Wednesday, January 8

In the swim

Step back in you remember when bathers did this? The arm holes dropped and the legs were higher than your hips? I found this pic on the internet which is circa 1989. I turned 16 and lets say my body didn't look like this. Ever. My voluptuous thighs emphasised the high of the leg, and my bountiful bossom blossomed out the armhole. Not a good look - or rather feel. At the time this was really the only style you could get and out of necessity, started making my own.

For most of the last 25 years, all of my bathers have been home made - with the exception of 2 pairs of speedos and a recent pair as a birthday gift. I would often make bathers as a gift. I know it seems strange, it wasn't to me. I could guess a size and make them in secret to suit the wearers body. I made one for my boss, and she was cross at me for being able to whip something up when she had spent days looking for a pair, and couldn't find anything any where near as flattering.

I don't know why but I had fallen off the bathers wagon of late. With the exception of some trunks for the boys and a leotard here or there, I haven't been very productive. But, a girlfriend has a new fella she is trying to impress and asked for a pair and they were the only ones that flatter her body.Flattery, it seems, will get you everywhere. I have ventured out the shed and found some lycra - I couldn't get in to the back to get at the vintage stuff - and dusted off the patterns ready to commence.

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