Tuesday, August 2


I hate having to make a choice. Truly - by the time I have weighed up the options, usually the decision is made for me. I really have to look at the pros and cons of everything. Food shopping used to be a nightmare. Washing powder can be a 10 minute decision - cost of package, how much is in it, how many washes, cost per wash... Food is worse because I have to take into account the sugar, fat, carbs, additives etc. Nightmare. Now I shop where there is no choice - works much better for me. If I want flour there is only one option.
Now that you have a scary little insight to the mechanics of my brain, you only begin to understand what has been going through my head in relation to my kids and what to do next year. At this point I have been recommended to repeat kinder, and have a place for the boys where they have been going - and I am President. Having two makes it all a bit more difficult - but I had a good chat with their teacher about them and their needs and now we agree that a different kinder would probably be better.
They are in their comfort zone and have some habits that are not necessarily good. If they do repeat, I think they will need more - more stimulation, more experiences that will give them what they need from the extra year of kinder. It was good to have this chat with the teacher given our unusual relationship. Effectively she is my employee but also my kids teacher and doesn't want to push me away, but also wants the best.
So this has now pushed me to panic again to try and get not one but two kinder places at a suitable sessional kinder. Here we go again!!!

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