Wednesday, August 24


I've been psyched and I don't think I like it.

I started seeing a psychologist to get help with managing the boys. It is through our local council so when it was really bad in April, by August when I got my first appointment, it has kind of managed itself. Still she is really helpful and really nice. She is also really good.

It probably doesn't seem like it here, but I don't really like talking about myself. The first appointment was fine because we weren't talking about me, it was about the boys and I had done a lot, talked to people, researched, seen specialists, so that we were talking in a conversation rather than answering questions. However, this time it changed and she managed to get me to think and talk about things that I didn't really want to. Maybe not want to but didn't enjoy may be a better explanation.

So I went from looking forward to having a chat, to coming out feeling flat. It is not her fault just got me thinkin', and thats not always fun.

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