Thursday, January 23

Preparations - pencil case

The holidays are drawing to a close and our thoughts head back to school. We went and paid our fees (yes for free education - don't get me started) but this also includes our books. So heavily laden with 3 bags of books, we decided to go fabric shopping for pencil cases.
Armed with denim and some craft prints (and a couple of necessary goodies for me of course) we headed home and the nagging began.
Alexander gets a diary this year so we designed something that would reduce the chances of this getting lost within the first week. We laid out his pens and worked out how many divisions we would need. Made a paper pattern and he cracked the whip and I sewed.

The front has pocket for his diary and his jotter. We also added some slots for regularly used pens.

 The top zipper opens into one large pocket with a smaller one to keep pens in. I hope the teacher takes some of this excess as they get the year supply of pens - it seems risky to give them all to my son at once! I'm sure there are others in a similar boat.

The back has a ruler pocket at the bottom and two pockets accessible from either side. These open into the inside of the lining and is a great spot for the calucaltor compass etc.

Only remaining job for this one is to put his name on here using the silhouette and orange vinyl but I still have 2 others to make!!

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