Thursday, October 7


I have been waxing lyrically about how much I love getting home made presents. I do, but I also love thoughtful bought ones too. Really who doesn't love getting presents? The birdy on the end was a birthday gift from Nay. I love it - and wore it as soon as I got it. Why haven't I told you about it sooner. Well I was wearing it the following day and it fell off and the poor bird lost its tail. Luckily I felt it fall and found the bit- but took a bit of time to repair it. It came on holidays with me and I now tie it on. While we were away it got two new friend. How could I resist the resin red squirrel. Like it was made for me. It is actually the same brand as the bird - Ruby Luxe.The camera was a cheap market find. It is metal and has a stone in for the lens which actually flips your reflection upside down. I thought it was cute. I wasn't the only one getting jewels while we were away. Alexander found the beaded necklace in a playground and became attached. Unfortunately the beads didn't remain attached and it needed repairs. The promise of a shark tooth necklace was made and luckily we found one - he looks so grown up wearing them.

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