Wednesday, December 30

Long grass

The boys being lions, hiding in the long grass- I really think that grass needs a mow!

Tuesday, December 29

new baby

Welcome to a new little girl - Indianna Catherine. A gorgeous little girl who made her arrival on Christmas day. Her mum has always been really into christmas, so I suppose now she has another reason!

Monday, December 28

first rides

For christmas the little boys got their first bikes and Alexander got a new scooter. I went to Mum and Dad's place and thought they could have a go at their local bike track. Alexander was whizzing along, and Benji was not far behind. This boy took to the bike like a natural. He even rose when he was going up hill. No handle holding for him - if you do it is to take the back wheel off the ground to slow him down!
Spencer enjoys the ride, yet is happier to take in the scenery and have a bit of a chat.

Sunday, December 27


It seems festivities over and back to the real world. The big squirrel is travelling again so its back to life as a single mum. The other job of the day is a costume. Mr P is planning a film festival entry, so he and a friend are off to Mildura to film. My job is costuming and I have a whole day to do it. Mum was helping me, and with dueling machines we managed this multi piece sci fi inspired outfit. I really like the pants - think I may have to work with this idea.
While these are only progress pictures (I hope to get movie stills!) you can see the pants, there is a singlet top, shrug style thing, and a two part jacket, so that the top part with sleeves and hood come off and the waist piece with the belt stay on. Best of all we managed to finish not only this but also another similar jacket. WOW Intense to say the least , but complete.

Saturday, December 26

Christmas x 2

Down to the farm for take 2. The boys are enjoying the festivities and really getting into things.

the drums were a bit hit (pun intented!)

(Just an aside - I would NEVER EVER EVER have let Alexander out dressed in a store bought costume especially on a special occasion but these days I think there are two many of the them, kids that is, and I have learnt to pick my battles)

Friday, December 25

merry christmas

From our family to yours - we wish you a merry christmas and hope you have a lovely festive season. Love Nic

Thursday, December 24

christmas cheer

Alexander's card for santa. All his own work - I am still astounded how quickly the image of Santa and christmas has appeared. He had no concept of this last year, but this year we get cards complete with cotton wool beard and hat trim. But I think the lead up to christmas is all getting a bit much - it is rare for any kids to sleep during the day now - but this is what happened when Dad took them out ....

Wednesday, December 23


This is actually a picture of nougat I MADE. I know to some it isn't a big deal but I have never attempted anything like this before, not even toffee. I was really just winging it as I had cranberries and had bought pistassios so how hard could it be. While it is messy it isn't that hard (obviously if I did it!) What would help - for next time- is a sugar thermometer rather than my guess work, and actually rice paper. We had the rice paper rolls (you know from vientamese rice paper rolls - its what you get when you send your husband to the shops). Incase you are wondering, these do not make an alternative to rice paper. Rather they turn into some kind of glass shards on the outside of the nougat - just something to pick off before you start. Other than that it was YUMMY. Here is the recipie that I found on

Tuesday, December 22

happy birthday Arch

Today we celebrated Archie's third birthday. Nay from twolittlebuttons celebrated with a lovely morning tea complete with yummy food and a fab cake (as always!) It was a lovely relaxed day and the kids had a lovely time playing out in the garden.
Happy birthday Archie, we hope you had a lovely day.

Monday, December 21


One of the Christmas things that we did manage to do this year as a family was visit the christmas lights. Lots of houses put up lights at christmas, but there are a few around that go all out and actually allow you to visit. We visit one in Burwood on the Highway that you can see lit up a long way before you reach it.
The reason I like this one in particular is the story behind it. The families daughter was just married and was involved in a serious car accident either on her honeymoon or shortly after. The accident took the life of her new husband and left her in a very serious condition in the Alfred Hospital. She was there for a significant length of time.
She survived the crash and has recovered (i believe to a point) and as an act of gratitude decorate their house taking donations for the hospital that saved their daughters life. We visited the house four years ago and now it has quadrupled in lights. I would hate to see their electricity bills, but there were so many people there and they all get into the spirit of christmas. It is amazing that lights can make you really value your family. *My pictures really do not show how amazing this place is.

Sunday, December 20


We had a christmas celebration with mums family early and there was a new little girl Charlie to welcome which is always lovely. A nice relaxing evening with good food and company.

Saturday, December 19

Ben 10 present

Alexander was invited to a Ben 10 party today, complete with a Ben 10. This wasn't his costume however it was the gift that I'd made. The birthday boy is off to NZ for the holidays, so this is a water resistant jacket. It was really hard to find any fabric in green, and this is rip stop nylon. As I was making a jacket, it needed a bit more substance, so I lined it with white flanellette. This has given it some bulk and some warmth. While the 'characters' jacket is leather, the studs and white vinyl make it a pretty good replica. (Someone may bring Alexander one too!)

Friday, December 18

end of school

Last school lunch of Alexander's first year of school. I really cannot get over how quickly it has flown past, and also how much he has learned.

Thursday, December 17

hot stuff

Another christmas project for the kids - well Alexander at least. I got these plain white oven mits and pot holders on special last year and had them in the craft box - and I thought they would be great hostess gifts for our christmas'. Alexander was given the tools and freedom to do whatever he wanted. So we got a Santa and a Rudolf and I helped him with the pattern on the mit. I love the way the pot holders turned out - just wish that I got one!

Tuesday, December 15


We had christmas carols at school tonight and just a sea of christmas. The kids were all well behaved in the heat and the singing was really quite good. Its beginning to feel a bit like christmas....

Friday, December 11

fireman sam

I have spoken before of the twins' obsession with fireman sam. It has actually been quite difficult to find any thing with his image on it, or toys or dress ups. Having said that spotlight had a dressup but at $40 and then times two, we figured for $80 we could do a pretty good job ourselves. So the challenge - to make two fireman sam costumes.

I made yellow tracksuit pants out of fabric I had in my stash. It is yellow track and field that I used for the lion costume. I picked up the end of the bolt for only $5 with no intention of using it - and now it had done three costumes!

Mum made the jackets, again from fabric she had. It is suiting that has been lying around for years. The buttons were some I got at another sale years ago, where I was charged by the bagfull, and were just perfect for this. Even better there are no button holes - just velro under the top flap.

Finally to top off the ensemble, Mr P gave them the hats - complete with visors from the ELC at the Glen. Rare to find hats which aren't red flat ones. And the absolute hit of the evening was the torches - which not only have lights at the front, but flash different colours at the back - like a siren. All in all very successful fireman sams, two very happy little boys and a real team effort.

Thursday, December 10


my second ever (!) completed jumper...........

a felt hat

yes - these are the cowboys I knitted for Benji and Spencer's 3rd birthday. Complete with hats, jumpers and jeans. They are meant to have chaps too, but I am yet to get around to that.

Mum did the horses and crocheted blankets and I made the saddles.

Benji got the Brown horse and blue jumper and Spencer got the green jumper and the silver horse - everything is colour coded. Spencer loves to cuddle up with his horse at night as it is a nice chunky size. While doing two puts you under additional pressure, it was really nice to give the boys handmade presents - made with love.

Wednesday, December 9

prep pal

The challenge - to find a gift for our prep pal. Constraints - a boy who is about 11, finishing grade 5. A $5 limit and restriction - no food.
Now I know most people go over a little bit, but even still this was really hard. I have met Daniel and he is a really nice boy and has really looked out and after Alexander in the playground, so I wanted something a bit fun - but I didn't really know what he was into.
I bought this flashing cup from one of those 'promotional product stalls in a shopping centre. I was exactly $5. Check. I didn't count the money to decorate it.Alexander was given a cup like this as a gift and loves it - the lights flash all different colours and we used fabric puff paint to decorate it. AS it has batteries in it, it cant go in the dishwasher so the writing should last. And it was really well appreciated.

Tuesday, December 8

8th Day of Christmas - Birthdays

Three years ago today, Benji and Spencer came into the world. That time has gone so fast - just a blur. I can certainly remember being pregnant with them - all 52 inches of girth. I can remember the anticipation and anxiety sitting in the ward, just waiting for the nurses to give me instructions. At 35 weeks gestation, both Twin 1 and Twin 2 as they were known, were now breach and the doctor said there was no option other than a c-section. Having experienced a difficult natural birth, I was actually quite relieved not to have to go there again!

So, at 37 weeks we went into the hospital in the morning, and by lunchtime we had two healthy 7 pound (3kg) little boys. They came straight into my room, and as there had been a rush on twins I had two wheelie cots at my bedside, but like the buzzer, they were just out of reach....

From there we certainly hit the ground running and got on with things. I went to mothers group on the way home from hospital, and it has been like that ever since. Now my little babies are growing into real little boys. Apart from the punching and full on wrestling which is going on at the moment, they are really lovely gentle souls.

Benji is such a cheeky chap and what he lacks in vocab he makes up with his eyes. Spencer is Mr Sensitive and always on the lookout for Benji. He is a chatterbox and loves just to be with you. Alexander has taken to the role of big brother and while they are stilll 'normal' siblings, he really does a great job looking out for them. He took great care in making them each a birthday card and was so proud to present the table he had made them.

While it is hard work, and sometimes I can be a real grumblebum, it is a priviledge to be part of your lives, and have the opportunity to watch you grow up. Happy Birthday my beautiful little men.