Friday, January 17

Happy Birthday to my first baby!

Nothing quite ages you like children. They are a magnificent beacon on your timeline - particularly the first. When you first become a parent - or a mum - your life changes and it is not longer about you, it is about your child. It is a new beginning and everything seems to be counted either BC or AC - before or after children.
Today my little baby turned 10. Double digits is a milestone in itself, for him and for me. There is a lot going on in our lives at the moment, and we wanted to make this a celebration for him. It didn't help that the mercury is well above 40, at an oppressively hot 44.

We started the day in our room, but presents were found via a treasure hunt, which turned out to be great fun for everyone. The kids all running around the house trying to find the next gift.

He had (optimistically) asked for a car - and was led to this one in the driveway!
Such a boy - it took him ages to find the final present hidden in the bath. A road bike. Not that easy to hide. He certainly had a "boy look"Maybe because it was under a sheet.
Test run.
WE then headed off for our traditional breakfast at Chapellis. We have been going there since he was little. While it is not the coolest or tastiest, they know us. It is our little version of "Cheers" where we walk in and the food lands in front of us and catch up chats begin. Thats why we go. 

 Back home to escape the heat before dinner celebrations.

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