Wednesday, August 31

Fathers Night Stand In

The big sqirrels travel schedule stuffed up so he can't be here this week like he had planned. Frankly everyone is upset about it, well maybe with one exception....My Dad! Poppy got the special honour of stand in Dad at the twins Fathers Night at kinder.

The lovely photos were taken at kinder and emailed. So thoughtful

Tuesday, August 30


Yep - we made it a whole week into the holidays before resorting to the movies.


Off to school in pj's - him not me!
The whole school reading to a special person.
I love that he loves to read

Saturday, August 27

thirty eight

An early start to a busy day that also happens to be my birthday. The best thing about a birthday is those early morning cuddles. Thankfully today we didn't rush out for breakfast as we had a basketball match...but Dad needed a quick snooze, oh I mean he was looking after the boys while I relaxed. )or thats his story!

After basketball, off to Yum Cha for lunch which was fast but delish.
Then home for a quick cake
Alexander off to a gym bus party
Kinder fundraiser carnival - where i had to speak
and manage two boys who where a bit overwhelmed
but we got there in the end

Friday, August 26


I did kinder duty today and with that privilege comes another one - another visit from Edward bear. Spencer loved having his company - on what could be our busiest weekend of the year. Lets hope Edward can keep up.My big boy heading off to his school disco. An evening event where they get frocked up and dance like mad. Growing up so fast!!!

Thursday, August 25

Wacky day

It was wacky hair day today. The shops are out of coloured hairspray only leaving us with white. His hair is actually cut like this and has been for a while, just its usually so flat that you can't tell. He was a bit happy with himself. At least one of us was.
I was so low today everything was a struggle. We managed the hair thing and had to get moving quickly because the cupboards are bare - no bread, no milk. Nothing. We were off to McDonalds for breakfast and lunch was a lunch order. The kids thought it was great but I felt like a failure. Luckily the other families in there having breakfast were all in the same boat so we weren't judging each other!! The big squirrel is home tomorrow so hopefully that will ease the burden and I am off to get some food!!!

Wednesday, August 24


I've been psyched and I don't think I like it.

I started seeing a psychologist to get help with managing the boys. It is through our local council so when it was really bad in April, by August when I got my first appointment, it has kind of managed itself. Still she is really helpful and really nice. She is also really good.

It probably doesn't seem like it here, but I don't really like talking about myself. The first appointment was fine because we weren't talking about me, it was about the boys and I had done a lot, talked to people, researched, seen specialists, so that we were talking in a conversation rather than answering questions. However, this time it changed and she managed to get me to think and talk about things that I didn't really want to. Maybe not want to but didn't enjoy may be a better explanation.

So I went from looking forward to having a chat, to coming out feeling flat. It is not her fault just got me thinkin', and thats not always fun.

Tuesday, August 23

King Tut

Tutankhamen has travelled to Melbourne and the exhibition is very popular. Alexander has been studying it at school and I was keen for him to see all the exhibition had to offer. The twins usually have a play group on Tuesday, but not this week, so after speaking to his teacher, we all took the day off and went to the museum. My Dad came along too.
It was a great exhibition, a huge amount to see and unbelievable that the things you are looking at are like 3000 years old. Ceramics and jewellery that could be in a store today - really remarkable. I thought we were finished and we were only half way through. It got really good once you entered the display from King Tut's tomb. This is where my research really let me down.
I knew it was from King Tut's tomb, but somehow overlooked the fact that there would be a lot about death. You know, being a dug up grave and dead body and all - it could be a little confronting. Dad was with Alexander and I had the twins who at 4 still have a limit on their interest threshold. There were images of the skeleton in the tomb thing (I am sure it has a name I didn't get a chance to read it) which were a bit much, but they all took it in their stride. I am sure I amused some other guests with my interpretations of the artefacts. There was a beautiful drawer unit which was used to house the kings internal organs in the tomb. When asked what it was for, I told the boys it had his the kings guts in it. They thought that was brilliant.
All in all, I highly recommend going to see this great display - just be prepared there may be some reference to death....

Saturday, August 20


Another crocheted cowl - this time for the kinder teacher. The pom pom wool is woven through at the end.

Thursday, August 18


Working together planting parsley and chives

Monday, August 15


I don't like to get involved.

Seems like a big statement, I always like to help, and in my mind have grand plans, but ultimately I usually over think things and decide that it is best if I stay out of it.

Today was different. Automatically, I got involved and helped a friend (fellow kinder committee member) who was in a car accident. I saw her and her three children on the side of the road being comforted by someone else I knew, but they did not know each other.

My reaction was automatic. I was driving home from my drop offs by myself with no where to be and pulled over to help. We piled the kids in my car and got her sitting down. They were all ok - despite the other car flipping over. I was happy to just be, no rush, whatever they needed.

It all worked out ok. Everyone was safe - no one very hurt - all good (as an accident can be) But, I felt good. I was glad that I could actually help her, and didn't expect anything in return. She was happy to see a face she knew. Other school mums were pulling over to see if I was ok - which was really thoughtful and it felt good to be involved and a participant in my community.

Sunday, August 14

Calm after the storm...

Here we are. It all looks very peaceful - now that is. Today has been a lovely day and the boys have been gorgeous. We have made rocket ships and painted coasters getting ready for fathers day. Yesterday it wasn't so pretty.
It has been a week since the big squirrel left for work, and the pressure was rising. Every niggle seemed to send each of us off in a different direction. I needed to pop out to get something, but on my own with three boys this is never easy. As it turns out after a tantrum (me this time) and starting the car and pretending to drive off (for effect only - mission accomplished), three sheepish boys obediently piled into the car. We didn't get what we needed, just drove around aimlessly for 2 whole hours until we had all calmed down. The cost of the petrol was worth the result. We have all changed - for the better.
The routine is a bit more in order and everyone is more respectful. Lets hope this lasts really cos this single mum needs a bit of order right now....

Friday, August 12

When I grow up

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This was the question put to me by my 7 year old tonight.

"You know you can do anything you want Mum", he continued, "as long as you are here in the morning to take me to school and in the afternoons to pick me up"

Well, there it is. While I thought it was darling that I still have the opportunity to grow up, it really made me think. I always talk to the boys about being able to do anything that they want, but hearing it come back to me is really confronting I suppose. I did however get a little giggle about his 'restrictions'.

With the boys growing up and gaining more and more independence I have started to think about working again. I have been lucky enough to be able to stay at home - well in a sense it was almost easier than trying to arrange care for three boys - and cheaper not to work frankly. That being said, I do miss the work environment. I like finishing a task, chatting with adults about rubbish tv. However, I don't think that I want to go back to my old career....

I used to work in HR - both internal and external recruitment in the pharmaceutical industry. Sounds thrilling I know. I really liked it - particularly internal HR - but now, with my own family, I don't think I could go and be the "Mum" at work. You know, the adjudicator, policy setter, basically the fun police. It is hard enough at home, but to do the same stuff with adults who are getting paid!! No thanks.

Which leads me to now. The wonderland - with a lot more wonder. What is it that I would like to do? Really the question isn't so much about me now, but my family. I do want to be there in the morning and the evenings after school - at least while they are little. I do want to be available for school holidays which there seems to be an awful lot of. I don't know what people do who only have 4 weeks annual leave per year do for the other 9 weeks a year their kids are at home?? So I am working it out in reverse and seems like I am crossing out the things that I don't want to do. Maybe if I keep going I will actually narrow it down to something I do want to be....

Monday, August 8

On my own again

The big squirrel is travelling for work, and it is an understatement to say that it is hard work while he is away. But I will not dwell on that - rather let you know about one of my Go To meals. Lettuce wraps.
Anything they can eat in their hands always seems like more fun and wrapping it in lettuce is such a healthy alternative. The filling can be anything. Mince of some sort - even a bolognaise which I hid a myriad of different veggies and they think they are having unhealthy fun food!

Saturday, August 6

Who knew?!?

I got two pots of these for Mothers Day - and now its August and not only are they still alive but still flowering!!! Amazing in my house. Sitting on the window sill near the sink means these little lovelies actually get a drink!

Friday, August 5

More Emergency Services...

I don't think any mum really wants to see her child in the back of a police car but thankfully this was a visit to the kinder by the police was purely educational!
The boys are really enjoying this focus on the Emergency Services. The police officers were kinder parents, but I was surprised they let the kids in and play in the cars. The kids loved it but I bet when they got back in the car - everything that could be on - was!!

Tuesday, August 2


I hate having to make a choice. Truly - by the time I have weighed up the options, usually the decision is made for me. I really have to look at the pros and cons of everything. Food shopping used to be a nightmare. Washing powder can be a 10 minute decision - cost of package, how much is in it, how many washes, cost per wash... Food is worse because I have to take into account the sugar, fat, carbs, additives etc. Nightmare. Now I shop where there is no choice - works much better for me. If I want flour there is only one option.
Now that you have a scary little insight to the mechanics of my brain, you only begin to understand what has been going through my head in relation to my kids and what to do next year. At this point I have been recommended to repeat kinder, and have a place for the boys where they have been going - and I am President. Having two makes it all a bit more difficult - but I had a good chat with their teacher about them and their needs and now we agree that a different kinder would probably be better.
They are in their comfort zone and have some habits that are not necessarily good. If they do repeat, I think they will need more - more stimulation, more experiences that will give them what they need from the extra year of kinder. It was good to have this chat with the teacher given our unusual relationship. Effectively she is my employee but also my kids teacher and doesn't want to push me away, but also wants the best.
So this has now pushed me to panic again to try and get not one but two kinder places at a suitable sessional kinder. Here we go again!!!