Thursday, January 6

Another Chapter

Cushions cozied up a quiet corner on our new deck as we sat in the summer breeze together.The wind was a gentle but refreshing and the birds tweeted happily as the sun was beginning to set. The scene was idyllic - the story was not. Snakes, spiders, sword, ghosts, wizards and diaries. Alexander and I sat and finished of the second book of Harry Potter which he got for Christmas. We have watched the movie for the first book and now he is eagerly anticipating the next movie - lucky he has a birthday soon.
I have really really enjoyed reading these with him and am so glad that I waited. We have agreed that we will slow things down a bit and wait til mid year holidays before we start on the third book. So far nothing has been too dark or too scary. Harry and his friends are all ok and no-one has died - well with the exception of his parents which is just like every disney movie. Now only 6 months to wait and see what Harry is upto now!

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