Monday, August 15


I don't like to get involved.

Seems like a big statement, I always like to help, and in my mind have grand plans, but ultimately I usually over think things and decide that it is best if I stay out of it.

Today was different. Automatically, I got involved and helped a friend (fellow kinder committee member) who was in a car accident. I saw her and her three children on the side of the road being comforted by someone else I knew, but they did not know each other.

My reaction was automatic. I was driving home from my drop offs by myself with no where to be and pulled over to help. We piled the kids in my car and got her sitting down. They were all ok - despite the other car flipping over. I was happy to just be, no rush, whatever they needed.

It all worked out ok. Everyone was safe - no one very hurt - all good (as an accident can be) But, I felt good. I was glad that I could actually help her, and didn't expect anything in return. She was happy to see a face she knew. Other school mums were pulling over to see if I was ok - which was really thoughtful and it felt good to be involved and a participant in my community.

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