Friday, October 29

The only way is up

I have had this song by Yaz circa 1998 as my mantra today. After an iffy start today we were certainly on the way up. It was the only way after yesterday. Spencer was the sickest, but a bag of twisties seemed to bring him back to life. We also got a new addition to our costume (!) collection. It was meant to be held until his birthday, but he carried on so much that Nan gave in and he got to be Woody.
They are predicting storms here tonight so the big squirrel got onto the garage roof to investigate where the water has been getting in (for the past 4 years!!!!!!) The buchet of water came straight through into my face so it was pretty easy to find the leak!!
While I was in there waiting to be drenched, I found a bag of felt pieces that I have been actively looking for for the past year. We have a heap of little white felt dots that I have a plan for. Alexander and I dyed them with food colouring but I will let you know what happens.

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