Monday, October 10

Creeping Up

The kids went back to school today and I breathed a big sigh of relief. We had made it through Alexander's "16 days of Freedom" and now we return to normal transmission.
We started last night getting organised, laying our clothes out on the bed in preparation for the day and this morning we actually early to everything. No yelling, no tv, everything done and out the door with everyone happy!! I returned to get back on top of the paperwork and stuff.
I finally RSVP'd to my school reunion today. It was late because forgot how time slips away. It is really hard to believe that 20 years have passed since I finished school!This time 20 years ago we would have been facing exams having had a mad night out in town celebrating the end of school life. In fact I still have the 70's inspired tights I wore that night in my drawer.
I never understood when my Mum would say she didn't feel as old as she was until I realised I am old. I feel older than 18 as I was at school, but I wouldn't feel more than 25-26 - certainly not 38!! Good grief, forty is looming like a big grey cloud.
In my head there is always plenty of time. I thought I had a chance to get fit and toned, partake in some last minute miracle anti ageing regime and even do something amazing so I had something to talk about. Not to be too unrealistic, but I don't think a week is really enough time. No doubt I will be running late, grabbing something out of my wardrobe last minute and do my makeup in the car on the way there. Some things never change!!!

Sunday, October 9

Artober - Building

My two bug boys got to work on building a model car.
The other job I had Xandy working on was taking some photos. I was cataloging my shoes (I know what a anal Virgo thing to do) and he took all the pictures for me. For a bit of added information, I actually got rid of a few pairs and found a few that I had forgotten about. Now I have a lovely 1 page sheet which I can reference to find what I am looking for.

Friday, October 7

Artober - Colour Mixing

Not too long ago my darling little boys were struggling with naming colours and now we are looking at how they mix.
We used jars of water and added drops of food colour of the primarys. Then in a saucer we poured a little of one colour and added the second to watch the magic of the mix
The colours were like magic and the kids loved it. We kept the jars of the primaries behind those new colours to remind us where they came from
Initially we tried painting on card then on paper, but found the best results on absorbent paper towel using a cotton bud.

Thursday, October 6

Artober - Bubbles

I know its a stretch but we were looking at different shapes of blowers and how the bubbles come out the same and the way the colours dance across the skin of the sphere.

Bike Bag

Recently a friend asked if I could make a bike bag for her to give as a gift to a little boy. The initial brief was denim and red; have his name on it; big enough to carry his toy but not too big to be a problem on his bike. He is turning 5.And here is the finished product. It is denim and red. We chatted about having a name emblazoned on the front of your bike and dismissed it. I suggested the initial, and was dismissed. The request was for a sausage dog.
I toyed with it for a while, and searched all of our embroideries to find something suitable. Nothing was - everything just looked a little twee. So I used my artistic licence and appliqued his initial in red. I think it looks good.
The bag velcros onto the front of the bike and the flap over, which also velcros can attach over the front or tuck in if required.
Just so that I met the brief better, I made a little lined purse to go with the bag. I got the image from a google search and drew it onto freezer paper, before freehand embroidering it with a little zig zag.
I think they will be happy with it - my boys are and have put their orders in!!!

Monday, October 3

Artober - Sand Sculpture

: big squirrel home early - packed bikes and off for a ride
: lovely ride along the beach
: kids paddling in the water
: sculpting sand and collecting shells

Sunday, October 2

Artober - Sunny Spring

Today we caught up with some old friends who have moved out of town and had an open house to catch up with everyone. The rain had gone and it was a lovely spring day out in the garden.
This is the sewing I did yesterday. The jacket. It is out of a thick ponti de roma so it has a bit of stretch to it and while it looks like a jacket it feels like a cardi. It is new look pattern 6035 and the only alteration was a centre back seam to get the fitting right. I am loving it. I still have to show you the skirt we made yesterday.

In reference to art - I am really stretching the definition when I tell you what we did. In addition to making cookies and cupcakes - which I subsequently burned all bar one tray of cookies - we painted. Nails to be exact. I don't have a photo because it is so traumatic - red nailpolish looks like I have serious foot damage but they had fun. Spencer's nails are hot pink and the others opted for a clear gloss. It was still creative and we all had fun.

Saturday, October 1

Artober- cat in the Hat

When Xandy was 4 we had a month of art in the september and now with the twins I am trying to have the same focus again - but now its October. As a comparison, they are much more prolific in their art production at kinder than he was - but he talked (and still does) way more. Different kids really!! Either way - I am going to try to do something creative with the boys every day and mid school holidays it seems like an even bigger challenge.
Today was grand final day - my team were playing but didn't win. I wont dwell on that. Spencer has been fascinated by the cat in the hat and just needed to dress up like him. He had been running around with a broom handle as a tail. Not very safe I know. To substitute we made one out of an old pair of tights stuffed with newspaper. Socks on his hands were gloves and socks on the feet sufficed - but he had to have a hat.
Quick trip to get some card and ta-da cat in the hat. He wore it all day and was so impressed with himself.
He was happy - the bigger boys watched the footy and mum and I sewed which was very productive.