Sunday, November 20


Mum & Dad had the boys for the night and took them up to Buxton fishing today. It was a trout farm where apparently they supply everything and you pay for what you catch - and there is a no throw back policy.
Benji caught his and the first fish of the day

Followed by Xandy
And finally Spencer. Who was cool with the idea of fishing, but not so much with the wriggling fish on the line.

They caught 6 fish, and stopped putting bait on the line or else we would have a fridge full of fish! Everyone had a lovely day.

This is Benji's dance when he caught a fish - he caught three which is great because he has been the one obsessed with fishing, and having done it now, still is. This one came out Pure Bloke.
I cooked up the fish for dinner tonight - baked whole with sliced lemon, parsley and mint from the garden. On a bed of spinach with some chips as a sweetener for the kids. Bones a bit of an issue but it was tasty and they liked the idea of eating their catch.

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