Saturday, October 9


On our way back to Brisbane and ultimately home, we called into the late Steve Irwin's place to check out Australia Zoo. I wasn't expecting much, but with the hefty entrance price we were going to stay all day irrespective. However, once we got inside I was more than pleasantly surprised.
The place was packed with animals - not in an unhealthy way. It was clean, there were heaps of staff and everyone was busy but always happy for a chat and
really friendly and very knowledgeable.
The kids absolutely loved it. You really saw the an
imals up close and there was heaps to do and see. With our little tour guides
we saw crocodiles

heaps of koalas

and watched the show
Benji was the only one little enough and brave enough for a pony ride (which was inclusive)
We even fed the elephants.

I have to say while I was a bit iffy about the whole thing it really is a great place. Steve is still very present which is a little creepy, but apart from that it is really cool. The twins got a lot out of it, and Alexander loved it. He is studying habitats at school and constantly referring to the Zoo. Even I, elcheapo, felt the experience justified the cost. I would go again!!

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