Wednesday, January 29


School goes back tomorrow and it was time for our annual celebration dinner. Nachos, Chicken Parma and Fudge Brownies were on the menu along with discussion on our word of the year:

This one word again encompasses lots of different things. It is about putting plans into actions. Not being a gunna and being a doer. Do it Now philosophy. 
Why put off til tomorrow what you can do today?

I know I am very guilty of not doing things straight away. Being late everywhere. Talking up these grand schemes - getting to the point where I spend money and then not going any further. 
The boys also need to take more action. To practice their skills is the only way they can improve. Do you reading straight away. Homework. Shoot some hoops. Mathletics. All of those things are important - much more important than laying sloth-like on the couch in front of mindless cartoons.

Personally, this word is two fold. One is about taking control as ignorance is not bliss. It is not great to be always chasing your tail. Things like staying on top of the bills and not waiting for the disconnect warning. Actioning emails straight away. The other plan is to stop always planning and make something happen for me. I've not quite worked out what yet, shop, sewing lessons, designing....not sure but something will happen. 

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