Sunday, August 14

Calm after the storm...

Here we are. It all looks very peaceful - now that is. Today has been a lovely day and the boys have been gorgeous. We have made rocket ships and painted coasters getting ready for fathers day. Yesterday it wasn't so pretty.
It has been a week since the big squirrel left for work, and the pressure was rising. Every niggle seemed to send each of us off in a different direction. I needed to pop out to get something, but on my own with three boys this is never easy. As it turns out after a tantrum (me this time) and starting the car and pretending to drive off (for effect only - mission accomplished), three sheepish boys obediently piled into the car. We didn't get what we needed, just drove around aimlessly for 2 whole hours until we had all calmed down. The cost of the petrol was worth the result. We have all changed - for the better.
The routine is a bit more in order and everyone is more respectful. Lets hope this lasts really cos this single mum needs a bit of order right now....

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