Sunday, October 2

Artober - Sunny Spring

Today we caught up with some old friends who have moved out of town and had an open house to catch up with everyone. The rain had gone and it was a lovely spring day out in the garden.
This is the sewing I did yesterday. The jacket. It is out of a thick ponti de roma so it has a bit of stretch to it and while it looks like a jacket it feels like a cardi. It is new look pattern 6035 and the only alteration was a centre back seam to get the fitting right. I am loving it. I still have to show you the skirt we made yesterday.

In reference to art - I am really stretching the definition when I tell you what we did. In addition to making cookies and cupcakes - which I subsequently burned all bar one tray of cookies - we painted. Nails to be exact. I don't have a photo because it is so traumatic - red nailpolish looks like I have serious foot damage but they had fun. Spencer's nails are hot pink and the others opted for a clear gloss. It was still creative and we all had fun.

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