Sunday, October 31

Buyers Remorse

What was I thinking? I didn't even make it home from the shop before the buyers remorse set in - that's when I knew it had to go back! The colours were so pretty and it was already cut up(a very big advantage). (In the shop) I thought I could make a whole quilt from these two 20 piece jelly rolls. In the car I worked out that there was no way. I would probably need another two, or at least some complimentary fabric, not to mention wadding, backing and binding. Then another 20 years to quilt the thing! So I have set it aside, still intact with the receipt ready to be returned tomorrow.

Friday, October 29

The only way is up

I have had this song by Yaz circa 1998 as my mantra today. After an iffy start today we were certainly on the way up. It was the only way after yesterday. Spencer was the sickest, but a bag of twisties seemed to bring him back to life. We also got a new addition to our costume (!) collection. It was meant to be held until his birthday, but he carried on so much that Nan gave in and he got to be Woody.
They are predicting storms here tonight so the big squirrel got onto the garage roof to investigate where the water has been getting in (for the past 4 years!!!!!!) The buchet of water came straight through into my face so it was pretty easy to find the leak!!
While I was in there waiting to be drenched, I found a bag of felt pieces that I have been actively looking for for the past year. We have a heap of little white felt dots that I have a plan for. Alexander and I dyed them with food colouring but I will let you know what happens.

Thursday, October 28


This picture is the opposite of my day. I have been stretched, twisted; Poked, proded and inspected; and thrown up on - twice. (And one of those was in the supermarket, talk about making an already torturous experience worse.) Hope you had a better day :)

Wednesday, October 27


Off with the girls last night to see Eat Pray Love. It was good, but not great. I have read the book and was probably expecting too much and was disappointed. However one theme that did resonate with me was Balance. I have been feeling my own Balance is a bit off of late - but couldn't really out my finger on what it was, and really if nothing else, the movie has helped me define it.

My job is to stay home and raise the children. I am exstatic that I have the opportunity to do this and I love them to pieces, but it is a constant and often thankless job. There is no start time, as it is a 24/7 job. Breakfast, dressing, washing, cleaning, driving, delivering, monitoring, feeding, watering - there is sadly very little time for play. In addition to mother, there is wife, office manager & kinder responsibilities that constantly take it out of me and that everything that I do seems to be for everybody else.

On the flip side is me, what I want to do and be. My head is bursting with ideas, all the time. What we could do with our small business, how we could improve the kinder, my own crafting project and even fun things to do with the kids. It feels at the moment that the day to day grind is getting in the way of all that. Throw in three kids on antibiotics and if feels like it is all going down the plughole.

In my head I think I can plan what balance should look and feel like, but I cant seem to get that plan into reality. This week I have been out the last two evening. Both times after dinner with the kids heading into bed, but I am still out. The kids are unsettled and don't sleep well. Add my own sleep deprivation to the mother guilt of leaving the kids and I just feel awful.

A morning meditation (like the movie) would probably go a good way to aleviating this condition- but at the moment I am not willing to sacrifice even a minute of sleep time. What I think I will do is work on is just letting some things go.

Friday, October 22

To Infinity......

Two little squirrels - incognito. We were off to see Toy Story 3 which was playing at Alexander's school as a fundraiser. The weather was looking a little iffy and sadly it did rain. It wasn't too bad, but these two were already not well, they didn't need to sit out late in the cold and rain to see a movie. What they did see they enjoyed. I enjoyed waaaaaaay too much caramel popcorn.

Wednesday, October 20

One drawer closes

and can open and close again! I finally started the mammoth task of culling my clothes. Now this drawer of tops is managable and I even got to the pants and PJs.
So far I have this suitcase almost full and I am yet to tackle the wardrobe.
I was ruthless. If it doesn't fit or flatter - gone. If I don't like it - gone. If I haven't worn it - gone. Here are the four best - a D&G brown top. The black jersey beaded top - never worn, The orange beaded top has silk organza over it. I even altered it and still have never worn it and finally a black one shoulder top I have worn once. The clothes swapping (or taking party) may become a reality.

Sunday, October 17

Dirt under fingernails

A relaxing sunday morning, I was browsing the blogs, and I stumbled on a link - I cant remember where sorry, to this tutorial of How to make plant pots from newspaper. Alexander and I had a bit of a production, with the idea that we would raise some seeds.
Unfortunately we needed some seed raising soil - our dirt just wont cut it. We had a lovely time wandering the nursery and came home with a few succulents - and we didn't forget the soil. However, we did repurpose the pots and they are now growing a recently split up succulent - in preparation for christmas...

Now we just need to make some more to grow our seeds. Maybe we will just use the toilet rolls I have been saving for a rainy day....

Saturday, October 16


Alexander is in his first team. He is playing basketball for school and this is one sport he has really taken to. The ball is always bouncing - particularly in the kitchen which drives me MAD, but he is having fun and learning so I try to put up with it.
Today was his first game. The team has only been together for a couple of weeks and Alexander has never even seen a game played, let alone been a competitor. So off we went to the courts with his shiny new, albeit big, uniform to play.
It took a while for our team to find their groove, but by the second half they were in chasing the ball. They were outplayed by a bigger experienced and far superior team. Our boys didn't even get to shoot for goal - but they all had fun and tried. At the end they were even working out their own drill to practice attack and defence.
The score was 17 nil, we were the nil, but Alexander came home and in answer to the question, "Did you win?" was "Nah, but it was close!!"

Thursday, October 14

Leavin' on a jet plane...

I was running around today doing my jobs when I saw these. Alexander was quite anxious about going on a plane, and he drew these before we went on holidays and lovingly mounted them on the wall above our bed.

(Yes, eggplant feature wall - have to say after this long I am really over it, but you know by the time I am in there its usually dark!)

He was so good in the plane. In fact they all were really good and behaved. Alexander even got to have a look in the cockpit. After two short trips, he thinks he is a seasoned traveller!

Wednesday, October 13


This week, well actually for slightly longer, the kids have been obsessed with a Disney show called Imagination Movers. Essentially they are a younger version of the Wiggles, with a slightly older audience and music set in the 80's rather than the 60's. It is actually quite an enjoyable show, with the concept being they are problem solvers - sorry, there are no problems - just Idea Emergencies!
They are a band, and the kids love that - the drummer/main singer uses his drum sticks as scribble sticks to document their problem solving in the air. Of course they really wanted scribble sticks that could write in the air - but I thought these pencils were a pretty good alternative. They agree.

Tuesday, October 12


Coming home to a clean and tidy house has inspired me to try to keep it that way. I know that if I have more order and less clutter in our lives, we will all be more ordered, and calmer. It was great being away because we didn't have much stuff. We had what we needed and that was it. I had only packed the minimum - we travelled with only one suitcase which was only problematic trying to get my heavy Valentino book home in it. While the cupboard looked bare, it was really easy to get up and get dressed when everything matched, I could see everything I had and had a really limited choice.
To help me, I just received this book which I ordered on Book Depository. Absolutely Organize Your Family - Simple Solutions to Control Clutter, Schedules and Spaces. While I fear it may be like my attempt at the first Covey book of 7 habits, in which I didn't manage the first habit so the book when into the abyss. The book tells me that I can't actually organise my family without being organised myself. Whoops. There was a survey to see if I was organised - Nope. So I have read the first chapter and started a mini freak out. Sometimes I wish you could buy the book and a little fairy came out and solved the problems for you. Until that can happen I am going to have to do a little CPR - Categorize, Purge and Rearrange.

Monday, October 11

Update - Game On

Just a quick note to update you on my b*^&$% fight. Thank you for your comments, and I spoke to some people that new about the issue - and the person, who is a colleague as opposed to a friend. And with everyone's support launched my attack. I was nervous and reread the email a couple of times. I was trying to use positive language to explain how she made me feel - my emotional intelligence etc. Then I couldn't help myself and said something nasty. I know I was being petty and it really just lowered me to her level - well not quite that low but you know what I mean.
I did get a reply - another pathetic attempt to patronize. She basically claimed that I misunderstood her and it was all in my head. The fact that the issue was clearly in black and white below her reply was somehow overlooked. I don't think it is good enough but I feel it is not worth fighting with her. Some people there is no resolution and I will simply suck up the incredibly awkward meetings and count down the minutes until I can sing (with my chorus) "Ding Dong..."

Saturday, October 9


On our way back to Brisbane and ultimately home, we called into the late Steve Irwin's place to check out Australia Zoo. I wasn't expecting much, but with the hefty entrance price we were going to stay all day irrespective. However, once we got inside I was more than pleasantly surprised.
The place was packed with animals - not in an unhealthy way. It was clean, there were heaps of staff and everyone was busy but always happy for a chat and
really friendly and very knowledgeable.
The kids absolutely loved it. You really saw the an
imals up close and there was heaps to do and see. With our little tour guides
we saw crocodiles

heaps of koalas

and watched the show
Benji was the only one little enough and brave enough for a pony ride (which was inclusive)
We even fed the elephants.

I have to say while I was a bit iffy about the whole thing it really is a great place. Steve is still very present which is a little creepy, but apart from that it is really cool. The twins got a lot out of it, and Alexander loved it. He is studying habitats at school and constantly referring to the Zoo. Even I, elcheapo, felt the experience justified the cost. I would go again!!

Friday, October 8

Storm Front

Our last wander along the beach before we left. The storm was coming as we were leaving, but it made for some lovely pictures with Alexander and his Nana and Popeye. (the other two didn't like the beach much)

Thursday, October 7


I have been waxing lyrically about how much I love getting home made presents. I do, but I also love thoughtful bought ones too. Really who doesn't love getting presents? The birdy on the end was a birthday gift from Nay. I love it - and wore it as soon as I got it. Why haven't I told you about it sooner. Well I was wearing it the following day and it fell off and the poor bird lost its tail. Luckily I felt it fall and found the bit- but took a bit of time to repair it. It came on holidays with me and I now tie it on. While we were away it got two new friend. How could I resist the resin red squirrel. Like it was made for me. It is actually the same brand as the bird - Ruby Luxe.The camera was a cheap market find. It is metal and has a stone in for the lens which actually flips your reflection upside down. I thought it was cute. I wasn't the only one getting jewels while we were away. Alexander found the beaded necklace in a playground and became attached. Unfortunately the beads didn't remain attached and it needed repairs. The promise of a shark tooth necklace was made and luckily we found one - he looks so grown up wearing them.

Wednesday, October 6

Holiday Market

I couldn't be up on the sunshine coast and not go to the Eumundi Market (Wed and Sat). It is a big market, almost three markets and there is a lot of stalls. However not a heap of different stuff which is really what I was looking for. In fact I would have to say it was a little over rated as far as I was concerned and I actually struggled to find anything I liked - let alone wanted to buy. There were a lot of stalls of psychics, readers, massage, reiki etc which I think are in the middle. Once we muddled past them, there was probably some good stuff, but it was right at the end and we were all exhausted!!
There is a really good and well used playground there which is where all the boys were, so mum and I could go off adventuring. On our way back to them we stumbled upon some great skirts and actually parted with some money!
I got this red one which looks better on. It has a baste band and 6 gores so it quite full at the bottom. All over it is ricrac sewn on. I thought it was a good idea and I couldn't be bothered doing it so I bought it. I also got this one a the same place
It is cotton and has box pleats. I loved the fabric and the different colour hem. Both fitted perfectly into my holiday colour palette and came home with me. The only thing that would have made this skirt better is if they had matched the little girls up on the colour change but I am being picky!!
I couldn't be up on the sunsh

Monday, October 4

Some more holiday shots - this is the closest we got to a family photo while we were away.Spencer looked like this most of the time - he is usually smiling but I made him raise his goggles for the shot - not happy
Alexander being Popeye's boy.

Sunday, October 3

Holiday - day 2

After an ordinary night at a big 4 caravan park in Brisbane. A dodgy cabin, the park locals who live there and rain, the only sunshine was Collingwood winning the replay Grand Final. (Apologies to all of those against the Pies- but I have allegiance since birth, sad I know)
We left the grey clouds of Brisbane and headed to the Sunshine Coast and it certainly lived up to its name. The skies were blue and beach was clear.
We had a lovely morning wandering around the Perigian Market and checked into our new home for the week and were straight in the pool.

Saturday, October 2


We flew to Brisbane - an early start with all the boys, primarily for a visit - but while in Brisbane we got to check out the Valentino exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery. With the kids being entertained by the big squirrel outside, it wasn't going to be a long and relaxing visit - but it was certainly well worth the visit.
The gallery has really set this up for the fashionista and there is re
ally something for everyone. It is in a big black room w
ith all of the dresses on mannequins up on boxes giving the audience the opportunity to move right around the dress and have a good look.
The amount of outfits was fantastic, with 2 full rooms and a digital displa
y. Valentino has an extensive history, and there were dresses from the 60's right through to modern collections. Rather than chosing to display them in date order - the display was grouped in style - florals, modern graphic where original 60's sat seamlessly with 80's and modern outfits. There was a great black and white collection and of course Valentino's signature red.
What I particularly enjoyed was the opportunity to see red carpet dresses up close. There was Cate Blanchet's yellow dress which she wore to the Oscars winning for the Aviator and Julia Roberts vintage black and white Valentino when she won best actress. Little details that you don't pick up in media are great to see up close. It was also great to see 'defects' in zips etc - where clients we have had (in the distant past B.C.) would have complained. Even the masters have visible zips!! My only complaint was that I couldn't touch the dresses nor see inside them - I didn't really expect too. If you are in the area I would highly recommend having a look.