Wednesday, April 29

Knitting night

I know it sounds a bit of a nan activity, but tonight I attended my first knitting night. Mum is a really good knitter - no really good, doing complex patterns while watching the tv which is probably why I cant really do it. I just lack the patience. I am a bit ADD when it comes to knitting, which is why anything I have ever finished has been both little, and striped - cos I need the change.
I didn't really have a project on the go, so on my way out the door I grabbed a scarf pack which I bought last winter. It was a bargain ($1) and it is created on circular kneedles. It is much harder to knit when you dont like the wool - but I will is only a little project

Tuesday, April 28

Play with your friends

It was a lovely day today. Naomi and I met up in Chirnside at a playcentre with the little boys. The three little monkeys were off as soon as we got in the door and I was one of those parents I used to hate. When you have one child you tend to hover over them, to protect them, but once there is more than one you kinda let them go - well really I have little choice. The boys seem better for it, but I know not everyone appreciates it. However these days, the mega playcentres are really designed for kids just to go for it, and this is exactly what these boys did! They just ran and ran and truly had a lovely time. It also gave Naomi and I a chance to really sit and have a chat. We drove home content, all of us having had a good time with our friends.

Sunday, April 26

Birthday Party

Kira and Ava celebrated their first birthdays in style. After a big sleep the little girls enjoyed the cold and windy day inside with around 20 other children (and adults) with a wildlife show. It is rare to have wildlife at home, let alone a snake slithering along your carpet. It was great. The host had a vast knowledge but also was great with the kids. She knew everyones names and used them - and with 2 sets of idential twins this girl deserves some credit. Not only that, she kept a diverse crowd contained, quiet and entertained for over an hour and a half.
The kids got to hold a variety of animals...
and native wildlife.. and even the adults got into it!

Friday, April 24


We had a marble run going today - it was fun, but so was knocking it over!

Thursday, April 23


I am still trying not to purchase and rather make things for presents, but sometimes it just doesn't happen. I have a present cupboard, where I buy things and store them until they are needed - especially if I see something on special!
On Sunday we have a birthday party for one year old twin girls - Kira and Ava, and I have some great little tins of china plates, bowls and cups. So, rather than totally forgo trying to stay 'homemade', I have made little denim bags embroidered with their initials. These are instead of commercial wrapping paper, but later in their lives can also be a handbag. I think they look pretty cute and we will make matching cards too. It was nice to have the embroidery machine out again.

Tuesday, April 21


That's it! I am almost sure I have collected EVERY pair of scissors from any location in our house- no there is still a pair up high in the bathroom, so almost every pair. Why? Because at the moment it is the favourite hobby of Benji and Spencer. Anything they can find they CUT. It started with paper, but has moved to photographs, books, stickers and clothes. The holes in the PJ's was the last straw. I know the only place to go from there is hair and skin and we were dangerously close to that position. Now I have a pile of scissors that need a more permanent and safe home.

Monday, April 20


School goes back today and we and we all go back to a bit of normality. Back to a normal albeit hectic morning. Back to regular sleep times. Back to readers and spelling. Back to swimming, back to football, back to playgroup. Back to reality.
Hope you all enjoy the end of holidays.

Sunday, April 19


We were off doing a bit of driving today - we were aiming for a market at Healesville, which we found out (when we got there) was not on due to a fundraising concert. On our way home we diverted past mum and dad's house. While we were outside looking at our old cubby, my mum stumbled on some old games which are just perfect for Alexander now.
We got Tangram which is just great because he can play it on his own and develop spatial understanding. Such a classic and a challenge for all ages.
Another great ones which was one of my favourites growing up, was The Honey Bee. I love the kitchness of it, the colours and theme are so seventies, but it is a dice game, following rules and taking turns. It is really easy to play and good fun - for 2, 3 or 4 players.
And to entertaint those little monkeys who would NOT sleep today, a big bubble bath with mum who jumped in too!

Saturday, April 18


Our first real game. A twilight match and it was a real community. There were people we knew from kinder, crafting, mothers group and school. The atmosphere is great. Parents get involved adn the kids just getting out there, getting involved and having fun- even the little ones!

Friday, April 17


I had bought Alexnder a weaving book/frame as an Easter present, but forgot to give it to him. He was starting the "bored" chant so out it came. The kit came with fabric loops that you weave to make pot holders. He really got into it and actually did a good job.

Tuesday, April 14

write stuff

It has been a challenge to manage the children's needs lately. Alexander is obsessed with writing and learning, and the twins are into pens as well, but that means scribbling on EVERYTHING.
We went to a Ben 10 show at a shopping centre today, but Alexander's only focus was getting a diary. Being April, it is actually difficult to find a proper diary, so I suggested a journal and thankfully he went with it. I didn't mind as I absolutely LOVE stationery shops - even officeworks will do. He got his own special book, double ended pen and bag to keep them all in. So far he has managed to keep them scribble free.

Sunday, April 12

monkey bike

A tiny two wheeler bike with training wheels from mum and dad's place. Spencer tell everyone that it is "My bike!" I can see this being the cause of many tantrums.

Saturday, April 11

easter giving

To us, Easter is about giving and sharing and it was really good to share this with the children. The day started with chocolate - and this was a common theme throughout the day. They loved the easter egg hunt, and looked so cute using their own baskets. The little eggs weren't very well hidden - in fact sprinkled on the grass, but we had to make sure we got all of them before the dog found them.
All together we baked some cookies to share. Alexander has been very interested in family, and my grandparents. I still have my maternal grandmother. She is now 95 and in a home nearby. All her life she has been very stubborn, and now with dementia, she is stubborn about things like putting in her teeth and walking where she doesn't want to go. So she is in a wheelchair and actually looks pretty scary - even to me so I wanted Alexander to be prepared.
We went to the home which is a high dependancy dementia ward with my mum for a visit. Alexander had helped make a plate of cookies and some of his eggs for Granny May. I tried to explain to her that she didn't remember much, she wouldn't recognise any of us, but she would remember that she liked chocolate. He was so good, he wasn't too scared, well he didn't show it. He said hello and gave her chocolate. She liked him and was happy for company. Mum was pleased for the company too, and we were all so proud of him. Not only this, but then he walked around with the big squirrel to our elderly neighbours to give them a plate of biscuits and chocolates. It really is true that giving is so much better than receiving and I am glad he understands that.

Friday, April 10

more easter craft

Alexander made personalised placemats for each of us. We used our handy laminator to coat them and we set them at the table for each person for lunch tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 7

Easter craft

As its the start of the holidays it is time to start to be a bit creative. Out came the paints to make our own easter baskets. I had bought these at the last Theos sale so today was painting day. They were all so good and paint didn't stray too far.

Monday, April 6

Mock Easter Eggs

This was one of Fast Eddy from Better Homes and Gardens ideas last year and I just filed it away til this easter. We know quite a few kids with alergies either to egg and or dairy and a few that, dare I say it, don't like chocolate!!! These are the perfect solution- chocolate crackle eggs.
They are the recipie for cholocate crackles (rice bubbles, icing sugar, coconut, cocoa and copha) from the packet of either rice bubbles or copha (I don't know anything else it is used for!) and set inside an egg mould. Last year when I was looking for a mould I could only find really big ones, which is just too much. I got these ones which fit nicely in the palm of my hand and they actually come out really easily too- no need to grease them.
The original concept was to make two halves and stick it together with icing sugar etc but for smaller kids half is more than enough. I had them all ready and sitting and suddenly they looked like rabbits - so with some cut up marshmellows (which surprisingly do not contain any egg or dairy!) and a bit of icing they became easter bunnies.

Sunday, April 5

baby shower

I was off to celebrate all things pink and baby today at a baby shower today. My girlfriends house was all decorated and we played party games such as spit the dummy and a guessing game tasting baby food. All good fun. I had never been to one before and it was quite fun - and as there were lots of preggie bellies there was more champagne for me!!

Easter Tree

A couple of years ago we adopted a friends tradition of an easter tree and we now exchange decorations at easter time. It is nice to something to decorate the house and think about easter, but it be unrelated to chocolate. Having the tree also gives us a reason to make some more decorations.
We have been in an Easter mood today, also making some easter cards and finishing off our baskets with stickers and bead strings.