Thursday, July 31

What were you expecting?

Yes, I know- usually when you have had a diamond day like yesterday - the next day is... well...not a diamond. Actually for a change that didn't happen (thank goodness). We had a day of doing jobs with the help of Nana and FINALLY enrolled in school. Yes, I know it is cutting it fine but I always wait until the last minute (and then panic.)

It was the day of the party today and the unveiling of the present. Yes, I stuck to my policy and we gave the birthday boy a Denim Apron with his initial painted on it, a matching drawstring bag to keep it in (which also acted as the wrapping), cookie cutters in the shape of a hammer, drill and pliers and we wrote out the recepie to easy cookies. Finally we made the card with the contact A we had cut out to make the stencil - very thrifty. I think it ended up looking pretty good- what do you think?

The party was at Kew Traffic School where we had been in January. I can't get over the progression in Alexander's skills. He rode his bike quickly and easily - considering he has not had much chance to practice. A couple of weeks and he will be off the training wheels.

Wednesday, July 30

Some days are diamonds

And today was one of those. It is so lovely (and easy) when children just get along. You can't force it or make it happen - but when it does.....ahhh. Enjoy a hot cup of tea and a chat while five boys play. Thank you two little buttons!

Tuesday, July 29

Craft night - take 2

As you have seen we have introduced Barbie into the boy-zone. They are getting played with, but I want a little more imaginative play. Well, maybe a little less 'imaginative' play, and a bit of home corner style play. (as opposed to naked barbie being thrown of benches and rescued by duplo men, but its all good). I thought the best way is to address the naked barbie was by making some clothes together. I was surprised by the lack of patterns around for barbies. I suppose the clothes are just as cheap to buy these days. I found a Burda 8576 which also has Ken clothes. We made some PJ's so it was a good start. I found in a couple of books around the place these knitted patterns, but not really my forte. Finally going through mum's old burda magazines, I found these beauties - circa 1975.

Very tame - I know but I didn't know what else to do. I couldn't take something dirty to someone elses house (although some things are tempting not to do at our house!) but I traced out patterns from this Burda - which to anyone who hasn't seen it, the master sheets look like a road map of America via satellite. It was good to keep me busy but still able to chat. Next time I will take the dresses to sew. All this and home intime to see the late edition of Project Runway - when will they dump Helen????

Monday, July 28

Craft night...

I got invited to my first craft night and I am very excited. A bit tragic I know, but some like minded mums invited me over to their monthly thing and now I dont know what to do. Of course I have been internet searching for what I want to do.

Through various blogs I stumbled on the magazine Ottobre which is a Finnish fashion pattern magazine (my like my beloved German Burda). There I found some free download stencils, and as I have some fabric paint lying around, I thought this could be a go - butI would have to try it out first...

So I printed the scooter out and cut it out using acetate plastic. I couldn't resist cutting out some tops. I had some lycra like fabric and found that these two matched. I reverse the fabrics so one has a striped body with plain arms and the other has a plain body and striped arms - should look very cute on Benji and Spencer.

I have a basic set of fabric paints and mixed up a burgandy and had to 'test' my stencil. It worked really well and I am really proud of myself. I just had to sew them up - now all that is needed is the neckband and a bit of twin needle top stitching. I think they came up pretty good -not only is it nice to have clothes made by mum, but it is also nice for them not to be covered in scribble prints as is the long running trend in boys clothes.

The only problem now is what do I do for the craft night???

Sunday, July 27

A bit of help needed

Help comes in all different forms - but usually you have to ask for it.

The big squirrel has been working really long hours lately and that can make it hard at home. M mum and dad come over today to offer some relief which was greatly welcomed. It also helped because when I woke up today I remembered I hadn't done the squirrels GST and it was due!!! I dont want an $800 fine so it had to be done. After a lot of nagging I eventually convinced Nan and Popeye to take all the kids out - ANYWHERE!! It is only the second time since they were born I have been at home by myself. Images of relaxing and pampering should be quickly forgotten as I was hunched over the PC drowning in a sea of receits. But it did all get finished and off to the ATO in time - yeah!!

Now on a different matter I need your help. You are aware that I have made the present pact - and it is getting hard already!! Alexander has been invited to a 5 year old party at Kew Riding School - so there is a bit of a transport theme. He is a lovely little boy with an older brother (about 8) and another baby due literally any minute.
Some of my ideas were:
  • An apron with cookie cutters shaped in hammers etc that I bought from the Magnolia Market in Brighton- with an audio cookbook (I thought this may be a bit hard on his mum with a new baby but not sure)
  • A costume - not sure about dinosaur or any variations on the theme. These are fairly easy to whip up. I do like a police costume - especially given the transport theme - but that is what his dad is - so they have the real thing.
  • A top or two - say a longsleeve raglan top with some kind of pattern on the front - a bit boring for the boy!
  • I have a hot wheels racing set where two kids race each other on bikes - I had this in my present cupboard - bought on sale...

I like to do books or educational type toys for friends birthdays. I don't know what they already have or really what he likes to do. I don't like getting them say Spiderman or transformers. If you have any great ideas I would LOVE to hear them. It doesn't matter if it is last minute - I am known to be whipping things up at the last minute...

Saturday, July 26

It the journey not the destination

I was feeling guilty about not doing enough with the twins. At the moment it seems that Alexander and I do fun things while the boys are asleep. Today I decided to change that.

A couple of days ago I bought three paints and three canvases and my (great) idea was each boy could paint a canvas in the limited colour palatte and it I could hang it on the wall. I would stencil each boys initial on their canvas - brilliant I thought.

So, I got the paints ready, canvases, a variety of brushes and rollers, plates for the paint, even a bucket of warm water and a towel for the clean up. I thought for sure there would be handprints. I got the kids all dressed in old comfy clothes - as there was sure to be a bit of mess. To get them in the spirit of painting, I even had butchers paper for the warmup painting.

I know I know - what was I thinking? A four year old, and two 19 month olds and paint? Well there were no handprints, a fair bit of paint got eaten, Alexander did a good painting, the deck got a good covering of every colour. I didn't bother getting the canvases out- they weren't interested. The most fun of the morning (for them) was cleaning up. They love mops and water - and as soon as I wasn't watching, Benji even jumped in!! The morning was finished by a good play in the real bath.

So while I had set off with grand plans, we had a good play and a good day. I was all about the end result, but they enjoyed the process and the activities. I don't feel so guilty anymore but maybe next time we'll do play dough!

Friday, July 25

How does your garden grow?

We are no where near self sufficient with our little vegie patch but we are starting to get some results. I nevere grew anything when I was young - except some raddishes in a hothouse for a science project in high school. It was a great hot house and there were heaps of raddishes but I don't eat them, so it was all a bit lost on me.

Our garden is growing well, with things that the kids eat - mind you, not really sure why I chose dwarf carrots which take as long as the big ones, but are just like golfballs! They do taste yummy and our little gardener is enjoying the process.

Thursday, July 24


Since Tuesday Alexander has been harping on about making Lemonade. Our lemon tree has fruit and he keeps picking them and adding them to the bowl for his project.

So today we did it. He was so excited and squeezed a pile of lemons, added hot water and honey. He had seen the recipe on telly and would only do it like that. In his head he was making the sweet carbonated commercial lemonade, not cold bitter lemon water. There was no telling him but he knows now! I call it payback!!


It was like a scene from a movie - sans Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery.

We had another early morning today, but I let Alexander up 15 minutes before me because I wanted to listen to the news on the radio (and it was tooooooo cold to get up!) This was the scene through my family room - red wool just added to the authenticity - and was impossible to untangle!

Wednesday, July 23

Makes my heart giggle..

All the boys love books - especially Alexander. We always have a story at night. He really enjoys a chapter book and I have really enjoyed reliving my childhood reading Enid Blyton's Wishing Chair series and the Magic Faraway tree. When we finished the final Faraway tree book we needed a new book and we have moved onto Ronld Dahl.
We have to be a bit careful because some of his books are a bit old for a 4 and a half year old. Also, like Disney movies, the first chapter is usually the parents dying in some freak accident and the child going to live with someone awful. Anyway, he love Fantastic Mr Fox, and we really enjoyed the audio book of Danny the Champion of the World. On a recent outing we found The Twits and the gross humour of this book is right up Alexander's alley.
Tonight we couldn't find our book, but Alexander wanted to play with some alphabet cards. We were chatting well but he was looking interest. We then started to do some spelling with the cards and started with Mum. Chatting about the sounds letters make when they are joined up - and then it hit me. Some unsavory words would get him interested in this spelling caper. First was bum and then fart.
He was engaged and interested in the sounds the letters made and how they joined up to make the words. The pureness of the giggles he gave me- the kind that don't seem like they will ever end was worth the trip down the ruder path. He said "it makes my heart giggle"

Quickie - WOOL SALE

I will give a better update lately but I had to tell you about a wool sale

Knitting Yarn Warehouse Sale
International yarn wholesaler moving premises clearing 1000's of skeins
The place to be - 45 Vannam Drive Ashwood 3147
Near Chadstone - Mel reference 60 J9, j10
Wed 23 - Sun 27 July Between 10 - 5pm

Most balls of wool are 50 cents each and there is some dry felting packs and heaps and heaps of great wools for scarves. Check it out!

Tuesday, July 22

Some deliveries

It has been a bit festive of late - that is lots of presents. Still trying to stick to making them this week I delivered another baby blanket for the newest Arena - Nate. This is my standard blanket style.
Also delivered was an emboirdered scarf thinging for a christening, a crafting pack for a birthday present (not home made but bought before home made present pact) and a tutu with winged singlet for Samantha's second birthday. I even made the card and wrapping paper.

Sunday, July 20

Birthday Party

There is never a good time to schedule a preschool birthday party. Once you have all the invitees there is always the smaller siblings to consider - and their need for sleep. This struck us today - plus the remains of colds and a late night made for unhappy boys. I know it is impossible to wish them all to be happy at once, but you would think a play centre, lots of kids in 'happyland' should make them happy - but apparently not.

Mum helped out today because the big squirrel was winning a golf match- but I can't imagine what would have happened if I went solo. On the way Alexander cracked it because he wanted a lolly (on the way to sugar heaven!) Crisis averted only to have Spencer enter the tanty zone on the walk in. He was so tired he just didn't recover. Benji was fine - and happy to stir up both of them to maximum effect.

But on the bright side the birthday boy had a lovely day and left very happy as a dinosaur.

Saturday, July 19


Today we went to the snow! It was nice and close to home and the way the twins were I am glad we didn't drive for 2 hours!! I got them into one photo but that was as good as it got - they were very tired though.

Alexander and Eloise played quite happily in the patch of snow that Mt Buller provided in the main street. There was a tobggin 'bump' and a bit of fun. It was the first time Alexander had seen snow - and his take - 'its pretty cold stuff'!! Not enough snow to build a real snowman so that is still on the list of things to do.

Friday, July 18

More Dino-tails

Borrowing again from Dear Fii, I can't just wrap our dinosaur hat and tail present - for Sunday so we had some impromtu craft.

I found a picture of a dinosaur in the book pictured. We traced it out, found some cardboard from a brochure pack and immediately had a stencil. Alexander rolled out some green and then silver fabric paint and we were in business. I used a silver pen to draw in the details and then found some sew on eyes in my useful box. Image all done, I sewed it on to a purple 'green bag' as a pocket. So now the birthday boy has a handy bag to keep his dressups in. The card we made based on the same template is tucked up neatly in the new pocket and I am very proud of myself! Doesn't it look great( I know I'm biased)

(Oh, but I bought some leather knee high boots from the sale I told you about for only $50 and they are lovely - very naughty!!)

Thursday, July 17


The last three tails have finally been delivered. I had been procrastinating on these - because I had cut the waistband the wrong way - had to re-cut three and unpick one. The finishing is always the problem!

So, I got some time and in less than an hour (!) they were done. But that hour was worth it to see her eldest dancing home from kinder as a dinosaur. It made my day.

I was making this for the present for our party on Sunday, however I know they have since bought something similar- thus change of plans. While the twins napped I whipped up another - the more you do the quicker they get. A tight deadline doesn't hurt either. Rather than wrapping them, I may make a bag - will have to think on that a bit....but still sticking to new philosophy.

Wednesday, July 16

More Bargains...

A few shopping updates -

1. This shoe sale is on again from Wednesday to Saturday. Remember it is cash only. Not really pram friendly but no stairs.

2. Biscote - also in Hall Street has 25% off. Their website is Pictures don't do it justice - knitwear is very good and often 100%wool. Also a lot of natural fibres.

3. Bedding Sale - Monash Homemaker Centre Cnr Princes Highway and Blackburn Road Clayton. Saturday 19th and Sunday 20 July from 9 to 5. They take cash, credit or eftpos.
I have been here before and got cot blankets and doonas for the cots. Thye have irregular quilts (doonas) all sizes for $10. Duck down quilts in queen and king size for $99 (usually $299) and lots of pillows - which always make good cushions got about $5. They have Jason towels and woolen underlays. The other thing that was good was the hotel quality sheeting. Not flash in looks but really really thick. Single sheets are $9. Nothing you can see through.

I am off there to get single bed doonas for the twins and replace Xanders. No, the twins are still in cots and should be for a while - just getting ready!!!

4. Free Family Fun - SNOW. In High Street Ashburton from 10am to 2 or 4 cant remember. They have a mini festival with snow for the kids to play in on Saturday 19 July and saves a mountain drive.

Peace ...

......but only for a moment - in front of the big glowing box!


1. Fabric for curtains for the twins room. I love the number 2 on it.

2. Rolling pin - to replace the lemonade bottle

3. Scarf hanger - for my mum

4. Display boxes - to display Alexanders clay projects

5. Moveable body - because I have always wanted one.

Nothing I needed but happy with all of my purchases.

Tuesday, July 15

Are you sleepy?

One of the ideas that has been bubbling away for a while and is in process is this.

Background - my girlfriend (a seasoned traveler) is off to Japan for work and I wanted to give her a gift. My thought was a groovy sleeping mask. I have seen a few around on Etsy and in magazines.
This is a picture of one from Etsy (I have lost the link - sorry to the seller.) I like the concept of eyes on the eye mask.

This led to the thought of 'manga' eyes. A japanese style cartoon where the girls traditionally have big eyes (think Astro boy). I thought I could screen print these on (or gocco like this!) So I found this video and started doing some sketches. I want some big happy eyes, so you look like you are having the time of your life while snoozing.

The first few attempts were dismal to say the least but they are getting closer to what I want.

The other feature of this mask is it is going to be a heat/cold pack. A bit of weight on it doesn't hurt either, but we have a heat pack dog which is filled with flax seed and lavender and I thought this would do the trick. I was also reminded of this from this post on RareBirds

The mask shape is from an old Burda magazine, but of course I can't find it now.

I am thinking of adding a bit of colour and maybe some beads. The thing about Manga eyes is all about the highlight - so I thought they could be beads - we will see how we go....

Monday, July 14

Hooray for Kinder

It is so lovely that kinder holidays have finished. Although I wasn't too keen to get out of bed and get going this morning - once we did it was fine.

Alexander was off to kinder again, and the twins and I had the morning at home. We were taking it quietly when a girlfriend unexpectedly arrived with her new twins (2 month old). It was a lovely break in the day and the boys were quite happy to play around and entertain themselves until it was kinder pick up time.

B & S went down for a sleep and all our energy levels were revived that we had a lovely play outside - trimming the lemon tree, weeding the vegie patch and even harvesting some dwarf carrots for dinner. The day was finished with a play on the trampoline.

Yah for kinder.

Sunday, July 13

Sunday Funday

It was a family affair this Sunday with my sister in law and her husband coming to visit. They were coming for lunch so the big squirrel and Alexander got busy cooking. They made our standard fare at the moment - cheese and vegemite scrolls and pizza ones too. They did a great job.

It was lovely to see them again and we watched the Chipmonks movie together. They had brought a lovely gift for Alexander - a work shirt the same as Dad's. We had to pry it off him to get him into bed!

Saturday, July 12

Out from under my rock?

I don't really know how this happened, but today I discovered Maling Road in Canterbury. I don't know how this little gem got past me (probably not really pram friendly) but it is close to home and bursting with inspiration.

I met a girlfriend for coffee - sans kids- and finally delivered the pearl necklace that I have had finished since MAY (forgot to get a photo for you) Much as I love the little acorns, gee it was lovely to be out without them and have an hour of two for me.

So, I will have to get back to Maling road and do a bit more discovering. There is a really good paper shop that needs another visit.

Oh, and a huge congrats to Miss B on your new job. What a fantastic achievement and hope it delivers all you are looking for. Well Done.

Bath Time

Bathtime for the twins has always been a struggle for us. Not only is there the logistical issue of two babies the other problem is that they just don't like it - particularly Spencer. There was a bath incident once where he went under - nothing major but bathtimes didn't improve after it. So we had tried everything - bathing alone in the bath, the baby bath, bathing together, bathing with a parent, baths in the laundry trough, showers - together, alone and with a parent. None of which has been easy or enjoyable for anyone - until now!

In the summer we used these tubs for pools and the kids sat on the deck playing in the cool water and then we tipped it on the vegie patch - really easy recycling. Having their regular baths in these for some reason didn't occur to us, but putting them in these with a fistful of toys seems to have solved the problem. No more tantrums with B or S screaming in your ear and desparately clambouring up your body to get out of the water. Now the only issue was getting them out- a lovely and welcome change. (S in red bath)

Friday, July 11

New Best Friend

My crafting juices were flowing after reading about gocco printing here and this is where I stumbled on Dear Fii, my new best friend. She doesn't know it yet - I will have to let her know but I love what she does.

What a crafty chick - and all this while looking after a tribe - where do you find the time? I went back to the beginning of her blog and read every entry (sounds a bit stalker-esque but not my intent) and I was surprised at how similar our experiences are. I too live in a sense of creative chaos where family and happiness are always prioritised over cleaning and washing!

So, I am going to try to borrow an idea from Fiona and that is to try and make all our presents - or at least as many as I can. Thanks Dear Fii - and waiting your latest update.

Thursday, July 10

Ability to Change

It was all set to be one of those days today. I woke up in a bad mood and it was just getting worse. Infact I think the first thing I said to the big squirrel was "if that alarm goes off one more morning at 6 when you are not getting up, I am going to stab you with a blunt knife". Sometimes he just doesn't get the point and I need to be quite graphic. He got the point this morning and knew to stay clear.

So, I was going to spiral further into the dulldrums, when our lunchdate was confirmed. Life is always better by the time everyone is in the car. (that half hour of chasing everyone, shoes, jackets, snacks, nappies etc is to be avoided at all cost!!!) Once we were there it was lovely. It is nice to know someone else is going through the same crap as you - it makes all the difference! And all the boys played well - even a civilised game of UNO (we must get this game). So thanks Nay it made all the difference.

Once home with the twins packed off to bed, Xander and I actually headed outside. We went out to finish a this present but got sidetracked once I got into the garage. We are called 'squirrels' because both of us tend to collect things - not trinkets or a proper 'collection' but useful stuff. Things to make into - bit of wood, fabric, things that are too good to throw out, things to sell.... So the garage is full of all our little nuts!!! So much so we have never had a car in there and today hardly could even get a person in!! So this was my job- moving lumps of wood, lawnmowers, wheelie bins full of water, candleabras from our wedding which were a bargain now just hanging around... but I had such fun. The physical activity just made me feel so much better and now that things are grouped together (the virgo in me takes over sometimes) and there is a bit of space to swing a cat I feel really good. We even managed to do a load of washing, wash the dishes and do vacuuming.

So now there are two new things on my to do list - firstly prioritise seeing people - it can totally change your day, and secondly some physical activity. We will see how we go with the second one. Off to work tomorrow - yeah!

Wednesday, July 9

A bit of magic in Dandenong

I think we were out all day today - it was busy but great.

Our first stop was playgroup which was a better turn out this week with four original kids (usually at kinder) and they all played so well together.

From there we were off to Dandenong to see a show - Possum Magic the musical (based on the book Possum Magic by Mem Fox), playing at the Drum theatre in Dandenong. This would have to be one of the best children's shows I have seen. The theatre was good, our seats were great, it was Australian, the story and music were good- not too 'hammed' up. There were beautiful puppets and the whole show was really well presented and enjoyable. It went for an hour with no interval, but Alexander loved it - the twins slept through it so it was all good.

Now the busy boys are all in bed asleep - ahhhhhhhh.

Sunday, July 6

Adulation for the old boy!

The big squirrel doesn't get much adulation. With all that is going on on a day to day basis I just don't get around to that and it is much easier to focus on what he is not doing!

But, here is a post (my second for the day) just dedicated to him. Not only has he been working extremely hard establishing a new business which is still really in its infancy, he is also working around the house (and dealing with my demands but that is a different post). Our renovations have been dragging on FOREVER and I think you get to a point where if you don't finish it you stop seeing it. Having grown up in a house like that I really don't want that to happen.

Today, my darling has been busy digging up a segment of the concrete driveway to remove a root of a big deciduous tree owned by the neighbour. He got this ready for concrete to be poured tomorrow. Then after a quick dinner, he headed into the bathroom to lay a few more tiles in there. Now it is onto some paperwork. I know he wont read this because computers aren't his fortae, but if you see him, could you pass on my love and thanks. He really is a good boy.

My dream bike

Part of my new philosophy is to get a bit healthier and get a bit greener - as well as saving money. So a bike has been on the radar for a while - but there are a few downsides - three young children, a main road and living on a big hill!

Given those constraints, the big hill is one that wont change - but the main road and children need to be managed. Alexander isn't skilled enough yet to ride his bike solo yet, but he is getting closer. The twins are WAY OFF. So the challenge has been how to get them around without the car. We have bought one of those bike trailers which do fit the twins, but it is a bit unstable. The problem is when I get off the bike, the bike falls over and the trailer is really wobbly which makes getting in and out of it quite difficult.

I had watched an episode of the ABC's Carbon Cops some time back and they had this great bike. My brother was over today and we were chatting about potentially building one. For some reference we were surfing the net and found some rickshaw style bikes, but the kids were at the back. Then we stumbled on the Danish Christiania bike. This is the one I have been fantasizing about for the last 6 months - and have finally found out what it is and a local distributor. Have more of a look at

Saturday, July 5

Blast from the Past

It happens to all of us.... as time goes by you lose touch with people. Work, love and life just takes you in different directions. But isn't it wonderful when you reconnect. This happened tonight.

Through a chance encounter we met up again with Lucie and tonight was her engagement party. It was a great night at her parents place (much more civilized than parties of our past!!) and there were people I hadn't seen for probably close to 15 years - but it feels like yesterday. Emails were exchanged as well as summarized life stories. It seems funny to put so much of your life into a nutshell. (Got married, moved house, had kids - all seems weird)

So to Lucie and Steve I wish them love and happiness in their lives and hope it isn't so long until the next reunion.

Thursday, July 3

Saving Money - some plans

So, my Make Do Mend mentality - what am I doing. Some of the things are simple and some of them I simply should have been doing anyway.
  • Banking. I have taken the time to look at our accounts and there are lots of charges and fees for things that can be reduced. I have an appointment with them to talk about changing some of these things
  • Credit card - simple - pay it off each month. It is a matter of knowing when it is and doing it, not leaving it at the maximum and paying it to buy something else.
  • Coffee - learning to love nescafe and tea - from home.
  • Stopping daily delivery of the newspaper.
  • Saving energy and water - we are watching and limiting our lights and wasting resources
  • Never, never, never buy pay full price
  • trying to shop at Aldi - but struggling getting my food thrown at me
  • I worked today and I took my lunch. Not only was it much nicer, but I saved about $10 from the awful sandwich shop there.
  • Taking the time to watch what we do spend our money on and assess whether we need to make each purchase
  • We have a saving goal in mind - competition works best for the big squirrel. Once I can get him on board we have a chance of saving.
  • Our vegie patch - the idea is to be a little sustainable, however we have had one dwarf carrot from the winter crop. It is growing but slowly.
  • Watching wasting petrol just 'driving' and buying petrol on Tuesdays - with dockets
They are all little things but will add up in the end - I hope. Happy to hear any of your ideas too.

Wednesday, July 2

No reprieve

As you can see, sleep just made them more creative and active. The house was deceptively quiet as I crept down the hall I could hear the sound of paper - like the newspaper being pulled apart. I forgot that I had left the 70m roll of brown paper in our room (from our Christmas!!) They were so proud of themselves and then they moved onto the sticky tape!!!!!

Is it wrong of me to be looking forward to going to work tomorrow??????????????

Suck it up!

Some days just suck.

I could leave it there and I know you would all agree. I am feeling better after our aeroplane 'crash' but I think it always takes time for these things to really repair. So, I had decided today was going to be a good day- but not so far. I finally hussled all the kids out the door to playgroup. Alexander hadn't been since kinder so it was all going to be a bit weird. The only thing weird was the lack of people - only us and one other family.

So a nice intimate play happened with the twins and her child, and while chatting she tells me the bad news that she and her partner have split up. At least it is all amicable, but the whole thing just sucks. Not a very nice place to be in.

Spencer fell out of a box and they were all getting tired and ratty so we came home. After a lunch of left over turkey, I allowed them a quick play before their sleep. Well, one was in my sewing cabinet undoing cottons at a rate of knots, only to spin around to see the other spreading pins all over the carpet from the pincushion he had swiped. It is hard enough to get time to 'do' anything, let alone have to pack it up all the time.

With the twins tucked into bed and Alexander engrossed in Ratatouille I may sneak some time for some handsewing of Peter Pan - and a minor pin hunt.

Tuesday, July 1

Happy New Year

So, we had Christmas last night and today is a new financial year - which I am treating as a new year.

Our new philosophy of Make, Do, Mend should really kick in from today. Some of my goals include ensuring all our food is healthy, watching where our money is going and trying to reduce wastage in general. Things just creep up on you and it is only when you analyze them that you realise how much you can waste. The occasional bought coffee turned into one - two a week and this was on the rise to almost one a day. And it didn't stop at coffee because the cafe became an outing and I needed to buy food for the kids. This added up to hundreds of dollars over the year which could be better spent elsewhere or saved.

We are going well so far....