Monday, January 31


One of my dear friends is having a birthday of the 'oh' kind. She is one of those people who has everything so I had no idea what to get her. She either likes very proper jewellery or it has to be funky/quirky so I worked with this idea.
I saw this on Anthropologie and thought I would give it a try.My first attempt was with these golden beads that I had lying around. It was more about working out the technique than the finished product.I bought some pearls from a little stall at Chadstone MSP and got to work. I had planned to make it wrap round four times, but I lost a bit of interest and I think my pearls were too big to do that many times.

It is really hard to photograph your own hand. Not that you can tell here but it sits really well. I am not happy with the cotton I chose and am worried about its long term wearability (ie breaking and pearls falling everywhere).
Then, I stumbled on this tutorial which shows you how to make it. I made it totally back to front from this idea - but the technique is there.

Sunday, January 30

Post Op

We made it through. All done and all good. Benji was so good. We farmed out Alexander to Mums and then poor Spencer and Benji were fasting until the operation. We had to be at hospital at 8 - but the operation wasn't until 10:30. I think we were all a little preoccupied with food.
We were at Cabrini which has a truly fabulous kids ward. I had a bag full of entertainment, but we didn't need any of it. There was heaps to do there.
Benji only had a very minor operation - but I was concerned about the anaesthetic. I was allowed to go in with him. They put him onto the table. Then they gave him a mask with a balloon attached and asked him to blow up the balloon. They explained that they would start to put the gas in and he would go to sleep. He did - very quickly. Then they asked me to say goodbye to my little boy and sent me out to the waiting room. I didn't realise this was going to happen and it was so confronting.
I had to leave my poor little helpless boy lying there all alone. I trust the professionals, but he is my little was so hard.
Time seemed to drag on forever until they came back to say he was waking up. Everything went well and he woke up still talking about food! My little Benji is back.

Saturday, January 29


The weather was balmy. Humid and hot. We had played in the paddling pool. Tradesmen were working. Everyone was irritable- the weather does that.
All the kids were in their bathers and Benji was riding his bike. Both Mum and I were watching. He didn't have a helmet on but it wouldn't have helped. He rode his bike at full speed into the base of the trampoline (not on purpose - he was avoiding something else and looked away) His eyelid caught on something and gashed it as he went down.
There was nothing we could do to stop it. We were there and watching and it still happened. I put a compress on it but realised it would need more than a bandaid. Benji was very calm - it was the other two that were the problem.
I told mum we were off to emergency - but I needed her to hold him in his seat and keep him awake and compressed. My other two kids were hysterical. They couldn't manage to get dressed - they were crying and inconsolable. That really doesn't help in these types of situations.
We got to emergency and after the regulation wait were informed he would need stitches. But due to his age and the location - plastic surgery. I had asked a nurse if he could eat and she said yes. Sadly this means that we have to go back tomorrow and do the whole anaesthetic thing.

Tuesday, January 25

Brighton to Elwood and back

I packed the scooters and the kids off today and headed back to Brighton Beach. We scooted along the beach path to Elwood where there are two fantastic playgrounds. We sat in a cafe and had lunch - all very civilised. Then we had to go back.........
Back is never as much fun. It is always uphill. You are always tired and it always seems much longer and much less fun going back.
I was in my new black dress (not really appropriate) and scooting. I would swap twins and was riding tandem on the little scooters in a somewhat desperate attempt to get home again.
We did manage to get back and all survived intact and actually had an enjoyable day.

Monday, January 24


I got out to the shops today with mum and no kids today - not for anything in particular, just a look. It must be Murphy's Law that when you are not looking for anything you always find things you want. Infact I got into a changeroom and actually bought something. Two things. I came home with 2 jersey dresses - one in stripes and the other a simple style which will be a versitle little black dress. Actually this one I plan to cut a pattern off and make a few more....Sorry no picures though!

Sunday, January 23

Lost and Found

We went up to mum and dads today with the bikes as they have a variety of bike tracks around there and as we gave dad a bike for christmas we have to get him out using it! Six of us went out leaving a happy Nan at home playing. It was great with 3 adults and three kids as we each manage a boy. Benji is still on a little bike, but pumps his legs so fast that he is going as fast as those little wheels will take him. Spencer on the other hand moves his mouth that quick but is much more interested in conversing than peddling and is happy to puddle along behind. This is really difficult to manage on my own, but with 2 other helpers it is actually quite enjoyable to get out and about.As a mentioned, we had left mum at home playing - with her fabrics! Now she has a stash. In fact a separate specifically built 'shed' complete with pattern drawers (like the shops) and filled with fabric. She wasn't in there - she was sorting the stuff which was inside and had been piling up so that she couldn't find things - like the industrial sewing machine!! (This machine is built into a table so shouldn't actually be easy to loose).
With the machine found, we also found some long lost fabrics - which has given me renewed inspiration to make some things. I have a couple of grown up functions to attend (quite excited) and need some new dresses. I saw one yesterday that I liked and am going to recreate in a lovely navy and green silk burnout chiffon (stay tuned) and this leather which needs to be a jacket.

Thursday, January 20


We took an opportunity with a warm evening to eat dinner by the seaside. We packed the twins in the car (we were down one who was having a super spy sleepover at MrP's) We headed off down to the beach.We found a great playground which was set up like the sea and another set of twins to play with. We sat on our picnic rug and tried to look at the clouds but there were none but there was beautiful sunshine. Made for some lovely pictures with unwilling participants.

Monday, January 17

Happy Birthday Alexander

My first little baby turned 7 today. Happy Birthday Alexander.
All of a sudden you seem grown up, like you are finding yourself and gaining confidence in everything you do. Where did those 7 years gone - they seem to have whizzed by so fast yet here you are a little man - a big brother and a wonderful little person.

We broke with birthday tradition this year and by request did presents via a treasure hunt as opposed to the usual pile in our bed. So each present was hidden in a different location which was found via a written clue on the previous gift.
This extended the process and certainly upped the excitement level for a certain 7 year old.
In the evening we celebrated with family and a couple of friends who are really like extended family. We shared a meal and the kids had a lovely time playing outside together which meant we too had a relaxing evening.
The cake was an attempted griffendor sword from the 2nd Harry Potter book. This was easier than some of the alternatives requested - such as a sorting hat. It is sitting on perspect that I found as an offcut in the recent garage clean up. I think that may be a very useful find.
Happy Birthday honey. I hope you had a wonderful day.
My first little baby turned 7 today.

Sunday, January 16

Little Boxes

We headed into the city today for some family fun. We walked through the botanical gardens and around the shrine.
We caught a tram up St Kilda Road and found our own Box City. Fun and free family activity in the city. 6000 boxes reay to be stacked and unstacked to create our own box city.
Of course, Benji found the only open box and hopped right on it!

We intended to go to Brickvention - a Lego exhibition put on for one day only, but with a queue that went around a city block with an estimated 2 hour wait - we gave it a miss and quietly headed home back on the tram.

Saturday, January 15


Sometimes to change your life it takes a lightening bolt. Sometimes it can be much more subtle than that but it feels like you have been struck while holding an umbrella and dressed in tinfoil! I think you get the point- but I had one of those expeeriences last night. I went as normal me but came home with a totally new way of thinking, thanks to the guru.
My guru doesn't even realize the extent of her power. She is not doing it for my benefit, simply sharing her own experiences and how she is working through it and challenging herself. Her honesty and insight has helped me to begin to see things in a totally different way.
My own opinion of myself in my relationship is unselfish and always giving. I often feel misunderstood, not heard or not thought about. (see not selfish feelings at all - its just me me me!!!) The big squirrel and I have been together for 16 years next month and married for 10 in September. A lot has changed in that time- mortgages, marriage not to mention three beautiful but often time sucking boys. He has gone from being my only, to one of many. He can take care of himself, so I expect him to. I am not the girl he met, nor is he the boy I met, but that is really for the better.
He can drive me mental, after this long he knows just how to push my buttons, but thanks to my guru this is now also my issue not just his. We are so busy running and trying to keep up, that we are misreading and misinterpreting each others signals, affection and intentions. Sometimes it is so hectic and noisy that it is hard to imagine stealing a quiet moment to have a conversation.
In changing my thinking it will change my life, my relationship. I don't expect immediate results or for it to be easy but it is certainly worth the effort.
To my guru, you are a rare being. You truly have a unique insight, a divine turn of phrase and a beautiful caring nature. Thank you for being you and for sharing your guruness.

Friday, January 14

In the swim

Ahhhhh The last day of swimming. Each time I book in for an intensive week of swimming lessons I simply cannot wait until it ends. We had 9:30 lessons each day for the week, and the first couple of days it was great - then all the bathers and towels were wet and with the rain almost impossible to get dry. The kids were getting tired and frankly so was I.

Having had my whinge - I am really happy with how much they have progressed in just a week. It really does give them the confidence they need. I am booking a week of sleepins and sunshine for next week.

Thursday, January 13


I made this last year - in Feb. Now this was my first go and it was really a trial based on a circle pull on a blind in the bathroom. I have not crocheted much and I am talking about the idea - not the execution but look what I found today on Tom & Lorenzo
This is a Japanese designer Shingo Matsushita. Now looking at the range it is far better conceptually and the execution is immaculate (ie no wires poking out or threads hanging off)
My gay boys were raving about the innate chic-ness of the designs. My girlfriends have borrowed mine for a tacky and 70s party! Maybe I need to rework the design?????

Wednesday, January 12


These are placemats I made for the twins. I still owe Alexander one but his needs to be different - more writing and less pictures. It was funny how this happened because I had an idea about picture chore charts and these placements came to mind.
The boys are in 4 year old kinder this year and there are a few things that they will need to know before school and I have tried to incorporate a few things into this.
They are double sided A3 and laminated. One side is for the morning and one for the evening.
The morning has their first name so they can begin to learn this - the evening has both names.
I have drawn in where the cutlery goes and wish I had mentioned left and right somewhere.
Along the bottom are the jobs for the kids to do - to give them a bit of responsibility. The morning is about getting up and going for the day and the evening is the wind down routine.
Other information is the alphabet, numbers and colours. They really like them and look forward to using them which is the most important part. Now to design one for the big boy!

Saturday, January 8

Chalk up another one

Another birthday that is. Today we celebrated Hugo's 7th birthday in a relaxed summer style and we really had a lovely time. The kids were in swimming and having fun in the afternoon prior to having a yummy dinner.
The kids worked hard decorating around the table - colouring in the brickwork with chalk. They all worked so hard and well together - it was really lovely to watch.
There was even rainbow bread. How awesome is this. Apparently tastes just like white bread, but looks a whole lot more fun.
The cake was a witches cauldron filled with jelly and lollies. And we sat enjoying the summer breeze, gorgeous food and authentic company. Happy Birthday Hugo. I can't believe you are already 7 but thanks for a great party!

Friday, January 7

Guilt Job

Today I headed off to Darn Cheap fabric to see if I could add to my already extensive collection of bargain fabrics that are not yet made into anything and guess what - I walked out empty handed!! Yes, they were having a sale and absolutely nothing spoke to me. I didn't even wander around holding a random role and put it down. Nothing. I did b buy two pairs of leather heeled sandals (Tony Bianco) next door for $20- yes for 2 pairs! Maybe that satisfied my quest for a bargain - but I drove home determined to finish making something.
With no fabric to bring inside, together with the reminder of the unfinished
doonas HERE I pulled out all the fabric and got sewing. I finished two of these for the twins before they went to bed.
(obviously I am not one for staging. Maybe I can even tidy their room when i photograph it with cushions etc!)
I did manage another two slightly different ones for the beds in Alexander's room. His room is far to messy to even photograph, let alone post! I have some scraps left over for some pillows and cushions but I am really pleased with how they look. The nautical theme for boys has a long lifespan, and I am really pleased it isn't scribble or skulls which seems to adorn so many boys clothes and accessories.
Now I can breathe out and let go of a little bit of guilt, cross one thing off my to do list.

Thursday, January 6

Another Chapter

Cushions cozied up a quiet corner on our new deck as we sat in the summer breeze together.The wind was a gentle but refreshing and the birds tweeted happily as the sun was beginning to set. The scene was idyllic - the story was not. Snakes, spiders, sword, ghosts, wizards and diaries. Alexander and I sat and finished of the second book of Harry Potter which he got for Christmas. We have watched the movie for the first book and now he is eagerly anticipating the next movie - lucky he has a birthday soon.
I have really really enjoyed reading these with him and am so glad that I waited. We have agreed that we will slow things down a bit and wait til mid year holidays before we start on the third book. So far nothing has been too dark or too scary. Harry and his friends are all ok and no-one has died - well with the exception of his parents which is just like every disney movie. Now only 6 months to wait and see what Harry is upto now!

Wednesday, January 5

Christmas Cards Recycled

I took down the christmas cards today - yes even those from last year still decorating the hallway, and then I am left with a big pile of cards. Guiltily I always keep the cards because they are too good to throw away and I might use them for something. Guess what - I don't. The only thing I used them for is taking up precious space. This year I thought better. I got out my paper punches- I have three different sized and with the help of my little minions, proceeded to cut holes in all the cards. Some cards made lots of circles - some only one around a bell or a bird (cant believe people still have those cards!)
My result...a much smaller pile of usable christmas circles. My plan is to put these with the christmas craft stuff and use them for gift tags, making our own cards or even creating a garland. The best bit - with the exception of some much needed storage space - is I feel totally guilt free!
(I dont cut up any photos of children nor cards my boys have made - still have to keep some things)

Tuesday, January 4

BIrthday Boy

The big squirrel celebrated his birthday today and all the boys got in on the act.It was a lovely family day - with some of our usual hiccups. We did manage to host a casual bbq at home which was calm and relaxing. It was really the first time we had partied outside with the new deck in situ and it worked perfectly. Happy Birthday Babe.

Monday, January 3

Dust off the machine

I bought all of this nautical fabric before christmas. It was cheap (43.95/m) so I got a range to make quilts for the twins. Once I got home and the bargain euphoria had worn off I remembered I don't make quilts - but the fabric would make excellent doona covers. So much so that Mum went back and got some more to do the covers for the beds in Xandy's room. I did start them for christmas but they are still half finished in a pile.
One of the fabrics was this wave one which reminded me of the Japanese woodcuts. It doesn't fit to the doonas but I thought it would make great boardies. So today (with the big squirrels birthday tomorrow) I set upon my task.
This is a boy and man pattern - 5581. I had enough fabric to do a pair for both the big squirrel and Xander. I changed up the pattern a bit - less pockets, shorter legs and some contrast white cotton.
I did get them finished - well I was still sewing at Midnight but they are finished! All the decoration - the binding and the white around the top and the zip are so much more hard work than whipping up a simple skirt or knit dress. This reminded my why I tend to buy the boys clothes!
He did appreciate them though - now I have to make another pair!

Saturday, January 1


With such a cool date I had to write it at least once. Today we headed out to Glen Waverley with our bikes on the car to Jells Park. As the weather was a little cooler and showery, we stayed fairly local and took the kids for a ride around the park. We packed a picnic and met mum and dad there for lunch. A lovely and relaxing way to spend the first day of the year - and hopefully there will be many more days like this throughout the year.