Sunday, April 29

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

The little prince. One of my favourite stories. I used to read this to my babies when they were very little and I am inspired to bring it out again. When thinking about words I wanted to use decoratively,  I didn't want english - infact anything but. The little prince is originally in French is perfect.
 I started with a cotton scarf (this one was on special from Kmart) and a Stained by Sharpie fabric texta that I got in a pack from target. I chose to use the blue because I thought it would look good with denim
 A quick internet search led me to this site which had 13 quotes from The Little Prince in both French and English. WIth this displayed on the Ipad, I pinned my scarf to a cork board, but this was more about texta bleed than anything else and infact the pinning was a bit of a pain. It worked better if I stretched the fabric as I went.
I chose to write in a soft diagonal as I thought this would wear better. Straight lines either direction would look like text, whereas I felt a diagonal would look more like a pattern.
 You can see in this picture, that towards the end my sharpie actually ran out! I kept going because I wanted to keep my place in the text, thinking I would buy another one and go over it, however it ended up looking like a natural fade and I think I will keep it like this. Partly laziness but also the aesthetics are actually pleasing. To compliment the colour fade, I decided to write more, in a different colour and direction. The green text is the books key message and also the title of this post. Then I have the title and author.
 The touch of green not only lifts it, but means it looks great with all of the green items in my wardrobe - including the relatively new green jeans!

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  1. nic that looks amazing. you are inspirational !!!!
    Think i might have to steal your idea