Tuesday, January 28

I open at the close

WIth thanks to JK Rowling,  I have embarked on the most glorious adventure with Alexander, and Harry, Ron and Hermoine. We have just finished the final chapter together of these fantastic adventures and while not the literal meaning of this sentence, but I have started all over again with the twins and I am loving every minute.

The first and last books have a symbiotic relationship, and to be reading them together is wonderful. Experiencing things for the first time and as a distant memory. Fighting for good and having so many people fighting for you. Oh! I will miss them all - but at least I am starting again.

As our ritual, we read and then we watch the movie. Of course this time there were 2 movies. When the book is so fresh it is difficult not to see the differences between the two. I understand why the differences are there, but little things distract from the emotional connection you have with the movie. We really felt this with Part one but part two sucked us in and we were there with it for the whole ride. Up and down and in and out - any continuity issues or deviation from the book were easily overlooked and we were there with Harry to the very end.


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