Thursday, March 22


With two parties on Saturday, I need to have presents ready. The twins will each have a gift because frankly they are two kids they need to learn the social graces of giving and receiving gifts. While I am not alone in my twin stance, it makes it a bigger pain in the arse to get 2 age appropriate gifts for boys in an acceptable price range.

I have made a decision that I will do one fun gift and one practical gift each time they are both invited and swap each time. This time Benji got the fun - some Lego (still seems to be the go to gift for boys) and I got a Lego tshirt. Spencer got the practical one - this time an apron, bag, cooking utensils and a little cookbook. I made this out of denim with a bias trim I got a card of from Theos. The other bits are from the present cupboard.

Alexander was off to a girls party. She is the eldest of 4 and was turnong 8. I like buying girl presents as they seem to have so much more on offer, but I decided to be practical and get something useful. I bought towels in a print from target on special.
I thought they looked bright and young and then I embroidered her name on the towel and handtowel to personalise them a little. Hope she likes them.

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