Sunday, April 29

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

The little prince. One of my favourite stories. I used to read this to my babies when they were very little and I am inspired to bring it out again. When thinking about words I wanted to use decoratively,  I didn't want english - infact anything but. The little prince is originally in French is perfect.
 I started with a cotton scarf (this one was on special from Kmart) and a Stained by Sharpie fabric texta that I got in a pack from target. I chose to use the blue because I thought it would look good with denim
 A quick internet search led me to this site which had 13 quotes from The Little Prince in both French and English. WIth this displayed on the Ipad, I pinned my scarf to a cork board, but this was more about texta bleed than anything else and infact the pinning was a bit of a pain. It worked better if I stretched the fabric as I went.
I chose to write in a soft diagonal as I thought this would wear better. Straight lines either direction would look like text, whereas I felt a diagonal would look more like a pattern.
 You can see in this picture, that towards the end my sharpie actually ran out! I kept going because I wanted to keep my place in the text, thinking I would buy another one and go over it, however it ended up looking like a natural fade and I think I will keep it like this. Partly laziness but also the aesthetics are actually pleasing. To compliment the colour fade, I decided to write more, in a different colour and direction. The green text is the books key message and also the title of this post. Then I have the title and author.
 The touch of green not only lifts it, but means it looks great with all of the green items in my wardrobe - including the relatively new green jeans!

Friday, April 27


 I picked up a remant of fur from Darn Cheap which was only three dollars. I had patted it for a while - but with the machines out, all of a sudden it was made. I found a basic vest pattern which I had to adapt given my lack of fabric. I removed the side seams, and you can see the seams near the shoulders where I had to add a piece for extra length. Its the same at the back. I think it gives it some interest.
WHipped together on the overlocker with a faced neck and simple turn back on the sleeves and hem - it will be great with jeans to add an extra layer. Not bad for 3 bucks!

Thursday, April 26


 My knitting production is little to none, but this find may qualify. I found this digital print of knit at Darn Cheap yesterday and I had to bring it home. The fabric is a light weight ponti so it was a good weight knit for a basic dress. Unlike many things I buy this didn't even make it to the stash - I cut is straight out. I used a really old butterick pattern which was for woven fabric and simply went down a size. It has bust darts at the front and waist darts at the front and back. I also put the back on the fold to remove the need for a zip - it is knit after all.

The result - a very comfortable little dress. I am kicking myself that I only bought one repeat of the fabric (at $10!) I got about 80 cm which make the dress a little on the short side - however with leggings or even over jeans it will be great. I think I could pop a long sleeve top underneath or over to make it even more versitile.

Wednesday, April 25


I got a bit spoiled today. Mr P and Ms G came over bearing gifts - for no real reason.  Not that we need a reason, and they are all certainly appreciated.
I got this fabulous skirt that I had been eyeing off at Malvern Central mysteriously made its way to my place. Perfect fit and perfect colour. I love the detail and fabrics.

I also had just bought new boots at a sale in Hall Street. I got two pairs of leather boots, each $90. The long grey ones are a perfect compliment to this skirt.
These are the boots that I fought through hoards of women on Anzac day holiday to bring home - and a bit chuffed with both of them.


Alexander had a sleepover at cubs last night so the troop could go together to the dawn service. Given the heavy rain I was pleased to find out it was a local service rather than the shrine. and he was very pleased to be going. The big squirrel offered to act as a taxi for some of the group. (Note- he did wriggle his way out of the sleepover!) The boys had talked about the Anzacs before going so they had some understanding. Then-

He stood in the rain and listened. 
The last post was played.
He learned what price was paid for our freedom.

Then he shared breakfast with returned service men, their families and others at the RSL. 

My little boy is growing up. I could never, ever imagine the heartache or pain of sending him to war. 
Let's hope I never have to.

Lest we forget.


I need a new black dress like a hole in the head. I have multiples - all a little different - but there would be more than 10, probably closer to 20 but I dare not count.
Well I have another one. Mum came over with a garbage bag of fabric from her shed and there was a scrap of black ponti there. She had also brought along a pattern - coincidentally - and we both knew the two needed to go together.  This is two pieces with facing around the neck and was made in less than an hour. A good warm basic that will be a welcome addition with this cooler weather.

Tuesday, April 24

in the swim

i was wandering in the blog world and found a kids sew-a-long and planned to join in. I missed the first day, but gave it a good go today. The boys bathers are so thin now they are almost transparent. Time for some new ones - and i couldn't find any in the shops.
I traced a pattern off a pair they had and went to work with fabric from my stash. I actually like making bathers and with the exception of a pair of speedos, I think all of my bathers have been home made since I was about 10. So as a result my stash of lycra is fairly extensive.
I whipped up 6 pairs of bather shorts for the twins - three each. The stripes are so ancient that they would be classified vintage. There was only scraps left. The floral is from Darn Cheap and I have a tankini in the works. Benji loves these ones. There are also 2 pairs of plain black which you cant see. All in all a good outcome.