Wednesday, March 30


I got these muffin moulds at Kmart recently for $4. They are silicone moulds for muffins, but I have never had much luck with getting cake out of silicone, but I thought jelly would be the tirck. (If anyone knows how to prepare silicone so cake doesn't stick I would LOVE to know)
I made jelly at a stronger dilution to make it a bit tougher, but unfortunately that still didn't help getting it out of the moulds.
In fact I had to literally did it out!!
So instead of a jelly dinosaur parade, the jelly became grass under some sandwich dinosaurs!

Tuesday, March 29


I have been getting rid of some things on ebay lately, but then of course i get dragged in and end up looking for things for sale. Hence this new addition - an antique piano which set me back a whole $71.

It does need to be tuned and all that, but the kids don't know any different and love 'playing' it.

Monday, March 28

School Fair

I was so busy with all that Harry Potter stuff that I forgot to mention our school fair was on Sunday. It is a huge event where they bring in a heap of money (around $40,000). I have to admit I did feel a little guilty not doing anything towards it this year, last year I got conned to do face painting. Maybe next year.....
Alexander got into the spirit of it though helping out with a stall and singing in the choir. zthe theme was wizard of oz, and we pulled our lion costume from the dress up box.

Our dinosaur fascination continues - obviously thrilled with the balloon.

Sunday, March 27

HArry Potter - Thankyous.

Last one - I promise. I just did the thank you cards- still in theme, as the Daily Prophet. The picture is a little squished up but you get the idea. People are already shitty with me(for overdoing it), so why not go the whole hog!!

Saturday, March 26

Harry Potter - The Party!!!

The day arrived, and with an 8am (!) basketball match finished, we completed our preparations and were ready for THE PARTY.
Guests arrived and were greated and remained in our entry which has enough space for a couple of chairs. We pretended it was the train going to hogwarts. While there Alexander opened his presents and the guests got to taste some flavoured jelly beans and chocolate frogs. (The sweets Harry ate on his first train trip.)
With the guests gathered, we moved to a doorway set up like Gringotts Bank. Each child lined up to receive their bag of chocolate money ready for Diagon Alley (our sitting room)
First stop MAdam Malkin's for cloaks.
We lined the children in height and mum acted as the seamstress
and fitted all of the children. WE also had laminated name tags as we didn't know all of the children - which certainly helped. Once dressed they moved to the table which was set up as Ollivanders wand shop.
The idea was to make their own wand. I had set up trays with Phoenix Feathers= feathers, Unicorn Hairs (tinsel strings) and Dragon Heartstrings (Hair). I had bought some chop sticks and coloured electrical tape. The kids chose what they powerful ingredient they wanted for their wand, then chose a colour and we wrapped the handle with tape with the power inside. What started the day as a simple chopstick transformed to a magical wand. THey had to pay for the wand and the cape with chocolate money!

A group shot for the Daily Prophet
and we were off. I had heard Moaning Murtle in the Bathroom...

As murtle is a ghost I had drawn on the bathroom mirror which directed them outside to the trampoline to find the next clue. The balloons all contained paper but only one had the clue written on it - each balloon needed to be popped but without using their hands.
This clue lead to the cubby aka Hagrids Hut where they eventually found a box containing 12 copies of a recipe for Pep up Powder (sherbet) which they completed at Potions class.
The ingredients were on the table, and the kids had to spoon in according to the recipe into little zip lock bags.
I then cut the corners off and they funnelled into small test tubes which had flat bottoms. Finished with some tinfoil and a rubber band these went into their take home bags.

I have to show you the table. I had fun doing this. I had found labels for gorey stuff and they suggested putting them on the table as dressing. Dried beetles were dates, blind bats eyes were strawberries and cream lollies etc. Looked efffective and the kids loved it.
With a bit of energy to burn we played our version of Quidich. We split into two teams, and with a broom each ran across the lawn to the basketball ring, grabbed a ball, attempt a hoop and then run back. Each team had to score 4 points to win. It was close and fun and we had a few games. Funny to watch kids run in capes with brooms and wands, throw a ball and run back again!!
Drinks were needed and this was probably the bit that they enjoyed the most and took very little effort. I had some cups with noses printed on them which are kinda funny. I read that food colouring dries so following their advice, put a couple of drops in each cup and they dried. I said to the kids they could Pick Their Nose to Tell their Fortune!! Once they realised it was a cup they were relieved. We took turns and I poured the water into the cup which magically turned a different colour. Each colour represented a strength or quality . Eg, Green was a loyal friend. They all stood and watched as each child got their water - amazing.

Then more potions - this time making spiders. Each child had a cup, spoon and straw. I gave them a scoop of icecream and their choice of red or blue cordial - truth serum or dream serum. Then in went the lemonade - and potion complete.
At this point we brought out the food however they really didn't each much. Must remember if I ever host another party!

Then they were off playing in the yard. We decided to do poison ball to keep them all together and stop wanderers into the house. This worked well and time was quickly running out, so just enough time for cake.

I made cupcakes whcih were meant to be sorting hats. The bottom is a basic cupcake and the top is an icecream cone dipped in chocolate.
The bigger cake was one of those two part large cupcake tins which kind of got stuck but lovely miss G transformed it into Hagrids Hut.
They couldn't eat any more but I got rid of the cakes by making them take them home.

All done and dusted now - time for a well deserved rest- not just for me but all of my helpers. First Mum who helped with all the costumes and manned the kitchen. Mr P & Miss G. P was a party god and got right in the spirit wig and all and as well as making cakes and entertaining twins was taking photos. Dad and Big Squirrel were in the kitchen, greeting and helping with food, set up and clean up so thank you to all of you too.

Friday, March 25

Harry Potter - Party Bags

Very restrained here. I wanted to make bags or pencil cases but then it is all just getting to OTT. I have pulled back and they are just getting zip lock bags that they can put their cape and wands in. I am also keen not to put in too much food. I have been scouting around for HP merchandise, so I had to make my own. I found these pencils at the reject shop and covered them with an image again found on the internet. I put it with a little rubber I found.
I put in some flavoured jelly beans, chocolate frogs (little jubes covered with choc), some Wizz(ard) fizz and I made a key ring or bag tag by laminating a hogwarts logo. The little red bags I filled with some chocolate money which they will get from Gringotts.

Sunday, March 20

Harry Potter - Costumes

This is where I notoriously go a bit silly. (And quietly why I haven't hosted a party for 2 years) I decided it was easier and better for all the kids to look the same so I made cloaks- yes, for all of them.
I got a simple dressing gown pattern from a burda
and cut out 16 of them out of a light weight knit from Darn Cheap at only $2.95/m. I lined the hoods in red fabric because all of the kids were in Gryffindor.
The closer was a snap which was hammered in and the final touch was a badge.

The badge was again thanks to google images, and I printed these onto Canvas paper that I simply put into the computer. Awesome and easy. The image printed straight onto the fabric and I zigzagged them on.
The other accessory is a wand- and this is an activity with chopsticks, feathers and electrical tape. I will show you some photos on the day.

Tuesday, March 15


Alexander is having a party! It is a big deal because I have been promising it since January 2009 and we haven't got around to it. His birthday is in January -mid school holidays and it is a tough time to have a party. Last year his class was too big but this year everything is just right and its on.

I know its not very original to have a Harry Potter party, but it is what he wants so I am running with it. The date is set for the 26th of March and the invitations are out.

The invitations - well thank god for the internet. I google searched Hogwarts and found a logo. Then I copied and adapted the Harry's letter from the first book to create our invitation. Then I printed them on cream paper- in green ink of course. This is what I printed - it is squished because I created a jpeg from powerpoint but you get the idea.
I had wanted to adapt the address for each child so instead of getting the cupboard under the stairs as the address, I wanted to do the location of the childs room. This was too difficult and a bit weird to ask - especially those kids I don't really know so we adapted. We rolled the letters up like an owl was delivering them and then attached a magnetic Hedwig owl.
Again I got the image from a google search an set them out on a page and simply printed onto computer magnetic paper. I put a hole in the bottom so the string could hold the letter and also
that they could hang on the fridge with the letter open.
They have been well received so I am pleased and most people can come - so Alexander is happy too.

Monday, March 14

Wedding Part 2 - The details

I was told the theme was shabby chic but I would say it was more old world elegance. We were at Point Nepean for both the service and reception. We had a bit of a wait prior to the service (we needed to be bused in & out) The Commanders House provided refuge from the rain which didn't spoil the lovely location and views. Silver bowls were filled with white lollies and chocolates to graze on before the ceremony.
Inside the marquee was beautiful. Two long tables filled the plastic sided structure. The lighting was interesting - it seemed to be cellophane and tissue paper scrunched around a wire frame - but as darkness fell they were very effective and beautiful. Flowers filled the space. Cream blooms mixed with green grey foliage and beautiful dull green hydrangeas (personal favourite) filled silver coffee and tea pots down the tables. Silver goblets held battery operated tea light candles which was a requirement for th tent but also didn't harm the silver. The randomness of the containers down the long uniform tables added to the beauty.
The personal touches were also lovely. The napkins were infact personalised tea towels and designed as a wedding keepsake. They featured a map of the area and significant locations to the bride and groom.The groom is of Persian decent, and hails from London, and it was lovely to see so many friends and relatives fly in to celebrate with them. This is a Persian wedding custom (and I am a sucker for traditions and customs - bring it on) whereby the table is offerings. There was fruit, nuts and even a goldfish. Each had significance (though I cannot recall it) and they actually ate from the table during the night. (This is the grooms reflection in the mirror as he awaits his bride)Speaking of eating - this brings me to the food. And the food was one thing - delicious. So delicious that I was too busy eating to take many photos.
The main was a lovely offering of chicken or steak which was actually really lovely. But it was the entree and desserts that are worth talking about. Both were served as grazing platters whereby you had a mini sample of a number of dishes.(Awesome for dessert)
Entree had mini minted lamb served on a china spoon, mini cheese souffle, delicious crusted calamari and a chicken salad. Each was yummy.
The dessert menu we had been salivating over all evening was a lovely selection. Mini pavlova (nee meringue) with raspberry, Persian love cake, mini white and dark chocolate mousse, the glass has some kind of cream thing with raspberry on the top. The top was Persian fairy floss. This topping was divine - it was much thicker and less sugary than what I know as fairy floss. Finally there was lemon meringue pie which was also the wedding cake - a unique and delicious alternative to fruit cake any day!! (in my personal opinion)

Sunday, March 13

Wedding Part 1 - People

I love a good wedding- especially the dress. Unfortunately I don't have a fabulous picture of it - because while we were at the beautiful Point Nepean, the weather was not so beautiful. The ceremony was planned for outside, but it looked like the bride was to make her entrance on a white slip and slide (there was muddy plastic over the carpet) We moved inside the clear marquee for a beautiful ceremony accompanied by the pitter of constant rain. Here is our lovely bride and groom. (He is in a black suit with white tie) She is in an exquisite ivory/cream gown. It is Christian Lacriox embossed brocade fabric with the brocade detail picked out with beading over the bust.
The bridesmaides had beautiful navy stretch satin dresses with lovely subtle frill detail to one side of the neckline and also at the rear hem. They were cocktail length as the dresscode was cocktail.
Here is a better (but certainly not ideal) shot of the happy couple. The bodice is kept simple to highlight the frill which starts from a cream satin waistband on one hip and wraps around the skirt to the puddle train which you cant see. Love the satin peep toe shoes,
Here is a rear view - I love the ribbon edging on the veil which sat beautifully with the frills on the skirt. The dress was a Judith Valente design.
I managed to frock up too. My dress is a caranek sil with bust detail and a full bias skirt from the empire line. The bolero was from Jacqui E about 4 years ago. This dress was a rejected 'client' bridesmade dress (we had to make another one) and made mum and I call an end to that 'career'. However I came upon this dress it has had a few outings since. Oh and we can't forget the beautiful flowergirl in her Angelina Baccini dress.