Wednesday, November 23

Shhhhh... Secret Sales

There are three sales I should tell you about- especially in the lead up to Christmas.

1. Crafty
The first is a crafty one - Craft Smart which has been estended this week. I picked up lots of christmas DIY decorations and sparkles here. Really good for educators - my kinder teachers went wild.

Where: 21-23 Joseph Street, North Blackburn

When: Monday 21 Nov to Friday 25 Nov 9am-5pm

Email: or Telephone: 1300 354 240

2. Smelly
Doesn't sound like such a nice one , but quite the contrary. This is SAX International which is open from 21 November to 23 December (M- F 9 - 5. Sat til 3. Cash only) offering up to 75% off original retail prices of cosmetics, perfume, bodycare, accessories etc. They have wicked sista cosmetic bags, watches and heaps of body products which are perfect for stocking stuffers or teacher gifts. I got some things for me (of course) and pressies for the swimming teachers.
Address 16 Stamford Road, Oakleigh East - not far from Chadstone Shopping Centre.

3. Wrapped
No not wrapping paper - but Scarves. The Great Melbourne Scarf warehouse sale is on from 1 -3 December from 8 - 6. They say they have a "massive clearance of luxurious imported lightweight silk and wool scarves and wraps PLUS womens wear, childrens wear, homewears, baby wraps, fashion handbags and jewellery at wholesale price and less."
I have been to previous sales and they are worth a visit. Have lovely scarves and wraps. The clothes I haven't really looked at - mainly girls I would suggest and things have to be a good bargain at a sale to grab my attention - not just wholesale. I have bought necklaces there in the past- chunky plastic decorative ones. Statement pieces and the kinder teachers are getting gifts from there too.
It has moved from Malvern to 15 Harker Street Burwood and they take credit and eftpos as well as cash.

Happy Shopping!!

Sunday, November 20


Mum & Dad had the boys for the night and took them up to Buxton fishing today. It was a trout farm where apparently they supply everything and you pay for what you catch - and there is a no throw back policy.
Benji caught his and the first fish of the day

Followed by Xandy
And finally Spencer. Who was cool with the idea of fishing, but not so much with the wriggling fish on the line.

They caught 6 fish, and stopped putting bait on the line or else we would have a fridge full of fish! Everyone had a lovely day.

This is Benji's dance when he caught a fish - he caught three which is great because he has been the one obsessed with fishing, and having done it now, still is. This one came out Pure Bloke.
I cooked up the fish for dinner tonight - baked whole with sliced lemon, parsley and mint from the garden. On a bed of spinach with some chips as a sweetener for the kids. Bones a bit of an issue but it was tasty and they liked the idea of eating their catch.

Fashion Update

Last night we had a year level catch up which was was themed - Stakes Night after the races. So often I make things to wear out and never capture a picture of them, so last night I remembered to get one- albeit after the evening had finished and we were back home!This is the dress that I wore. It is a burnout silk velvet that I picked up as a remnant piece at Rathdowne Remnants. So worth a visit if you need something a little special or different. It has yellow binding around the neckline. It is sheer so I have a petticoat underneath and it all was surprisingly comfortable.
Headgear was a must and this little facinator I picked up in a sale (of course I did!!) when shamrock craft had clearance. When I got this it was fill a box for $20 and it has been hanging around waiting for an occasion, where it finally got an outing.
Finally - this coat. Inspired by Burberry's version of a trench which Kate of Cambridge wore so well - you can see it here - which could do with a press, but I got from Mum for my birthday. She whipped it up as a surprise and it has had a few outings already. I think it will be a great piece when the weather cools down again.

Saturday, November 19

Saggy Baggy Elephants

Today was the annual Joey scouts day at zoo,
but the staff we saw didn't seem to have much clue.
We sat in the car while the heavy rain showered
Because we were early - by one whole hour!
(the closed zoo gates)
Finally inside we braved the weather to to see our favourite animals,
We raced around and woke up the orangutans, elephants and giraffes so tall
The rain set in and we headed home, Xandy had a basketball game at 11.
We left as all the Joey mobs were arriving - though it was hard to tell as they all had the garbage bag rain covers. Xandy will be happy as he will get the badge for his blanket and sometimes that is what it is all about.

Friday, November 18

Thinking Christmas

This year the boys are really excited about Christmas. While they were at kinder today, mum and I went to a little sale were we picked up some Christmas craft items (Craft Smart in Blackburn). One of our finds was this paper mache(sp??) tree - only a fiver.They got straight to work and we gave it a base coat of paint, applied some decorative paint, glued on some silver leaves that I had and then added some glitter. The final touch was a set of battery operated lights.All of a sudden it is looking a bit festive around here.

Thursday, November 17

Thing One and Thing Two

There is a mild or maybe major Dr Seuss fettish going on around here. Particularly with Spencer. He is wearing one of my re-fashioned tshirts which is the cat in the hat which he accessorizes with a tail - a stocking stuffed with newspaper - and now a few other precious things.
When I saw a range of Dr Seuss fabric on I knew we had to have some. In the same week as I placed the order, the fabric arrived.
And in the same day it arrived - I cut it up and made some sleeping shorts. Here they are paired with red tshirts we have. Spence again is not entirely satisfied as they need to have the thing one and thing two on them- but that can wait a night or maybe two!!

Monday, November 14

Here we go!

Its time to strap on our seatbelts and hang on because it seems like we are on this ride of school now and not looking to get off any time soon. There has been a lot, and i mean a lot of indecision, but we are going to school next year. In that way it is hard for me to believe that next year my babies will be at school. That time has disappeared into some kind of vortex and here we are at their first day of prep transition.
Benji is dressed in uniform, Spencer chose not to - until we got home. The best bit is they are excited and eager to learn. They did what they were told and weren't disruptive - not that I expected them to be, but I was thankful there were no issues. All is good and they seem keen. So keen that Spencer put on a uniform when they got home. The washing is going to be very monotone next year!!

Its tim

Sunday, November 13

Sunday Funday

Early morning the decision was made to pack up a bag and get on our bikes for breakfast. We rode up to the 'new' park which not only is it fenced in and has a nice toilet - it also has BBQ's and tables. Off with our eggs, bacon, and muffins we went and had a really lovely morning.
The boys played as we cooked our breakfast muffins and then we enjoyed a leisurely return trip home. Sometimes the best plans are no plans at all.

Saturday, November 5

Back to the Future

We got word late this afternoon that Doc Browns plutonium-powerd DeLorean was parked outside the Astor. We did a quick costume and Marty McFly was off to be reunited with this car. At first he was a little self conscious to be dressed up, but when he realised he wasn't the only one wearing a red puffa jacket on a hot November night - he calmed down and got into it!
The car was there during the screening of the trilogy at the Astor and photos taken to raise money for Parkinson disease.

Xandy has seen all three movies, and grabbed the DVD cover to assist with his pose and outfit. Makes me laugh how well trained he is!! The outfit was really no effort to us at all.
Sadly I didn't have the forethought to also dress up - but I love this picture, mainly for the other two guys also posing.