Monday, March 14

Wedding Part 2 - The details

I was told the theme was shabby chic but I would say it was more old world elegance. We were at Point Nepean for both the service and reception. We had a bit of a wait prior to the service (we needed to be bused in & out) The Commanders House provided refuge from the rain which didn't spoil the lovely location and views. Silver bowls were filled with white lollies and chocolates to graze on before the ceremony.
Inside the marquee was beautiful. Two long tables filled the plastic sided structure. The lighting was interesting - it seemed to be cellophane and tissue paper scrunched around a wire frame - but as darkness fell they were very effective and beautiful. Flowers filled the space. Cream blooms mixed with green grey foliage and beautiful dull green hydrangeas (personal favourite) filled silver coffee and tea pots down the tables. Silver goblets held battery operated tea light candles which was a requirement for th tent but also didn't harm the silver. The randomness of the containers down the long uniform tables added to the beauty.
The personal touches were also lovely. The napkins were infact personalised tea towels and designed as a wedding keepsake. They featured a map of the area and significant locations to the bride and groom.The groom is of Persian decent, and hails from London, and it was lovely to see so many friends and relatives fly in to celebrate with them. This is a Persian wedding custom (and I am a sucker for traditions and customs - bring it on) whereby the table is offerings. There was fruit, nuts and even a goldfish. Each had significance (though I cannot recall it) and they actually ate from the table during the night. (This is the grooms reflection in the mirror as he awaits his bride)Speaking of eating - this brings me to the food. And the food was one thing - delicious. So delicious that I was too busy eating to take many photos.
The main was a lovely offering of chicken or steak which was actually really lovely. But it was the entree and desserts that are worth talking about. Both were served as grazing platters whereby you had a mini sample of a number of dishes.(Awesome for dessert)
Entree had mini minted lamb served on a china spoon, mini cheese souffle, delicious crusted calamari and a chicken salad. Each was yummy.
The dessert menu we had been salivating over all evening was a lovely selection. Mini pavlova (nee meringue) with raspberry, Persian love cake, mini white and dark chocolate mousse, the glass has some kind of cream thing with raspberry on the top. The top was Persian fairy floss. This topping was divine - it was much thicker and less sugary than what I know as fairy floss. Finally there was lemon meringue pie which was also the wedding cake - a unique and delicious alternative to fruit cake any day!! (in my personal opinion)

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