Tuesday, August 23

King Tut

Tutankhamen has travelled to Melbourne and the exhibition is very popular. Alexander has been studying it at school and I was keen for him to see all the exhibition had to offer. The twins usually have a play group on Tuesday, but not this week, so after speaking to his teacher, we all took the day off and went to the museum. My Dad came along too.
It was a great exhibition, a huge amount to see and unbelievable that the things you are looking at are like 3000 years old. Ceramics and jewellery that could be in a store today - really remarkable. I thought we were finished and we were only half way through. It got really good once you entered the display from King Tut's tomb. This is where my research really let me down.
I knew it was from King Tut's tomb, but somehow overlooked the fact that there would be a lot about death. You know, being a dug up grave and dead body and all - it could be a little confronting. Dad was with Alexander and I had the twins who at 4 still have a limit on their interest threshold. There were images of the skeleton in the tomb thing (I am sure it has a name I didn't get a chance to read it) which were a bit much, but they all took it in their stride. I am sure I amused some other guests with my interpretations of the artefacts. There was a beautiful drawer unit which was used to house the kings internal organs in the tomb. When asked what it was for, I told the boys it had his the kings guts in it. They thought that was brilliant.
All in all, I highly recommend going to see this great display - just be prepared there may be some reference to death....

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