Monday, November 14

Here we go!

Its time to strap on our seatbelts and hang on because it seems like we are on this ride of school now and not looking to get off any time soon. There has been a lot, and i mean a lot of indecision, but we are going to school next year. In that way it is hard for me to believe that next year my babies will be at school. That time has disappeared into some kind of vortex and here we are at their first day of prep transition.
Benji is dressed in uniform, Spencer chose not to - until we got home. The best bit is they are excited and eager to learn. They did what they were told and weren't disruptive - not that I expected them to be, but I was thankful there were no issues. All is good and they seem keen. So keen that Spencer put on a uniform when they got home. The washing is going to be very monotone next year!!

Its tim

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