Tuesday, April 24

in the swim

i was wandering in the blog world and found a kids sew-a-long and planned to join in. I missed the first day, but gave it a good go today. The boys bathers are so thin now they are almost transparent. Time for some new ones - and i couldn't find any in the shops.
I traced a pattern off a pair they had and went to work with fabric from my stash. I actually like making bathers and with the exception of a pair of speedos, I think all of my bathers have been home made since I was about 10. So as a result my stash of lycra is fairly extensive.
I whipped up 6 pairs of bather shorts for the twins - three each. The stripes are so ancient that they would be classified vintage. There was only scraps left. The floral is from Darn Cheap and I have a tankini in the works. Benji loves these ones. There are also 2 pairs of plain black which you cant see. All in all a good outcome.

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