Wednesday, April 25


Alexander had a sleepover at cubs last night so the troop could go together to the dawn service. Given the heavy rain I was pleased to find out it was a local service rather than the shrine. and he was very pleased to be going. The big squirrel offered to act as a taxi for some of the group. (Note- he did wriggle his way out of the sleepover!) The boys had talked about the Anzacs before going so they had some understanding. Then-

He stood in the rain and listened. 
The last post was played.
He learned what price was paid for our freedom.

Then he shared breakfast with returned service men, their families and others at the RSL. 

My little boy is growing up. I could never, ever imagine the heartache or pain of sending him to war. 
Let's hope I never have to.

Lest we forget.

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