Saturday, March 5

Old Chook

Off on my hen's night tonight and I really did feel a bit like an old chook. The group was younger than me, and really at a different stage of life. I wasn't really in the mood for a big night and that was ok. We went belly dancing - which was a full on lesson and really quite good fun and then off for a very civilised dinner. I am sure the others kicked on for a while, but I called it early and drove home!
Because I was going out I needed a new dress. This is out of the new burda
which I got on Thursday and on Friday decided I needed this.
I decided on a sheer from the stash. It was orignally for a gifted kaftan (that is one for a gift, not a really talented kaftan!) but alas it is now a dress for me. Probably not the best idea given I was in a belly dancing lesson with a beaded sash tied around my waist! Photo courtesy of Mr Alexander. I also think it would be better in a plain colour but it has had an outing!

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  1. you dont look like an old chook to me !! great dress, well done.