Monday, January 6

Ear Ear

Seems we embarked on another little adventure with our boy Benji.  I was making the boys all beanbags. To be extra safe and make sure the beans couldn't come out, I was sewing the bags up - ie no zip. 

Once all the bags were sewn up ready, we went out to kmart to get the beans. 7 big bags came home with us and we started on the first one. Each bag took 2 bags of beans to fill and on our first attempt a few beans fell out onto the floor and I asked the boys to pick them up.

Lets also have a bit more information. My boys are 9, 7 & 7. Not babies. I was sewing the bag in the same room as them. Infact I was no more than 3 metres away and actually FACING them. 

Fast forward a couple of seemingly mundane minutes and I tell Benji not to put the spoon in his ear. His reply was he was trying to clean it. I said go and get a cotton bud and come here and I will do it. It was then I made the discovery. A big polystyrene ball now wedged in his ear. No cotton bud would help - and I am sure the spoon didn't help much either. I had some tweezers but they weren't thin enough to get in so I decided that we needed to go to the gp. This is where the comedy of errors began in the early evening. 

The GP lacks, how would you say, hmm, bedside manner. She had the tools, but was obviously a little stressed by the idea and panicked my little 7 year old. He started to cry, she suggested hospital, I tried a couple of times to explain what was happening. She wouldn't let use her tools (I know- Biatch) so after everyone screaming, and the people in the waiting room horrified, we left.
At home with it a little further in, I was reluctant to go to hospital. I went and bought some "tools" and started operations at home. I further traumatized the little bugger. We put the olive oil in as the dr suggested and I think the weight of this only pushed it in even further than she did. Then a rigged up a straw on the vacuum - macguiver style. This at least sucked out the olive oil! It was only after all of this failed that the big squirrel took him off to hospital.

First stop was the eye and ear hospital. I figured this would be the place you would go for something shoved in your ear. Apparently not if you're a kid. They attempted but they suggested a general- and we figured this was a little OTT for the little polystyrene ball that was just out of reach. So he was referred on to the Childrens'.

So - the upshot is the Royal Childrens' Hospital is the place to be. He sat in the waiting room with all those other kids, and once he got attended to (at 11pm - he was really not a priority given he was just stupid and in no real pain) they gassed him up and promptly grabbed out the offending item. Home safe and happy with dislodged ball at 12pm. He vows never to do THAT again. 

It does however make me wonder what the next adventure will be?

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