Saturday, November 5

Back to the Future

We got word late this afternoon that Doc Browns plutonium-powerd DeLorean was parked outside the Astor. We did a quick costume and Marty McFly was off to be reunited with this car. At first he was a little self conscious to be dressed up, but when he realised he wasn't the only one wearing a red puffa jacket on a hot November night - he calmed down and got into it!
The car was there during the screening of the trilogy at the Astor and photos taken to raise money for Parkinson disease.

Xandy has seen all three movies, and grabbed the DVD cover to assist with his pose and outfit. Makes me laugh how well trained he is!! The outfit was really no effort to us at all.
Sadly I didn't have the forethought to also dress up - but I love this picture, mainly for the other two guys also posing.

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