Tuesday, June 30

Half Christmas

Dad's birthday falls on the end of financial year and on this day, we celebrate a half christmas. We give Dad pressies, but also little ones for the kids as all their birthdays are within 3 weeks of christmas. A lovely roast dinner and then ripping open at a few little goodies. The cheap musical gear, little piano and guitars and microphones are loved. Now the renditions of Mama Mia echo through the house. Merry Half Christmas.....

Sunday, June 28

snow days - part 2

While the others were off skiing, we took the opportunity to go off for some snow play. It was nice to spend time with each other and build a snowman. They always look so much easier in the movies or maybe the snow is softer? We went on a nice walk, chatting and singing all the way. Really nice time and looking forward to the next time.

Saturday, June 27

snow days- part one

Naomi, my good friend from two little buttons, invited us to stay with them at Mt Baw Baw. Honestly, we dont get out much so it was a big deal for us. We haven't really been away for like ever! So once we got all packed and out of the house, we had a really really good time. The kids enjoyed the snow (amazingly). It was really nice to spend time with Nay and kids all just played and played. It was so nice that they just went off and entertained themselves. Thanks Nay

Monday, June 22


It is busy around here. Things to do, people to talk to, events to organise. I am tired and cranky. End of financial year means there is a lot to do for the Big Squirrel, and this resulted in me not actually being present. (yes, it wasn't craft presents!)
I was away from the little monkeys, not far, but not near enough this morning for all of five minutes. I could hear them, but I wasn't actually watching. Luckily the only thing hurt was my makeup...
Now to find that lost shoe and the school book........................

Sunday, June 21

A maze me

An impromtu drive up the hill (in the people mover with Mum and Dad) turned into a really nice day. We went up to Sky High in Mt Dandenong and I met up with a girlfriend along the way.
The view is amazing, but funnily enough, kids aren't really into that. There was a hedge maze and some lovely gardens. A bit on the expensive side - you pay park entry, and then extra for the maze and the coffee shop/restaurant are slow and pricy, but still a lovely day.
After exploring the park, we went back to Kirsty's house where she managed to feed us home made soup and fresh bread. A really enjoyable day.

Thursday, June 18

Car Troubles.........

The big squirrels work car has died - and being as mechanical minded as we are, we don't know why! Anyway as we are one car down, we thought it was a good opportunity to test drive some cars.
With the new car seat laws in place, the issue for us is fitting three large booster seats across the back of a station wagon. (Incase you are wondering, they dont fit!!!) I am not a real 'car' person, but I never imagined myself driving a people mover!
We had a few days with the Tarago, and moved to the Kia Carnival. There is a significant difference in price and functions. The Tarago is a nice car that really drives well, but feels like, a van. I was sitting to turn right in traffic and my head was wobbling like on of those dash toys from the movement of the other cars. The rear row of seats folded away but there wasn't a lot of storage space, or cup holders etc.
The kia sits much lower and is a lot more car like. It has lots of little hidey holes and cup holders. It drives well - probably not as well, but I am really only doing running around jobs. The best bit was the way the seats folded down in the back row. The folded flat to the floor and when the back row was up, there was actually decent storage space, which could fit my double pram!
The seats in the kia were better, three adults could easily fit across the back - the seats were big and wide with plenty of space. For us, this is a much better option and when we are ready it will be the runabout (I will still dream about a little zippy car that could be parallel parked in the city....)

Sunday, June 14

to market...

We had a lovely and fruitful excursion to the Camberwell Market today. From something was just to kill time, we all came home with something.
I have been looking for a drawer unit for the twins room - we had old bedside tables, but they sit over the ducted heating. This little 50's retro number fitted the bill exactly - and fitted the limited space.
There had been fights over the bike we had, so we picked up this little number, with the aim of everyone having a bike, but of course everyone wants this one.
Some great little books. Where's Wally and this Family Circle Dress Up one which has some great ideas and basic patterns for all kinds of dress ups. And, I also bought myself a top. All in all a good day. (The big squirrel got hot jam donuts that put a smile on his face!!!)

Thursday, June 11

Quilting for Bushfire Survivors

The temperature has certainly dropped - there is snow is falling at Marysville, and we need to think of the comfort of those bushfire survivors who are living in caravans and temporary accomodation with very little.

A friend of mine has been involved in making some quilts to donate to survivors. They have had fabric donations and raided their stashes and now have over 45 quilts. However now they need to raise some money in order to have them professionally quilted and get out to the survivors. So if you can help out in any way here are the details for their quilt hanging:

Saturday 20th June 2009

LightHouse, Ashburton
Uniting Church
7 Ashburn Grove, Ashburton

Over 40 quilts made for
Bushfire Survivors on display.
Devonshire Tea available
Gold coin donation entry. Quilt for raffle.
All proceeds towards quilting of Bushfires Quilts.

Wednesday, June 10


We had the formal send off for Nan today and it was a celebration. Nan had two girls and both spoke, as too did her niece who at 17 was taken in as part of the family. She really was a woman before her time - the real independant woman. To me she wasn't your classic 'Nan', she wasn't baking, or really babysitting (to my recollection). She worked until she was 70 and she had already lied about her age to stay on that long. Infact her last employer sent a beautiful boquet.
At 60 she was off to see the world- travelling, meeting people, the life of the party. Boyfriends, fashion and parties aren't what you associate with your Nan!
She was 96 and three days old when she died, but dementia slowly started to take her ten years ago. It felt as if she just slipped away from us. She was still alive, living in care, but not alive in any way. She didn't know anyone and was purely going through the motion. Her death was almost a relief, a finality. She was no longer trapped in some time prison forced to interact with people who she didn't know or recognise. For us it was a nice way to gather and remember the woman she was, to grieve for her loss and to celebrate her life. Hopefully she is dancing a jig wherever she is now!

Sunday, June 7

Country Air

The boys loved the opportunity to enjoy the countryside and the brisk fresh air, and just to run, but also time to spend with their family. Thank you Sarah for organising such a lovely day.

Thursday, June 4

The write stuff

Alexander has really taken to the idea of school. The focus at the moment at school is 'have a go', so rather than asking how to spell things. they just need to sound them out and try on thier own. He just sat down beside me and started to write the things he liked.

I like school.

I like going to Auskick

I like to kick the football because it is fun and it is hard.

Wednesday, June 3

Signing off

Quietly and with the assistance of a morphine shot, Nan's 96 years on earth ended today. I believe she is in a better place. While we are sad, we are also relieved that the prison her mind had put her in is over. We remember her as she used to be. The woman who had no trouble getting a boyfriend, who was able to lie about her age not only to her husband and children, but also to colleagues and friends later in life. I remember celebrating her 80th birthday and her friend saying "I can't believe you are 70!"
She always looked good and took pride in her appearance. Thats why seeing her with lank white unwashed hair and without teeth was so incredible hard to see.
I remember her playing the piano so excitedly she almost danced off the little seat. My favorite was Puppet on a String.
Her name was Mae West and she lived up to that reputation. She divorced my Grandpa when mum was married and I alway thought of her boyfriend Howard as her husband. After his death she was fortunate to have a serious relationship with another man Hans. Can you imagine being in you late 70's and picking up a man in the fish and chip shop. This was Nan. Infact even when she first went into care, in her late 80's she still had boyfriends. Probably the only problem was remembering who they were.
While I make light of it, we remember the good things and good times. She lived a long fun filled life and for that we are thankful.

Monday, June 1

Stitchin Time

Yesterday, Alexander and had some special time together - which is too rare these days. After a relaxing walk together at the shops, we decided to make a cuddly monster together. We started with him drawing the design (you can see the lines behind the exciting colouring)
From here we traced the lines and made a pattern.
Out to the shed, Alexander picked some fabrics from the stash and we cut them out.He maintained his enthusiasm throughout the project and sat and chatted while I sewed up the pieces.Once sewn together, Alexander used Crayola fabric textas to draw the face on.

He helped me stuff the pieces- I hand stitched the hole and ta-da, a lovely cuddly!

And very happy little boy......