Monday, March 26

Sydney - Day 2

The big day today for me, Alexander and the yo-yo- off to the exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. After a little misdirection we made it there and it really was worth all the effort. Alexander and I have read the first four HP books together and after finishing each of them have watched the movies together which it was why this was so special to us - together.First we were ushered into a room where we were treated like first years at hogwarts and there was a little show where children could be sorted via a sorting hat. Loads of fun and set the tone.
We were then ushered to the next room which we were circled with screens showing footage from the movies when all of a sudden a wall lifted to reveal smoke and a light and the engine of the Hogwarts train.

The exhibition expanded to have costumes and props from the movie - such as Harry's casual clothes, Hogwart robes and his bed. There was Hagrids Hut, Quiddich costumes and balls, potions, Gilderoy Lochardt's costume and of course his books and pictures. There were moving paintings, sweets, everybody's wands, death eaters, newspapers. It really was a great exhibition. There wasn't anything that we were missing. Another little blip over not buying anything from the giftshop, but he eventually got over that! We left feeling satisfied and with a lovely day greeting us, we set off to explore the city.

A lot of walking, but we did the monorail

Martin Place
Harbour Bridge
Lunched on the steps of the opera house
Walked in the rocks - this time in reference to his studies of the First Fleet at School
And on to the train and back to the airport went two weary travellers who had a really great time together.

Sunday, March 25

Sydney Day One

With our backpacks all packed we set off on our two day adventure - just Alexander and I. With the twins at school this year it has been really hard to get one on one time with Xandy, and this trip was a way of celebrating him and also Harry Potter - which has been the thing he and I do together. The whole family drove us out to the airport and we arrived just in time to grab a
quick bite and board the plane.With few firm plans it was a great way to explore together. We had all our gear with us and free to go anywhere. We caught the train from the airport (which is awesome - shame Melbourne doesn't have one) and that was our first blip. We reached Circular Quay minus his jacket. A few phonecalls from some remarkablyhelpful metro workers and we had arranged pickup of said item on the way home. At least we didn't have to carry it!!
WE set about exploring the main attractions - of course the bridge and the opera house. Both new to him and impressive. We wandered and ate in the Rocks which was also host to a lovely market which was great to wander around.

Xandy was getting tired so we made our way to our hotel in Haymarket. It was a gorgeous serviced apartment and made for a great base. After a quick relax we lunched at Paddy's Markets where the boy got a yo-yo.
That is probably one of his trip highlights. The thing didn't come off his hand the whole trip - well only to go through the scanner at the airport!
At this point, weariness had set in and we retreated to our room. Lying on the bed reading was just what both of us needed. We only ventured out for a quick bite to eat before bed.

Saturday, March 24

A sign of days to come

All of a sudden our weekends are busy. Not just one thing over the two day, but multiple events at different times for different people. Sadly I have just realised none of the events were for me, but I digress.
Today I even needed to rope in mum to help out with the driving.
The twins had mini mags and were home for lunch.
Auskick registration and a party for Alexander were done by mum. Thankfully these days they are drop and run parties.
A quick lunch and off to a party for the twins. They were so excited about this party they got dressed for it at 7am when it started at 3:30pm. this was a chance for the parents to meet so we all were invited to stay. There was so much lovely food at this party - which was a football theme held at our local scouthall.
After the fist hour they had an entertainer and to my great surprise (as has been happening so much this year) my boys just run off and join in. They play with their friends, are included in games and have fun. Last year they were exclusive to each other and would NEVER dance in public. They never joined in and would rather sit with sullen looks on their faces. Not any more- they are in there wiggling their bums to the chicken dance, doing the limbo. Like someone has spiked their drinks!! I couldn't be happier.The big squirrel came but had to leave to take Alexander to basketball presentation.
Phew - day over at 6pm. Kids full of sugar and all out of energy.

Thursday, March 22


With two parties on Saturday, I need to have presents ready. The twins will each have a gift because frankly they are two kids they need to learn the social graces of giving and receiving gifts. While I am not alone in my twin stance, it makes it a bigger pain in the arse to get 2 age appropriate gifts for boys in an acceptable price range.

I have made a decision that I will do one fun gift and one practical gift each time they are both invited and swap each time. This time Benji got the fun - some Lego (still seems to be the go to gift for boys) and I got a Lego tshirt. Spencer got the practical one - this time an apron, bag, cooking utensils and a little cookbook. I made this out of denim with a bias trim I got a card of from Theos. The other bits are from the present cupboard.

Alexander was off to a girls party. She is the eldest of 4 and was turnong 8. I like buying girl presents as they seem to have so much more on offer, but I decided to be practical and get something useful. I bought towels in a print from target on special.
I thought they looked bright and young and then I embroidered her name on the towel and handtowel to personalise them a little. Hope she likes them.

Wednesday, March 21

Going Up

Last night my baby went from a Joey to a Cub and he is one proud boy.
The ceremony was held between the two groups so there were both Joeys and Cubs in attendance and it is either the first or the first in a long time of these ceremonies because the Joeys is new.

He was so wrapped to finally get is scarf and woggle.