Saturday, May 12


This pattern is in the new burda (Feb 2012) which I had to try. Mum and I did the rounds of the fabric shops last week for coloured ponti but remnant warehouse didn't turn up much, nor darn cheap. (subsequently I found a variety of colours at Lincraft) I got the beige at Remnant warehouse and the rest at Darn cheap. The citris is actually stretch velour and was a bit harder to manage.
I didn't have the pattern with me so didn't quite get enough fabric - particularly the grey - but it worked out in the end with the black on the bottom - which for me is better. The back is similar colour splicing except for the exposed zipper which runs all down the back.

That I will have to get on Monday so until then this is a work in progress.....


Today was the annual Mothers Day round at Auskick. The gods were smiling on us mums today as the weather was perfect and the Dads organising it had actually staggered the matches, so that Mums with children in different year levels could play in each match. This was a little scary for me because the G3+ group actually know how to play!!

 The morning started with the preps and as always this is a lot of fun. There are lots of kids and lots of mums which is great. Then it was down to the lower oval where it got serious.
 Lets just pretend that this one went through the goals shall we....
All in all a lovely morning spent with my boys.

Friday, May 11

Before and After


 Soooo much better in so little time. The old cover was a cheapie to cover over some stuck on interfacing glue or the like. I never thought to wash it - so the covers just keep building up. Extra padding I like to call it. So now there is a new funkier version. This was done with  quirkly fabric from Spotlight which was $10.95/m. Don't know what else you would make with it - maybe bags?
This is slightly on the bias to fit the board into the whole meter that I bought. Would you believe I also have a new cover on my table top ikea version out of the scraps? It does have a join in it but again, much better than what was there.
(This has fitted sheet elastic sewn around the edges to bring it in- just incase you were wondering)