Sunday, August 31


Hooray - the annual kinder fundraiser is officially done - and I am not even on the P&F committee! I don't know how those people are feeling, but frankly, I am over it. But don't my boys look cute! Alexander a pirate, Spencer a builder and Benji is a karate kid (all direct from our dressup box at the last minute!!)
The function was last night, and as far as the night went I think it was a success - in terms of fundraising, I don't believe targets were really reached. However from our point of view, we were very happy.
There was a silent auction, and three things we wanted we got - two for a bargain - the excessive amount spent for a round of golf may be considered a bargain by the big squirrel! But we won the raffle! We never win anything and normally buy books full of tickets, but only had change for one little ticket - which was the winning one. Much like Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We won a romantic evening at the Novotel and Mum and Dad won a lovely weekend at our house, complete with children! Smiles all round.

Saturday, August 30

The Artist

No, this isn't me raving about the kids - yet again - it is actually my brother! Growing up, our house was always full of art and craft - mess was no problem (thats where I get that from!!) and creativity was always encouraged. Mum was an art teacher and dress maker and there was always something on the go - and I love seeing that in lots of your blogs, not only does it give me inspiration, but also great memories.
I digress, my friends think I am the arty/crafty person, but next to my baby brother, I am like a waitress next to Picasso - no, really.

After years of him working in various art fields, he has decided to go to uni. He is now in his 2nd year of a 4 year Art Teaching degree. Its hard for a mature age student to dedicate everything to go to school full time to get a degree so he can have a real job! As an older student, he knows the cost and value of the degree and as such is doing really well - he isn't just aiming for a pass.

Today, mum and I went to an exhibition where he had paintings on display. It is a student exhibition, usually for final year students of painting and photography. There were about 12 artworks - two of which were Paulie's! He always downplays his talent, but from a very early age he always saw thing differently, and easily translated not only images but emotions into artwork.

He never really trained and only did what he needed to at school. Because he was always good at art, he felt he was judged at a different standard, or more was expected of him. After year 12 he moved away from Art all together, and worked as a carpenter. He never did much painting at all - I think these are his 3rd and 4th paintings! I think (bias aside) these two were certainly standouts of the show and he is only a 2nd year! Additionally, the girl working the gallery suggested there was interest to buy them. Him being such a funny boy isn't interested in selling them - but I reckon they are fantastic - both are of the Astor in St Kilda - an interior and exterior - what do you think?

Friday, August 29


I told you I was spoiled yesterday and one of them is this - my KitchenAid. It is red and it is beautiful and I am very lucky. I used it today and it is fabulous. We made a rather ambitious tart -blood orange which actually turned out really well. I was so proud until the bigger little helper stuck his fingers in.... If you are interested (or have been delivered some blood oranges in your fruit and don't know what to do with them - I used this recipie with some standard puff pastry for the base.

I had to show you this picture as well because it was just too cute. Benji and Spencer had got the scales off the bench and huddled on the floor for a good 5 minutes pushing the buttons.

Update - felt rock link

I have been lost in blog land again this evening and I actually found the link to felt rocks - it was initially here which led to this Martha Stewart tutorial for felted stone paperweights (which I couldn't find when I searched her site!) This is an easy craft and looks really good when its done. So glad to be able credit where I this idea.

Wednesday, August 27


I love birthdays - even when they are mine (however mine no longer count and are not as extravagent!) So it was today and it was a lovely day.

Normally we all have the day off, but these days with Kinder etc it is easier to go about as normal - with a little celebration thrown in too. We did keep our other tradition of presents in bed. That is my favorite bit of a birthday. We wake up early and eveyone comes into our bed for presents. I must say it is getting a bit crowded in there now, but it is lovely (and there are presents!)

Lunch was lovely, not so much the food but the company. I met with a dear old friend and fellow blogger and the boys just played and we chatted and it was soooo nice - thanks Nay. (and the tea is beautiful)

Dinner was at home with the family. At this point, with the boys so young it is easier at home, but we got takeaway italian and it was relaxing and lovely. I got very spoiled by everyone and loved the calls and thoughts. The best thing of all is getting to spend the day with all my beautiful boys.

Tuesday, August 26

In their dreams...

I am not bragging today, just quite proud of myself - but worried I may have been led up the garden path.

Yesterday Alexander came home from kinder telling me it was the teachers birthday. They are in the midst of arranging celebrations for the kinder birthday, so I am not sure whether he has got it a little mixed up. He however is quite adament it was the teachers birthday, and "mummy, we have to make her a present"(!)

With one day break from kinder, we had to get cracking. Alexander wanted to make her a bag - do-able. So this morning it was off to the patchwork shop to get some lining for a denim book bag. He had his money and found the green spot he wanted. We had some time to kill before lunch, so a quick wander around the shops and a cino before heading home. (More of a procrastination on my part)

The only time I actually have to sew is those precious hours when the twins are asleep. When they are awake it is action stations (infact I have just had to break to clean the carpet where one had decorated it nicely with milk from the sippy cup!) Instead of all the jobs I should be doing, I was at the machine and this is the result - yeah - all finished while they slept.

I used the spray web again and this was great for the applique. I also sprayed it on the top of the lining fabric, so when I ironed the flap under it stuck - making my top stitching easy and no need for hand sewing - yeah!!

Now the only thing is to make sure it really was her birthday.....................

Sunday, August 24

Sunday Funday

There are no photos today - just this great drawing by Alexander of him on his bike - a spontaneous drawing this evening.

A lovely funday today - pancakes and strawberries at home, a stroll around Camberwell Market and capped off with the grocer shopping (which is always more fun with the whole family!)

With the twins in bed, I was settling down to some serious cutting out while Alexander helped Dad in the bathroom - but he had ants in his pants and after a quick play outside, the scissors were put away, and it was off on an impromptu bike ride - just Alexander and me.

Since the arrival of the twins, we don't get to spend much one on one time, and if we do we are stuck close to the house, listening for them to wake up, but today was different. We had a good chat as he was learning to ride his bike.

An aside - I was on the big squirrels bike - and I found out his secret. With a cycling background, he has a really good bike. My bike is tres average as I don't see the value in spending more money on it - but if someone had told me that on a good bike you hardly have to pedal it would be a different story. Today on his bike I had the brake on when I wasn't even pedalling! Now I know why on previous rides, he has been glowing after pushing me up a hill and I have been the red hyperventalating ball in the corner.

On our lovely journey through the trees on the local bikepath we chatted as the sunset and just spent time together.

Saturday, August 23


These boys are all good eaters and are free to grab fresh fruit and vegies from the fridge whenever they like - within reason- but while we go through lots of apples and pears, with our vegie deliveries we have a HUGE backlog of potatoes, pumpkins and carrots. So when this weeks delivery came with another bag of tatties and a whole pumpkin, something had to happen - and it was a cookoff. I had knives and pots going all afternoon, with a pot of orange soup(sweet potatoes, carrots and pumpkin) a pot of tomato sauce (using onion, tomatoes and red peppers) and finally a massive pile of mashed potatoe. I had to do this in two batches- but I use the rice cooker (so it can't boil dry) and at least I can go off and do other things.

With all this cooking, the biggest problem was finding a freezer to put it all in. But with all of this food cooked - what for!

Warning! Entering the Vortex

Not only do blogs suck my spare time away, but so do other things - like etsy etc. I thought I would share some of the things I am loving today...

This was an idea on TipJunkie - the link is on the photo- but I cant find the post. Beware there are so many good ideas here you may be lost forever...

Here is another 'mud room' for my entry makeover. This is probably more along the lines I was thinking - great organising tips here.

You have to look closely but there is lunch made to look like one of the monters from Where the Wild Things are - great idea...

From a great little online mag called Small which I know from your ads some of you already know about this little gem. Gotta love the chubba legs on this little pinocchio

Great kids clothes here...

Who doesn't love a monkey?

Thursday, August 21

Answer to your question

I mentioned here this great product which I sprayed decorations together - here is some more informaiton. Firstly, I have no idea where I got it from however it is distributed in Australi by Victorian textiles and here is a link. It is a great product and really easy to use - great for applique or any other project where you need to stick two things together. It is called fusible web - spray and fix and is the 606 version. The can says it makes any fabric, stabiliser or paper fusible. Acid free, no odor, washable and drycleanable. I am not getting paid for this endorsement, but highly recommend.

PS - congrats on the job Gill. Hope they're not paying you in fabric!!

Wednesday, August 20

Fathers day planning...

I am trying to maintain my ideal of making presents - but for fathers day this is really hard. Well yes and no. We did some paintings today for dad, but we want to give him something else as well. At kinder they are busy making a project, but its a secret so noone knows what it is. As always we will make our cards, but what for a gift. I love taking photos, so we were thinking along that theme. On our trip to Harvey Norman to develop some long overdue pictures (they are only 12cents a photo!) I saw satchels which is ideal. I decided to do one for my dad and one for the big squirrel - still personalised, not really handmade - but a lot of thought and effort all the same.
So, I was so excited both at cheap development and a solution to the fathers day dilemma I left my SD card in the machine so no photos til at least Friday!!

Tuesday, August 19

A finished project

This little stool/cooker is what we were building here. Originally it was intended as a gift, but he got a dinosaur costume instead. This had been knocking around at home almost finished, so we finished it off but adding the coasters and the door handles. It is the perfect height for the twins and has been dragged all around the house. the only addition it needs is a little shelf underneath for the utensils. The idea (and stool) was from Ikea and was so easy. Infact we got the new catalogue today which will be heavily thumbed for ideas....

Monday, August 18


If you don't already know, I am a but of a gunna... Gunna do this and gunna do that but..well, it doesn't always happen. So, my thinking if I publicise my gunnas you all may track me down and pressure me to actually do it.

So this week it is about my front entryway. I don't know about you, but getting out the front door is ALWAYS a drama for us - if it isn't the kinder bag, someone is missing a shoe and someone else cant find their coat. So I need to streamline this and have somewhere to put all the stuff - bags, shopping, keys etc. I have been thinking about this for a while and collecting ideas.Here are some of my pictures -
This is what we have at the moment - and I didn't even clean up the 'clutter' for the picture. I need to move the trinket unit because the twins just bang on the doors while they are waiting to go out - and it hasn't broken yet but there is not point waiting for it too. The only good thing about this unit in our entry is it is the best dumping ground. The white cupboard door hides a pretty full cupboard. It has all of the kids art supplies above a coat cupboard - which has any full length jackets already wedged in. (with the renovation we lost our linen press so we are a bit short on storage)

This shot is from a Martha magazine. I love the idea of the different pinboards for different people. I do need more storage but this is a good idea. The Shabby Nest also had a good idea with laminated photos identifying each child's space as they couldn't read. I thought that was a brilliant idea and the business already bought a laminator - until I realised that the twins look too similar for this to work- duh!
I found this picture here and it is probably closer to what I was thinking.

Apart from the open cupboards which really defeats the purpose, I like the drawers which double as a seat and the idea of divided space. (there is a good article here too) There is a variation on this here

Final variation on the theme (found under google search for mud room) has hooks and I like the idea of buckets. I will need to hide things more than this.
The big squirrel is worried about the loss of photo space so one idea for wall treatment is black and white photos all over the wall - even if they are covered in clear contact. The other idea is to lose the photos and do a lift top seat which is padded and in the matching fabric pad the walls and have a railway style shelf with hooks above.

Now apart from decisions we need some actions

Sunday, August 17

Sunday Funday

With Dad home again, we were off to breakfast. One highchair down (at the restaurant - how inconsiderate!!) made for a messy morning and a fair bit of indigestion on my part, but all in all enjoyable. I even flicked through the Age magazine and found some family fun.

For childrens book week, Hawthorn Campus of Melbourne Uni had a children's book exhibition/stalls etc which was really quite good. The twins were still a bit little but we found Wally, and met a lion and got a good stash of books- all this for under $20! So after a read and a bit of relax we headed home after a fun packed morning for some jobs at home. Maybe those tiles will get finished??????????????

Saturday, August 16

My new favorite pattern

Today I had a child free hour so I headed of to Frou Frou, a lovely boutique fabric shop in Kerry Road Glen Waverley which I know has a great range of knits. This is only a little shop with some high end silks etc, not somewhere where little boys with sticky fingers can hide. It has some unusual fabrics which are not everywhere and I like to have a browse here when I can.

I went wanting and needing nothing. Just for a bit of visual and mental stimulation but of course walked out with some fabric and a pattern. Vogue were only $12 so I had to have a bit of a look and found this new DKNY dress - V1027. The fabric I bought will be revealed in time...
This dress was soooo easy that it almost took longer to change the cotton on my overlocker than make it. Seriously, the whole thing was done within 3 hours and looks really good on. It would probably be better with better fabric - one that didn't have a tendancy to ladder and a knit with actual two way stretch (as recommended in the pattern which I did not read until joining skirt to bodice!) All in all for $5 fabric(Darn Cheap!!), this dress (once pressed) will be great - even if it is for only 2 - 3 wears.

Friday, August 15


Bathtime used to be such an issue for us... protesting, screaming and stiff babies clammering to get out of the water. I don't know what has changed, but I like it. Now they will all sit happily in the bath - playing and splashing. Now the only problem is getting them out.....

Thursday, August 14

From the machine...

Finally some output from the machine!! Here are some of the barbie clothes I have been making from here. They are such fiddly little things. For the bodice I bag them out which makes it easier to finish. You may have noticed there are no hems - this is due to dodgy feeddogs. This old machine needs a good going over. The fabrics are old scraps from mums and the dresses get better as I go along. They are finished at the back with velcro and from the pink dress I learned I needed to nip it in more at the waist. The brown print at the back is a knit and is a haf circle skirt and a wrap top (just made up)- much easier for Alexander to get on and off.

I was sneaking around to try to find the front barbie and was looking in the twins room only to find Spencer had pulled the mat off the change table and then pulled out every wipe out of not one but two new packs!!!

Oh - and the lovely 'do' on the dark haired barbie is what happens when you don't get up with a certain 4.5year old and he is left to his own devices!!!!!!!!

From yesterday..

Thank you for all of your comments. I saw her again last night having been under a general, she just didn't want to be knocking around home- thinking about things. We were at kinder and she was busy. I agree with your comments and a plant is perfect - particularly as she is a keen gardener (not my first thought because I kill everything even ivy!) A white standard rose will be heading her way which will fit in well into her garden. Thank you for your thoughts

Wednesday, August 13

Hug a bub

As I have been reading your blogs today there have been lots of birth stories and new babies, and in my head I have had to balance this with the sad news that one of my girlfriends is in the midst of a miscarriage. She has been struggling to get pregnant for some time (and doing everything she can and everything right) and we were all so thrilled for her and her husband that they had finally got pregnant. And then today, the saddness of the miscarriage.

She is such a lovely caring and giving person, I would love to be able to do something for her - but I know from my own experience that there is little anyone can do. I can't give her a baby, and I cant make this one come back. I found the hardest thing to overcome was all the planning that you do in your head. I wont buy new pants because I am going to get fat, I will have to get out those maternity clothes, I wont plan holidays becasue I wont be able to move, ring the obsty, save up annual leave, when I will finish work, the baby will be here then........

The pain does fade over time. I was lucky and I got pregnant with my lovely boys not long after my miscarriage, the sheer shock of twins really overtook my life and made me feel like we had found the baby we had lost... but at the time I was just so sad. Crying was the only thing that made me feel better. I want to give her something to let her know that I am thinking of her and I understand that it just wont be alright, because it just sucks. Initially I thought flowers but I don't like the reminder of it and then they die - what do you think about a bottle of wine - for the two of them to share and ourn over? Any ideas?

Tuesday, August 12

What's it like?

I want to ask my twins what is it like to have someone who looks just the same as you and a little mate to grow up with? I know they will actually know no different which in a way must be just as hard.

Benji and Spence really do have different personalities but I am constantly surprised by the number of things that they do the same. I am very concious to treat them as individuals and ask that of others too, but then they go and do things that just freak me out.

Often you will see them sitting in their chairs drinking a bottle, and they will have it in the same hand facing the same way and drinking in time. Then they will have something like a spoon in the other hand - and that will be just as similar.

Regardless of same or different, they do seem to really get along well together. While they are happy to do their own thing, they are happier doing the same thing (often resulting in wrestling fights - with a different victor each time). And it is true that they have their own language - which I really must tape. Sometimes you hear them in the car having a very deep conversation with the responses and the intent very clear, you just cant understand the words - but they can.

If it were me I would really get over being a bit of a freak show. Everybody everywhere always stops me for a chat about them and wants to look at them, but on the flip side, you always have someone to talk to and play with.

Monday, August 11


The local church runs a music group, which is kind of like being in playschool without paint and box construction, but all the songs and dancing. At the moment one of my girlfriends is running the class and it is really good....well I think so...the twins aren't so sure.
We go there and the moment we get into the hall they get all clingy. I run around the room doing bananas in pajamas where I should be 'chasing teddy bears' I am lugging two heavy, clingy ones - get the picture. The only bit they enjoy when we are there is the goodbye and then they rush to the door.
Alexander was fairly similar for a while there, but there was only one of him but he did get over it quicker. Having said that we don't go regularly enough yet for the twins to get used to it - but that is also because it is all too hard. The one thing that they do remember is there is food after the class. The ladies at the church always put on a spread of goodies after class and actually get you tea and coffee (secretly that is why I go!!) Once the twins are here they are relaxed and social. When I drag them from the food - they sing the songs all the way home - the current song of choice, sung in stereo, is Bob the Builder!

Sunday, August 10

Sunday Funday- with Snow!

The big squirrel was working today, so rather than endure another day at home, we were off to mums place. I was going to meet Kirsty there as there were some local festivals on, however the weather was really not up for it. When we left home it was 4 degrees, and Kirsty called and said there was snow at her place in the hills. So after collecting mum we headed off there...

It was so beautiful, it started to snow as soon as we were up the hill and by the time we got near Sassafras we were driving through soft floaty snow and there was a beautiful white blanket everywhere. The trees looked gorgeous and the sky was so clear.

We finally got to Kirsty's to find thick snow and while the twins were asleep, Alexander and I went straight out to play. Kirsty even made a super snowman (with a trick learned from her sister). We really had a great time - impromptu and really enjoyable. Sometimes it is so easy to let moments like this pass - its too hard, too far away etc., but I am proud that I seized the moment and really got the best out of the day and enjoyed the time with my family and friends.
Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday Funday. Have a look here if you want to see more of our snow photos. Brrrrrr Nic

Saturday, August 9

Get Ready

I know it is only August, but I love Christmas - not the presents but doing things for and with each other is the bit I love (I don't even really like the food, sacrilige i know). These are a few of the things Alexander and I have been up to.
The wool shop gave us HEAPS of these felt shapes in white, and while most of them are going to the kinder, we thought we would do some things that may help give the teachers ideas of how to use them. Firstly we stuck them together with a great product called Fusible web. It is like double sided adhesive in a can. You just spray it to one side and then iron the two pieces together - fabulous for applique etc. This also gave it a little bit of stiffness. Then we got gluing- sequins and swarovski crystals and a bit of red ribbon makes quite a nice decoration - and we already had all the bits and pieces. The heart is beads actually sewn on - which is a bit hard at kinder level.
Two posts in one day - very rare - this was planned for today - obviously the other wasn't but I had to share - Nic

Baby soft skin

This is how they get it....they just don't usually get caught! (Spencer)

Friday, August 8

Felt Rocks

I have been blog surfing for a while now and I get seriously LOST in them. So firstly my apologies for not referencing where this is from because I have already wasted over two hours trying to find where I was so I am sorry. It is someone who does great paintings on river stones and had also felted them. Now I think she referred to Martha Stewart how to page but I couldn't find that either!

Enough with that lets get to the point. I was feeling a bit creative today and with the twins asleep it was the perfect time to do a little craft with him. I have bought some wool roving (yes in addition to all the stuff that was donated!!) and had been trying to learn how to use it. There are some great tutorials on the net and I bought some river rocks - I know, but I wanted to do it Today.

So what we did was pull sections off the roving and using a criss cross fashion wrap about three layers around the stone. I did put a couple of stitches just to make sure it stayed. Then we put the stone into the toe of an old stocking. We put some soap on them and warm water and then started to scrub. The competition wsa to get the most bubbles and worked really well. It was easy and alexander managed it really well - and we are pleased with the results. There may be a few variations on this theme as we learn...
The little boys weren't totally left out. They had fun just washing the rocks - this kept them happy for minutes! (actually about 15 which is pretty impressive)

Wednesday, August 6

A bit blurry...

  • late night (working nothing fun)
  • early kinder start
  • playgroup
  • aldi (argh)
  • screaming (kids not me)
  • eating (kids not me)
  • nap time (kids not me)
  • kids not asleep and manage to destroy everything within reach - including pulling every wipe out of a new pack
  • screaming (me not kids)
  • destination - outside
  • all blurry eyed waiting for end of this day where even the camera wouldn't do what it should!

Tuesday, August 5

First Born

First born = china doll; Second child = rag doll
1st child Fred Bear, 2nd child Thread Bare
1st child swollows money you rush them to emergency, 2nd child does it, you wait for it to pass, 3rd child does it and you deduct if from their pocket money.

They're funny 'cause they're true. But, are they funnier to me because I am a first child?
My brother (obviously younger) have often talked about this. Most of his friends are second children and most of mine are firstborns. I focus on all the barriers I had to fight to break down and then he would just run across. He focuses on his lack of specialness. (not as a being, but he never did anything first). He too is close to my cousin who is a 2nd in a same sex family where I think birth order is probably more pronounced.

I never really worried too much about this really until now. We have such high expectations for Alexander, our 1st. We eagerly anticipated every milestone and these are etched in our memory. We are still eager for the twins, dont get me wrong they are difficult to forget, but we are happier to wait for them. We now know that they are babies for only such a short time that we are content to enjoy this time. So in that thought alone, Alexander has higher expectations to live up to and probably will take this on his whole life.

I know theory will be tested as we have two seconds, but is there anything I can do to stop or at least minimise the issue. I am very concious to try to make things fair and do the same for each individual child at the same age, but it is a constant challenge.

There is another saying that the first child is born to rule the world and the second is born to change it. I don't know if this is necessarily a bad thing, but in a house of boys it will be a challenge. I would love to hear if anyone has any suggestions?

PS - SOOOOO sorry. You must realise that there were only 2 kids in our family, hence me forgetting the middle child theories. This was not a targeted barb to those lucky middole children who are both an older and a younger sibling. (that should make em feel better- he he)

Monday, August 4

Wool Heaven

Now, I am not much of a knitter, but today was heaven. The wool shop that was having its sale was moving and donating stock to our kinder for their silent auction. When a friend asked if I would help, I thought it would be a small box - but my goodness!!

There was sooooo much wool that we felt bad taking it - but otherwise it was going in the skip! They had called other charities - The Royal Children's Hospital Auxiliary and a group who knits for overseas. They took as much as they could - the problem was that a lot of it was decorative yarn, rather than practical wool.

We went back to her house and unloaded the haul and started to pack it for the kinder silent auction. We have just too much that we will set up an ebay shop in the near future with heaps of wool roving and scarf packs so stay tuned....

Oh, and another nice thing, the 'party' mum from last week asked if she could order some aprons for her nieces and nephews for christmas!

Sunday, August 3

Sunday Funday

Yes - it has returned!! The workaholic big squirrel was finally home on a Sunday and we made the most of it. Alexander had requested to feed ducks so that was the plan.

After a really nice breakfast - it was nice for someone else to make it and all sit together at the table (oh.. and a COFFEE!!) we headed off to Studley Park Boathouse to feed the ducks. It did occur to me later that there are ducks closer to home, but we had fun anyway.

We took Alexander there when he was about the same age as the twins now, and they have all had about the same response - not very favorable. However, Alexander LOVED it. Feeding the geese, swans, ducks and of course the obligitory seagulls. We then went for a walk over the suspension bridge and Dad got a real taste of life on the funny farm with kids literally running everywhere!

Home with two little boys fast asleep, Alexander and I went out to do some gardening - yes still trying to finish that project, and Dad has almost(!) finished tiling the bathroom.

Saturday, August 2

Play - doh

Some days I forget what the kids can actually do- especially Benji and Spencer. At almost 20 months now they are capable of much more than I give them credit for. I had such high expectations of Alexander at the same age, pushing him to challenge himself. I don't know if it is a second child thing or because there are two, I don't put the same pressure on them, nor do I allow them into as many thing - that is because of their divide and conquer nature!!

Today we ventured up to the freezing Dandenongs to visit Kirsty and Eloise. It was just too cold to go and play outside that we were inside, admiring their new kitchen. Alexander and Eloise mostly played quietly together, and the twins werent as destructive as they can be. When it was all getting a bit much for everyone, out came the playdoh and all the kids sat up at the table and played. There was no crying, fighting or eating of the dough, just rolling, squeezing and squishing. I forget really what they are capable of.

All this excitement and all these boys can be a bit overwhelming for a little girl, so we left before it all got too much - but a good day.