Saturday, March 24

A sign of days to come

All of a sudden our weekends are busy. Not just one thing over the two day, but multiple events at different times for different people. Sadly I have just realised none of the events were for me, but I digress.
Today I even needed to rope in mum to help out with the driving.
The twins had mini mags and were home for lunch.
Auskick registration and a party for Alexander were done by mum. Thankfully these days they are drop and run parties.
A quick lunch and off to a party for the twins. They were so excited about this party they got dressed for it at 7am when it started at 3:30pm. this was a chance for the parents to meet so we all were invited to stay. There was so much lovely food at this party - which was a football theme held at our local scouthall.
After the fist hour they had an entertainer and to my great surprise (as has been happening so much this year) my boys just run off and join in. They play with their friends, are included in games and have fun. Last year they were exclusive to each other and would NEVER dance in public. They never joined in and would rather sit with sullen looks on their faces. Not any more- they are in there wiggling their bums to the chicken dance, doing the limbo. Like someone has spiked their drinks!! I couldn't be happier.The big squirrel came but had to leave to take Alexander to basketball presentation.
Phew - day over at 6pm. Kids full of sugar and all out of energy.

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