Thursday, January 30

Wednesday, January 29


School goes back tomorrow and it was time for our annual celebration dinner. Nachos, Chicken Parma and Fudge Brownies were on the menu along with discussion on our word of the year:

This one word again encompasses lots of different things. It is about putting plans into actions. Not being a gunna and being a doer. Do it Now philosophy. 
Why put off til tomorrow what you can do today?

I know I am very guilty of not doing things straight away. Being late everywhere. Talking up these grand schemes - getting to the point where I spend money and then not going any further. 
The boys also need to take more action. To practice their skills is the only way they can improve. Do you reading straight away. Homework. Shoot some hoops. Mathletics. All of those things are important - much more important than laying sloth-like on the couch in front of mindless cartoons.

Personally, this word is two fold. One is about taking control as ignorance is not bliss. It is not great to be always chasing your tail. Things like staying on top of the bills and not waiting for the disconnect warning. Actioning emails straight away. The other plan is to stop always planning and make something happen for me. I've not quite worked out what yet, shop, sewing lessons, designing....not sure but something will happen. 

Tuesday, January 28

I open at the close

WIth thanks to JK Rowling,  I have embarked on the most glorious adventure with Alexander, and Harry, Ron and Hermoine. We have just finished the final chapter together of these fantastic adventures and while not the literal meaning of this sentence, but I have started all over again with the twins and I am loving every minute.

The first and last books have a symbiotic relationship, and to be reading them together is wonderful. Experiencing things for the first time and as a distant memory. Fighting for good and having so many people fighting for you. Oh! I will miss them all - but at least I am starting again.

As our ritual, we read and then we watch the movie. Of course this time there were 2 movies. When the book is so fresh it is difficult not to see the differences between the two. I understand why the differences are there, but little things distract from the emotional connection you have with the movie. We really felt this with Part one but part two sucked us in and we were there with it for the whole ride. Up and down and in and out - any continuity issues or deviation from the book were easily overlooked and we were there with Harry to the very end.


Monday, January 27

Basketball - competition round up.

Part of the deal with the rep basketball team is that you enter an Australia Day competition in Eltham. Our little team, which one parent names the Mighty Ducks (you may need to reference the Disney movie with Emilio Estevez) had never won a game so you can say that none of us had high hopes for them.
We played our first game on Friday night - and unsurprisingly got beaten. We looked a little rusty given the long time off, but it was fair. The second game was at 8:45 am which was a little bit of a shock to the holiday system but we got there and low and behold, the boys won. In fact they were always in the lead, however it was a close game. No one was more surprise by this first win but them!! We had the rest of the day off which was great.
Sunday morning saw us out again for an 8:45 game which the boys won again. This time by a greater margin as i imagine they had a little confindence. Our final game of the competition was at home and we played a rough little team who beat us easily. We were all happy with this, but then incredibly surprised to be playing again at 8:45 in the semi final. We were playing the rough team that beat us and we all figured that would be it. However it was not.
They were cockey and we had nothing to lose so when one of our boys was on fire and scored the first two goals, it was almost all over. Our boys played the game of their lives and the other team were literally in tears. We could do no wrong while they could do no right. Just goes to show how much has to do with skill and how much is mental. WE won 20 to 13 and were off to the grand final!!
It was hot with lots of spectators at the Eltham Leisure Centre. Mum was well enough to come and watch. It was a real spectacle. The boys got announced individually onto the court- full of ceremony. They were relaxed but we certainly weren't!
We didn't win the grandfinal. We got beaten by a mere 43 points - and they went easy on us in the second half! Our boys however never gave up and kept fighting until the end - they were just outplayed by a far superior team.
So they came runners up, went home with a trophy which is still exciting. They had their first win, got into the finals, and learnt a lot about team work, basketball and that they all need to do more training.
Certainly an experience for us all!!

Sunday, January 26


This weekend is a busy one for us. Theres a lot going on. It is Australia Day long weekend, Alexander has basketball here there and everywhere, we have parties and playdates to attend and the big squirrel needs to clean out his things from the garage of his childhood home.  We were in the garden there when I got a call from Mum.
She was just ringing for a chat. She had not been well- just a cold. She had visited her GP on Wednesday with a sinus infection and got antibiotics. I had seen them on Friday and she wasn't good. I think she was having trouble seeing, but had headaches - sinus ones she said, and she spent most of the visit asleep on the couch. What troubled me about this was the last time she'd felt like this was when she had had the bleed on the brain which started this whole journey, over 18 months ago. As you can imagine I was worried.
I am in the large, overgrown backyard in the sunshine with the kids and the big squirrels families are saying their own goodbyes to the house that has given them so many memories. Mum calls and it doesn't even feel like it is her. She is distracted to say the least. She cant get her phone to work. I call her back and they can't answer it. Conversation is disjointed to say the least. She just stops talking mid sentence as if she has disappeared away somewhere. If she is there she will ask a question, listen to the answer but say something else. Random. Disconnected.
I talk to Dad who is at a bit of a loss. He said she is 'away with the fairies today'. So accurate a description. She was slipping away. He couldn't talk much as she was there. I couldn't do anything and we would only be in the way, so continued our day with the worry never far from our minds.  After basketball the next day we called in to see them. She wasn't fabulous, but had obviously improved since the day before. Dad explained to me what had been going on and it was like she had slipped into a dementia state. She couldn't use a spoon for example and had to be fed.
Desperate for some understanding, I spoke to a girlfriend who works in the neuro ward at the hospital and has a good understanding. She explained that an infection can bring on symptoms. It can speed the process up, it can be a momentary spike or a general decline. The body spends all its time fighting the mild infection, that it leaves the big fight for a bit.
Thankfully, she seems to have come out of the fog but I feel that you can see the progression of the disease from last week. She can get around now and eat, she is just weaker, less of her.

Much less.

Friday, January 24

Pencil case number 2

The kids were occupied with Jumanji (I love that movie) so I had a chance at sewing the other 2 pencil cases.
Here is spencers - Benji's went off without pictures

Thursday, January 23

Preparations - pencil case

The holidays are drawing to a close and our thoughts head back to school. We went and paid our fees (yes for free education - don't get me started) but this also includes our books. So heavily laden with 3 bags of books, we decided to go fabric shopping for pencil cases.
Armed with denim and some craft prints (and a couple of necessary goodies for me of course) we headed home and the nagging began.
Alexander gets a diary this year so we designed something that would reduce the chances of this getting lost within the first week. We laid out his pens and worked out how many divisions we would need. Made a paper pattern and he cracked the whip and I sewed.

The front has pocket for his diary and his jotter. We also added some slots for regularly used pens.

 The top zipper opens into one large pocket with a smaller one to keep pens in. I hope the teacher takes some of this excess as they get the year supply of pens - it seems risky to give them all to my son at once! I'm sure there are others in a similar boat.

The back has a ruler pocket at the bottom and two pockets accessible from either side. These open into the inside of the lining and is a great spot for the calucaltor compass etc.

Only remaining job for this one is to put his name on here using the silhouette and orange vinyl but I still have 2 others to make!!

Sunday, January 19


We survived the record heat without our trusty little pool as we were for the most part at Anglesea. There is no doubt that once school returns, so will the hot weather, so we are taking the opportunity whilst the sun does not shine quite so hot, to put it up. The boys have had loads of fun.

it went up much easier this time - even with time for snacks ! Spence finally got to use his chip and dip hat he was given.

Saturday, January 18

Continued birthday celebrations

Thankfully the cool change came through and some of our faux cousins came to celebrate the double digits. 
Still with no food in the house and some eating limitations, we whipped up the shop for some cinnamon donuts and strawberries which made a cake. 

 They all had a good time playing and catching up. Once gone - this is how I found him playing with his new presents!!
Yup. Reading a book whilst sitting on the new bike. 
The big squirrel quickly moved into action and got him out on the road for the first test run. 

Friday, January 17

Birthday dinner

Due to the debilitating heat, we only had a small gathering to celebrate. I didn't know if I could even manage a cake (I did). Grandparents and uncle and us for a small but intimate affair. While I was eagerly awaiting the cool change, Xandy was collecting his anticipated things. 
A compilation album especially for him - courtesy Uncle P

60 years of Mad from Nanny and Poppy

And I managed a cake. The toffee taste a little burnt but it did the job. I'm sure I'll get a do-over

 Happy 10th birthday to a bright, smart, funny caring boy, or even young man. You are truly a delight and we couldn't be more proud of you.

Happy Birthday to my first baby!

Nothing quite ages you like children. They are a magnificent beacon on your timeline - particularly the first. When you first become a parent - or a mum - your life changes and it is not longer about you, it is about your child. It is a new beginning and everything seems to be counted either BC or AC - before or after children.
Today my little baby turned 10. Double digits is a milestone in itself, for him and for me. There is a lot going on in our lives at the moment, and we wanted to make this a celebration for him. It didn't help that the mercury is well above 40, at an oppressively hot 44.

We started the day in our room, but presents were found via a treasure hunt, which turned out to be great fun for everyone. The kids all running around the house trying to find the next gift.

He had (optimistically) asked for a car - and was led to this one in the driveway!
Such a boy - it took him ages to find the final present hidden in the bath. A road bike. Not that easy to hide. He certainly had a "boy look"Maybe because it was under a sheet.
Test run.
WE then headed off for our traditional breakfast at Chapellis. We have been going there since he was little. While it is not the coolest or tastiest, they know us. It is our little version of "Cheers" where we walk in and the food lands in front of us and catch up chats begin. Thats why we go. 

 Back home to escape the heat before dinner celebrations.

Thursday, January 16


Our last day at Anglesea and it has been truly wonderful. We have explored the beaches and this is our favourite - the main beach.
 We have to drive to any beach from our temporary home but each time have managed to get a park right outside of a short track. Makes carrying all the gear very easy - and even on a hot day, there is plenty of space both on the beach and in the water - however my car is full of sand!

Dad brought an old surfboard with him, and it was so enticing even he got in the water - 

however I do feel that was not his intention!!
Each of the boys had a couple of goes on the board, but I don't think I have to rush out an buy one just yet. 

Goodbye Anglesea - Thank you for an awesome holiday and changing my mind about that part of our state. You are awesome!!