturday, September 10

Too much

Have you ever had one of those days that you can't believe you arranged?

I had one today. The big squirrel working so I had all three kids. In short:
1. Basketball for an hour - complete with medal presentation
2. Drive to Mt Dandenong for a playdate with my old friend
3. Rush to Oakleigh for a party for Alexander - sans present
4. Twins asleep in car racing around trying to find book
5. Running through Chadstone at 4:45 to find book
6. Book found - dump kids with big squirrel - wrap gift
7. Pick up Alexander from Party and deliver gift
8. Cook dinner and pass out!!!

On the go from 10am and spent the day driving, breaking up fights and answering mind numbingly repetative questions. I don't usually drive this much and now I know why!!
Reminder to self - do not put yourself under pressure.

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