Saturday, October 16


Alexander is in his first team. He is playing basketball for school and this is one sport he has really taken to. The ball is always bouncing - particularly in the kitchen which drives me MAD, but he is having fun and learning so I try to put up with it.
Today was his first game. The team has only been together for a couple of weeks and Alexander has never even seen a game played, let alone been a competitor. So off we went to the courts with his shiny new, albeit big, uniform to play.
It took a while for our team to find their groove, but by the second half they were in chasing the ball. They were outplayed by a bigger experienced and far superior team. Our boys didn't even get to shoot for goal - but they all had fun and tried. At the end they were even working out their own drill to practice attack and defence.
The score was 17 nil, we were the nil, but Alexander came home and in answer to the question, "Did you win?" was "Nah, but it was close!!"

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