Thursday, April 26


 My knitting production is little to none, but this find may qualify. I found this digital print of knit at Darn Cheap yesterday and I had to bring it home. The fabric is a light weight ponti so it was a good weight knit for a basic dress. Unlike many things I buy this didn't even make it to the stash - I cut is straight out. I used a really old butterick pattern which was for woven fabric and simply went down a size. It has bust darts at the front and waist darts at the front and back. I also put the back on the fold to remove the need for a zip - it is knit after all.

The result - a very comfortable little dress. I am kicking myself that I only bought one repeat of the fabric (at $10!) I got about 80 cm which make the dress a little on the short side - however with leggings or even over jeans it will be great. I think I could pop a long sleeve top underneath or over to make it even more versitile.

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